!! Crowning Moment of Awesome for Shadows of the Apt
* In Dragonfly Falling, Collegium [[spoiler: returning fire on the first night of the siege and destroying over three-quarters of the Vekken siege artillery is most definitely a CMOA. The entire volley was fired blind, aimed using only the calculations that Collegium's mathematicians had made earlier that day.]] AwesomenessByAnalysis does not do it justice!
** Actually, the whole [[spoiler:siege is pretty awesome, considering that Collegium, with a force consisting only of scholars, artificers, statesmen, and a meager militia, managed to stand against the forces of an army composed of Ants, a culture centered around war.]]
*** [[spoiler: Even better: In The Scarab Path, it is shown that the vekken cannot understand how could the military inferior Collegium resist their siege, and are thus terrified of them.]]
* Tisamon's [[spoiler: amazing death/ assassination of the Emperor]] in Salute the Dark.
** Pretty much any time we see Tisamon fighting.