!!Across the series:
* Dewey gets a single one in each film. He not only survives getting stabbed in the back by the killer in the first film, but in the second one [[spoiler:Mrs Loomis]] stabs him at least several times in the back and still lives. Dewey also is the only character aside from Sidney and Gale to dispatch the killer, shooting [[spoiler:Roman Bridger]], the third film's Ghostface, in the head.
* Sidney not only punches the ever living hell out of [[{{Jerkass}} Gale Weathers]] in the first ''Scream'', but she does it again in ''Scream 2'' in the same fashion as before.
* Using [[NickCave Red Right Hand]] as the series' main theme is pretty awesome and foreboding.
* Any time Sidney confronts the killer at the end is always a CrowningMomentOfAwesome for her. Her final fight scenes are always awesome.

!!The first film:
* Sidney taking out the killer [[spoiler:Stu by [[ImprovisedWeapon dropping a TV on his head]]]].
* Tatum spending most of her chase scene kicking the killer's ass, smashing his face into a freezer door, hitting him several times in the crotch and face with beer bottles, and finally flipping him onto his back when he tried to bumrush her. Had she [[DiabolusExMachina just hit the garage door button when she had the chance]] she would have not only survived her encounter but walked away less injured then the killer.
* Gale shooting the killer towards the end with the one liner:
--> Gale: "I guess I remembered the safety that time you bastard."
* Sidney's phone conversation with the killers:
--> Sidney: "We're going to play a little game. It's called guess who just phoned the police and reported your sorry mother fucking ass!"
** [[spoiler: Extra points with her using the voice changer as she taunted them. Pure BadAss]].
* Sidney doesn't even hesitate to [[spoiler:shoot Billy in the head when it turns out that he's NotQuiteDead.]]

!!The second film:
* [[spoiler:Maureen]]'s death cry at the beginning.
* When Sidney is confronted by [[spoiler:Mickey]], he begins comparing himself to [[spoiler:Billy]], to which Sid replies "You're forgetting one thing about [[spoiler: Billy Loomis]] -- I fucking killed him!" Sid's delivery AND the line itself is incredibly bad-ass!
* [[MetaGuy Randy]] [[PluckyComicRelief Meeks]] gets a [[spoiler:[[DyingMomentofAwesome dying moment of awesome]]]] by stalling the killer over the phone so Dewey and Gale to find him. It ends with him chewing out one of the first killers, [[spoiler:Billy Loomis]], as well as the killer, fully knowing it would have [[spoiler:killed him]].
* Sidney shooting the already dead killer in the head with the deadpan remark "just in case".
* Ghostface gets one when he attacks Sidney and Hailee while they are under the protection of the FBI by quickly and brutally dispatching people trained to stop people like him.

!!The third film:
* Ghostface gets one by tricking someone into going back inside the house. Prior before this, Ghostface was faxing script pages to the actors, and when they decided to get out of the house. Ghostface then sends yet another script page, leaving one actor to go back inside [[spoiler:before getting himself (and the house) blown up. Did I mention the house was filled with gas from a leaking pipe and that [[WhatAnIdiot the character uses a lighter]] to see what the next part of the script was?]]
** Another one goes to Ghostface just for being CrazyPrepared. [[spoiler: Roman survives being shot in the chest by wearing a BulletProofVest]].
* Gale punching Jennifer in the face.
--> Jennifer: "My lawyer liked that!"
--> Gale: "Not as much as I did."
* Dewey giving the finishing shot to the killer.
** Before even that, his threatening words to the killer when trying to get the door open.
--> '''Dewey:''' You hurt her, I swear [[IllKillYou I'LL KILL YOU!!]]
* Sidney's stopping the killer during his motive rant with the following:
--> Sidney: "Will you just get on with it? Because I have heard this shit before! Do you know why you kill people? Do you? BECAUSE YOU CHOOSE TO! THERE IS NO ONE ELSE TO BLAME! WHY DON'T YOU TAKE SOME FUCKING RESPONSIBILITY?"
* Sidney revealing she had another gun hidden on the same leg. Her first gun had been found by the metal detector.
--> Sidney: "It's your turn to scream asshole."
* Randy's video. For his hilarious predictions of who was gonna say what. And for his unwavering dedication to his friends. Not only hanging around when he knew he probably wouldn't make it, but also making sure they would have his help.

!!The fourth film:
* At the end of Scream 4, just when [[spoiler: Jill]] is about to shoot Gale, Sid sneaks up and [[spoiler: uses a defibrillator on her head.]]
-->'''Sidney:''' [[PreMortemOneLiner You forgot the first rule of remakes,]] [[spoiler: Jill]]. [[PreMortemOneLiner Don't fuck with the original.]]
** Which is then followed up by [[spoiler: the NotQuiteDead Jill attempting to sneak up on them, and Sidney spinning around and shooting her]].
-->'''Dewey (explaining how he was taken down):''' [The killer] snuck up behind me.
-->'''Sidney:''' [[PreMortemOneLIner They always do.]] ''''
* The various times when [[LetsGetDangerous Sidney busts out karate kicks to the killer]]. Between ''Scream 3'' and ''4'', she has [[TookALevelInBadass taken some levels in badassary]], and she sets a quota for horror characters everywhere.
* Kirby's first conversation with Ghostface is pretty awesome on her part. Although she wasn't aware she was really talking to the killer at the time.
* Kirby winning the trivia round Ghostface springs on her. Then, risking her life by leaving her safe spot to attempt to rescue Charlie. [[spoiler: Too bad the bastard was Jill's accomplice the entire time and killed Kirby after she rescued him....[[HesJustHiding or did he?]]]]
** [[spoiler: This could be a subversion. Since Charlie had the knife with him, chances are Jill would've let Kirby thought she won regardless of what answer she gave. Jill ''did'' end up killing Charlie, but she needed to wait until everyone necessary was rounded up so she could set up her WoundedGazelleGambit.]]
* Sidney smashing a picture over Ghostface's head.