Thanks to the [[TheDevTeamThinksOfEverything smart producers of these games]], we have waves after waves of fangasms in every game. Here is a list of some of these crowning moments.


* Stage 6. [[GundamSEED Kira protects the Archangel]] as it descends to Earth, and depending on the player, snapping out of the sadness of fighting his friend, stopping Athrun, ZAFT and the [[Anime/AfterWarGundamX Frost Brothers]]!! ... Only to be shot down to Earth by [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamWing Heero]] the next instant.
* Also, Domon plays a BIG role in this game, and does fight with NO GUNDAM, like in the series, alongside with Master Asia (Though only in the Earth stages). Here are a few examples.
** Extra Session 4, "A girl in a cage". Having the Master talked to [[AscendedExtra Cucuruz Doan]] some stages ago and Domon in his squad, attacking Nimbus in a Gundam BDII with EXAM activated, will trigger the following event: [[{{Foreshadowing}} Nimbus will mock him for being in a weak Zaku II]] and [[TemptingFate charge at him.]] Domon sees Doan's morality is down and command him to fight back with the fist of his soul. As he does, he suddendly manages to go into [[SuperMode "Meikyou Shisui"]] like Domon and Master, and immediatly handles Nimbus's ass to him. Thus we have the legendary [[FanNickname "Super Zaku II"]] of the game.
** Stage 15, "Challenge to [[GundamWing OZ]]" has the Frost Brothers in their respective Gundams ready to blast the heroes after the entire hell of a battle the stage was. As it happens, Kamille, in his ZetaGundam, invokes his famous Newtype Potential, completly enraged. Domon [[BrightSlap stops and slaps him back to his senses]], [[{{ForeShadowing}} telling him to focus and get serious instead of charging at complete rage]]. As Kamille does and attacks with the [[{{BFS}} Hyper Beam Sword]], finishing the Frost Brothers, [[ShoutOut the Shining Finger theme plays.]] If not hilarious, certaintly awesome.
* Stage 17, "Prepare for the Devil". Rau Le Creuset has a new mobile suit in hands. Which you may ask? [[BeamSpam THE FREEDOM GUNDAM]]. OhCrap ensues, as now he can pack quite a punch. However, Mwu doesn't let it affect him as he finally dashes to an epic battle with Rau. [[DyingMomentOfAwesome In the end, seeing it as the only way to beat him, he dashes and impales Rau, also sacrificing himself. Rau can do nothing but watch the beam sabers hitting both Gundams and finally die alongside his nemesis.]] A worthy death for the "Man That Could Do The Impossible, Possible."
* Stage 18, [[CharsCounterattack "Beyond The Time"]]. Casval(Char) reappears with his Neo-Zeon group, but ill-advised of who his enemies really are, and instead only searching [[MobileSuitGundam Lalah's death's revenge]]. As both Amuro and Casval fight each other, Neo-Zeon and Londo Bell join in as Johhny Ridden and Shin Matsunaga wait for the best chance to attack in the sidelines. Kamille and Sayla both talk to him in order to convince him to join them and cease the useless battle. But only when Amuro is ready to bring the final blow to Casval, Lalah reappears in a vision, stopping Amuro's final blow and making Casval realize who his true enemies really are. [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome All at the sound of Beyond The Time and Meguriai.]]

* One of the most classic examples of an epic event on the SD G Generation series: [[CrossboneGundam The Crossbone Duo,]] Kincaid Nau[[spoiler: (Seabook Arno)]] and Zabine Chareux, vs. [[ Gym in the Turn X.]]
* Stage 12, AU Route. [[GundamSEED The]] [[FanNickname Druggies]] are sent and attack. But they didn't forsee one Heero Yuy inside of the Epyon, ready to activate its Zero System. Has the player triggered the event correctly, Heero uses the System. [[ Ass-kicking ensues.]]
* [[ One of the cutscenes]] from ''DS'' feature [[GundamSEED Muruta Azrael]] in control of the Dominion and about to shoot down the Archangel with the [[WaveMotionGun Lohengrin]] cannons. However, instead of the man who [[CatchPhrase makes the impossible become possible]], help arrives in the form of [[CrossboneGundam Berah Ronah]][[spoiler:(Cecily Fairchild)]] and [[Anime/TurnAGundam Diana Soreil]]'s Mother Vanguard and Soleil's beam shields respectively.

[[folder:''Gather Beat'']]
* Many instances of the Attack Combination system developed from ''Monoeye/DS''. There are many unique combination attacks, just pick the enemies' poison. Also, the ability to recruit and position your team of mobile suits in the way you desire [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown before eventually slashing]] and [[MoreDakka firing the hell out of the enemy]] offers many possibilities of creating such a Crowning Moment.
** As an example, [[ The unique combo between the]] ZetaGundam, Anime/MobileSuitGundamZZ and [[CharsCounterattack Nu Gundam]] with Newtype potential charged.
** [[ Here,]] the combo of the [[GundamWing 4 Wing Boys]].

* ''Spirits'' bring us an animated cutscene of one of the rarest gems in the [[MobileSuitGundam One Year War]] side stories: The RX-78-4 Gundam "G04". The G04 is sent to stop a Zeon reinforcement fleet from Granada with its [[WaveMotionGun Mega Beam Launcher.]] At the cost of the Mobile Suit's integrity and [[DyingMomentOfAwesome the pilot's life]], [[ExplosiveOverclocking the launcher charges and fires at its full potential]], hitting and destroying '''every single Zeon battleship''' in the style of the [[{{Gundam00}} Raiser Sword]].
* [[ Everyone acknowledges it:]] [[CharsCounterattack The (Hi-)Nu Gundam isn't just for show!!]]
** Probably where and when Setsuna got his idea for the [[Film/Gundam00AWakeningOfTheTrailblazer 00 Qan[T]]]
* [[ Amuro and Char do battle]], [[CharsCounterattack Sazabi]] vs. [[MobileSuitGundam RX-78-2]], until Kamille, Haman and Judau enter the battle. Two main moments here: [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming Haman and Char syncronizing their funnels attacks]] and giving the Hero Trio a pain in the ass, and Amuro and Char charging each other, at the pinnacle of their rage for each other, to the point of Amuro even ignoring Haman, [[IgnoredEnemy to the point of her even being dazzled by how utterly ignored she was.]]
** Talking about ''World''s cutscenes, what about [[ Domon, Heero and Garrod]] vs. [[Anime/TurnAGundam Gym Ghing]]'''[[LargeHam ham]]'''. Basically, he mocks Domon's God/Burning Finger, scares the hell out of him '''surviving a combination of the [[GundamWing Twin Buster Rifle]] and the [[Anime/AfterWarGundamX Twin Sattelite Cannon]], [[{{HSQ}} then fights and mocks the trio]]''' before unleashing the Moonlight Butterfly.