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* ''Awesome/{{Scream|1996}}''
* ''Awesome/{{Scream 2}}''
* ''Awesome/{{Scream 3}}''
* ''Awesome/{{Scream 4}}''

!!Across the series:
* Dewey gets a single one in each film. He not only survives getting stabbed in the back by the killer in the first film, but in the second one [[spoiler:Mrs Loomis]] stabs him at least several times in the back and still lives. Dewey also is the only character aside from Sidney and Gale to dispatch the killer, shooting [[spoiler:Roman Bridger]], the third film's Ghostface, in the head.
* Sidney not only punches the ever living hell out of [[{{Jerkass}} Gale Weathers]] in the first ''Scream'', but she does it again in ''Scream 2'' in the same fashion as before.
* Using [[Music/NickCave Red Right Hand]] as the series' main theme is pretty awesome and foreboding.
* Any time Sidney confronts the killer at the end is always a CrowningMomentOfAwesome for her. Her final fight scenes are always awesome.