[[folder: ''Roomies!'' ]]

* [[http://www.bringbackroomies.com/comic/ruth-was-right/ Danny grows a backbone.]]


[[folder: ''It's Walky!'' ]]

* [[spoiler:The MeaningfulEcho of the former CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming "it's the rain" speech, this time given by Walky as The Cheese... who then takes down the entire invading Martian fleet.]]
* From [[http://www.JoyceandWalky.com/d/20040510.html earlier in the conclusion]]: [[spoiler:[[HesBack "The stripe isn't done with us yet!"]]]]
* Joe and Rachel get one when they, with no resources ([[spoiler:SEMME got shut down]]) and in the midst of [[spoiler:a Martian invasion]], build a fully-functional spaceship with AI, cloaking and intangibility capabilities out of an eight-year-old SUV. They, Danny, Howard and said SUV (dubbed Ultra-Car) get a second one ''[[OffscreenMomentOfAwesome completely offscreen]]'' when they [[spoiler:blow up the Martian mothership.]]
* Billie got one in her fight with Sal. Even though she loses the fight and Sal's not really trying to hurt her, the fact that she was willing to stand up to a super strong psychopath just so she'll stop trying to rekindle her relationship with Danny, and the fact that she's able to deliver one solid punch to Sal's nose before collapsing makes it a crowning moment nonetheless.
* The side SEMME characters get one when, with all of the main protagonists absent (beside [[JerkAss Mike]]) and [[http://www.JoyceandWalky.com/d/20040508.html their base under siege, refuse to stand down in the face of defeat.]] Arguably, Mike standing with them makes it even more awesome, since he generally hates them all.
* Pretty much everyone who dies in the final battle does so in a moment of awesome: [[spoiler:Alan turns intangible and passes through the Cheese, weakening Head Alien's hold on him; Tony recovers from his brainwashing lifts the massive resurrection chamber off of him and Jason long enough for Jason to escape; Mike dies shoving Joyce out of harms way; and of course Walky gets one post-death by ascending to Cheesehood and dispatching the Martians instantly.]]
* [[http://www.JoyceandWalky.com/d/20030209.html What about when Walky]] [[spoiler:actually uses his real intelligence to break into an alien base, and leads everyone to take down multiple alien mechs?]]
* How about the scene where Howard [[spoiler: Manages to survive for a few minutes in space hanging onto the back of Ultracar]]


[[folder: ''Joyce and Walky!'' ]]

* Jason getting up when the Head Alien II, blessed with reality-warping powers, has just used his ability to become intangible grow to giant size to apparently kill Jason, Walky, and Joyce. That's right, the ''non''-superpowered one is the first to recover. Even Heady is impressed.
-->'''Jason:''' [[BadassBoast I shall not yield.]]
** And then he [[spoiler:dispatches him with a brick to the back of the head, smashing his helmet and his ability to breath.]] ''Awesome.''
** Of course, there's also Sal, [[spoiler:fresh from a spur-of-the-moment organ transplant and]] barely able to stand, gives the Head Alien II a run for his money.
* Bobby Walkerton. Duct tape. [[spoiler:Mind wipe.]] "And that's why they call me Machete."