* The very first chapter involves Violet and Dash taking out a bunch of [[VideoGame/{{Portal}} Turrets]] by themselves to rescue Sarah. Later on, Dash and David manage to break Sarah and Vi out when the latter two are captured by [=GlaDos=]... and Sarah ties her captor's cables into a knot before she leaves.
* Chapter Four. [[CurbStompBattle The entire fight with Devil Dinosaur.]] That is all.
** And the fight with [[spoiler:[[MindControlDevice Aperture-possessed Apogee]] later on.]]
* Then there's Chapter 5, and another battle against Devil Dinosaur. Terrordactyl also makes his debut here.
** And [[spoiler:the fight with the [[NinjaPirateZombieRobot Turret-Raptors]] in Chapter 6.]]
* In Chapter 13, [[spoiler:the heroes FINALLY get to meet [[EldritchAbomination Dynacide]]. What happens? Franchise/DonkeyKong and [[RhinoRampage Rambi]] show up and kick his ass. And what happens when Dynacide gets his WhosLaughingNow moment? [[ThoseTwoGuys Splash and TH]] kick his ass ''again'' with a whirlpool of ''boiling water.'' And this time, he doesn't get up again.]]