It's Creator/MontyOum, man. ''Of course'' WebAnimation/{{RWBY}} will have {{Badass}} moments.



* The first we saw of the series was [[ this trailer]], which is already ''dripping'' with the awesome stylized violence Creator/MontyOum is known for. Moments of note include:
** Ruby embedding her scythe into the ground, dodging a lunging attack while on top of her weapon and then firing to shoot one wolf and send herself spinning through the air to kick another one in the face.
** Catching one wolf with a scythe hook and firing to both cut the first in half and blow away the one advancing. Said bifurcated wolf's top half then flies into another one and knocks it down.
** Performing a full rotational flip with her scythe to bring it under a wolf's head, then firing for the decapitation.
** ''Flying with recoil.''
** Loading a new type of ammunition and firing, which sends her soaring at near-mach speeds. She then fires again which causes her to spiral violently in the air, transforming her into a flying guillotine that sends shells, limbs and heads in every possible direction.
** The ending, where she pulls off a few flips as she finishes one last wolf, and then we realize she's literally taken them all out while staying ''completely and utterly unharmed.'' And then just for punctuation, it starts raining spent shells...
* The second [[ trailer]] did not disappoint. Moments of note include:
** Weiss using InstantRunes to enhance her speed and agility, along with using them to make [[SteppingStonesInTheSky steps in mid-air]], ''including at right-angles to the ground.''
** Weiss's BloodUpgrade, using her Rapier to full effect:
*** Red setting not only blocked an overhand sword strike (delivered with a {{BFS}}, no less!), it sent the Black Knight reeling backward.
*** Light Blue setting encased the Black Knight in ice.
*** Yellow setting increased her speed [[UpToEleven even higher]], going so fast that she simultaneously dodged a sword slash and ''got on top of the sword as it was swinging''. She follows this up by depriving the Black Knight of his sword with the Purple setting. Plus, this single attack ''shattered the ice she summoned seconds ago,'' '''but it never made direct contact'''
*** The Blue setting placed a rune on the ground where she was standing, having predicted that the knight would do a downward punch at said location. Which after contact (and her dodge), sent the Black Knight up into the air. Followed by Weiss immobilizing him in mid-air with the same setting.
*** And finally, finishing him off with the [[SnowMeansDeath White setting]].
* Where do we even ''start'' with the third [[ trailer]]?
** Blake:
*** She does not even draw her weapon at first; she simply slices robots apart with her metal sheath! And after she ''does'' draw her sword, ''she dual wields them to devastating effect.''
*** Throughout the trailer, Blake shows great speed, even to the point that she's able to make ''afterimages of herself''. Not to mention single-handedly deflecting machine gun bullets.
*** When firing at range, her sword '''transforms into a gun on a ribbon'''. Which skillfully uses recoil and momentum to fling the sharp edge onto enemies, firing into others ''without need of a trigger'', and otherwise clearing the area around her with tremendous speed.
*** When facing a SpiderTank to buy Adam time, despite not putting a scratch on it, ''she successfully dodges every single attack it launches at her''. '''And this was while running, flying, and otherwise flinging herself around'''.
*** And she does all of the above IN HEELS. [[note]]Though given that she's a [[spoiler:cat faunus]], [[FridgeBrilliance agility should come naturally to her]]. [[/note]]
*** Her [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere defection]] at the end counts as an emotional awesome moment, once we learn [[WhatYouAreInTheDark the context behind it]]. [[spoiler:This is a girl who has been degraded by humans her entire life, yet she has the courage and moral integrity to recognize that killing innocent humans is wrong, and to abandon the White Fang when Adam won't listen. She is willing to put her safety and livelihood on the line to do the right thing]].
** Adam:
*** When asked to identify themselves, Adam merely smiles, ''then his sword shoots itself out of its sheath''. Adam then effortlessly slices the drone up, sheathing his sword before the cut even fully showed itself.
*** Much like Blake, he deflects machine gun bullets like they're nothing.
*** Effortlessly sliced through six drones so fast that each of them blew up at once. And not shortly afterward, he sliced the air so fast that ''only the shockwaves made contact''.
*** When about to be crushed, he unleashes a LimitBreak that not only demolished the immediate area, the SpiderTank ''dissolved into rose petals mere milliseconds after contact''.
**** His laugh right before said LimitBreak just sells the entire scene.
* The fourth [[ trailer]] doesn't disappoint, either.
** Monty and the team put the [[SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic music]] to astounding use: the nightclub somehow changes the colors of the area Yang's fighting in, changing the music to go with it, with each change corresponding to the correct color. And listen carefully. The music in the trailer is dance remixes of the previous 3 trailer songs (Red Like Roses, Mirror Mirror and From Shadows). Plus each time the colour changes, it changes to the colours used in the corresponding trailer.
** Yang lures in Junior what he thinks is a kiss, he's literally an inch away, ''then she sucker-punches him square in the jaw'', '''and he goes flying'''.
*** Kiss fake-out aside, she gets info out of him by grabbing his balls and ''squeezing''. Damn, that is '''brutal'''.
** Immediately afterward, Yang takes on a large amount of mooks in one of the best ways possible: ''with gun gauntlets''. Not only does she simply punch with them, ''she effortlessly fires shots not just as bullets, but as a recoil-boost to increase her strike's power''.
** During their fight, Melanie impressively manages to [[MirrorMatch perfectly mirror Yang's footwork]]. Yang quickly realizes this, throws her off balance, ''then promptly ends the fight by spinning Melanie around herself, and kicking her in the head''.
** As Yang fights Junior, she gets faster and faster with her punches, ''then her eyes turn red in slow-mo...'' '''and her punch breaks his weapon in half'''.
*** And then she sees he mistakenly pulled out a few of her locks. Junior smirks to himself, having finally managed to touch Yang and even [[WorthIt coming away with a small trophy of sorts]]. Unfortunately, this results in Yang ''destroying the area around her and throwing a screaming MegatonPunch that knocked Junior out''. '''[[BerserkButton You don't mess with her hair.]]'''
*** And her anger briefly broke the ''color spectrum!''
**** And what's more, the look we get of the club immediately afterwards shows [[KungShui every single window blowing out]] with a bright yellow flash from that one punch. ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill.
* The trailer for [[ Volume 2]]. [[note]] Possible spoilers, so you've been warned [[/note]]

