!The original Seven Soldiers
!Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers


[[folder: Zatanna: ]]

* Her battle against Zachary Zor-
---> "Yield, you omnipotent son-of-a-bitch! [[MagicAIsMagicA DLEIY]]!"
* Her father, Zatara, even got one when his magnum opus was revealed.
* ''"You know the best bit about magic? It's not about the self-improvement or the theory. It's not about illusion and trickery. It's all about doing the impossible. So let's save the world, you and me, together. Ready?"'' .ydeaR ''"EKAWA ESREVINU! EKIRTS SREIDLOS NEVES!"''
--> '''Zatanna and... [[BreakingTheFourthWall someone else...]]''' saving the world in Seven Soldiers #1.


[[folder: Bulleteer ]]

* After simultaneously hearing Sally Sonic's DarkAndTroubledPast and getting her ass handed to her by Sally while trying to reason with her, Alix Harrower finally has enough and beats her with a car engine:
-->'''Bulleteer''': I don't care ''who'' you are! ''I don't care what your #$$^&ing sob story is''! '''DON'T TAKE IT OUT ON ''ME''!'''
* The fact that agent Helen Helligan, after slowly succumbing to a poisonous bite from [[spoiler: Gloriana]], refuses to die before she stops her sister from marrying a guy who abuses her. And she does. How? [[spoiler: She found out her future husband is a decades old werewolf who once fought Greg Saunders.]]


[[folder: Sir Ystin, The Shining Knight: ]]

* Sir Ystin, Shining Knight of Camelot, is trapped in modern-day Los Angeles where no one speaks his language or knows who he is, is stripped of his winged horse, his sword, and his armor, and is being interrogated by the police when the Sheeda Queen corners him. His response? ''Grab a pistol out of a policewoman's holster, having never seen or used a gun before, and start shooting her point-blank'', shouting [[BadassBoast "CAMELOT LIVES!"]] Sir Ystin, ladies and gentlemen: unshakable BadAss.
* After beheading [[NinjaPirateZombieRobot Zombie Sir Galahad]] [[spoiler: who's also worked out Ystin's actually a woman]] -
--->"[[DeTerminator Red am I in battle]]. Red the ravens that follow me at my heels. [[BigBad Gloriana]], I am your death."
* The Undying Don facing the Sheeda and Neh-Buh-Loh head on as revenge for [[spoiler: the death of Mo Colley, a man whom the Don was once friends with back when he was L'il Scarface in the Newsboy Army.]]


[[folder: Frankenstein: ]]

* Frankenstein got more than most. He... well, he fed one of the main series villains to the Flesh-Eating Horses of Mars. He did a PowerWalk while a nuclear device went off in the background. He ''stabbed a universe in the chest''. And then he somehow traveled to the year One Billion to commit a giant terrorist bombing against the world-destroying fairies.
--> "All in a day's work... for FRANKENSTEIN!"
** Special mention to how he deals with said world-destroying fairies. Their queen gives a long speech about how their brand of evil is totally justified and how they will ravage the Earth. Frankenstein's response before he blows up the fleet is probably one of the best cases of ShutUpHannibal ever:
--> [[YouAreTooLate I am not so foolish as to make this flagship my first port of call. I have already visited six other vessels of your fleet.]]


[[folder: Klarion the Witch Boy: ]]

* Klarion turning into [[spoiler: Horigal]] and the absolutely unyielding look of defiance his sister Beulah holds when both she and the women of Limbo Town have to deal with Melmoth.


[[folder: Mister Miracle: ]]

* Shilo Norman performs what might be Mister Miracle's greatest escapes ever. He escapes the Omega Sanction, [[note]]being serially reincarnated in ever more hopeless lives[[/note]] the AnthropomorphicPersonification of imprisonment, by [[spoiler: offering it friendship]], then he escapes a black hole, and then for his big finish, he successfully escapes being chained, bound, ''shot in the head and then buried''. That is, ''Death itself.'' How? [[spoiler: He did it by [[BrainUploading uploading his mind]] to Mother Box before death.]]


[[folder: The Manhattan Guardian: ]]

* Manhattan Guardian (when faced with the news that NY will suffer a blackout ''and'' an invasion in the middle of a bloody ''hurricane'') -
---> "Call out the Newsboys, Ed. We're taking it to the streets."
* Riding his ''horse'' to the rescue of his girlfriend in the final battle.


[[folder: Miscellaneous: ]]

* I, Spyder [[spoiler: during his HeelFaceTurn, when he puts an arrow in the BigBad.]]
--> "Pinnacle of natural selection, my ass."
* The city of New York gets one:
--> "This is the story of humanity's last stand... and of the brave men and women of this city, who stood together and proclaimed, "LAST STAND? '''WE DON'T THINK SO!'''"