!!The games:
* ''Awesome/SlyCooperAndTheThieviusRaccoonus''
* ''Awesome/Sly2BandOfThieves''
* ''Awesome/Sly3HonorAmongThieves''
* ''Awesome/SlyCooperThievesInTime''

* In the ''Sly Cooper'' short "Timing is Everything", Sly boards Muggshot's plane to steal a golden antique watch. When he cracks open the safe, it's empty, and Muggshot reveals that he's been wearing it. He proceeds to take Sly on one on one, and eventually pins him down on the plane's controls. What does Sly do? He takes the golden watch off of Muggshot, confusing him, and winds the watch around his fist like a makeshift glove, before ''punching Muggshot across the face, knocking him out cold!!'' That's right, Sly knocks out the second boss of the first game (that you couldn't even directly fight) by means of a single punch to the head!
-->'''Sly:''' I decided to teach him a new trick: ''lie down''.
** Before that moment, Carmelita is shown BoundAndGagged by Muggshot and his men earlier, and locked in a closet. At first, it seems Sly is obliged to rescue the DamselInDistress, and begins to do so... [[BaitAndSwitch only to tie her back up after realizing she'd only complicate the heist]]. [[HilarityEnsues Needless to say]], this gets [[HairTriggerTemper Carmelita]] [[UnstoppableRage even more angry than usual, and she begins jumping up and down in the chair to try getting out of it]]. Then, [[EurekaMoment after seeing a signal flare she knocked over during her rage]], [[DamselOutOfDistress she is able to use it to burn through the ropes binding her]]. And when she IS free, [[OneManArmy she singlehandedly begins kicking the asses of Muggshot's henchmen]].