[[folder:Volume 1]]

[[folder: Ruby Rose ]]

* Ruby kicking the crap out of the mobsters.
** Specifically, the moment she crashes out of the window and unfolds her scythe, all while the show's [[SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic new theme 'This Will Be The Day' plays over her speakers]]. Doubles as SuspiciouslyAproposMusic that very fight is what propels her enrolment into Beacon.
* The WizardDuel between Glynda and the Wicked Witch.


[[folder: The Shining Beacon Part I ]]

* Blake coming to Ruby's defense against Weiss, who is harshly insulting the former over an honest mistake. She brings up the fact that the Schnee company uses controversial labor practices and has contact with shady business partners, causing Weiss to throw a mini tantrum and storm off.


[[folder: The First Step Part I ]]

* Aside from Jaune, each one launches with looks ranging from determination to excitement.
* Ozpin calmly watches the kids get thrown off a cliff into a monster-filled forest. He's sipping coffee. He's smiling. And somehow it makes him look awesome in a very terrifying way.


[[folder: The First Step Part II ]]

* The way everyone actually lands is pretty cool. Ruby uses Crescent Rose to slow herself down before swinging through the branches, Weiss creates SteppingStonesInTheSky, Lie Ren latches onto a tree and doing a BladeBrake spin down the trunk, Yang uses her gauntlets to propel herself [[NotQuiteFlight even faster and further into the forest]] before {{wall jump}}ing from tree to tree down, and Pyrrha just tanks everything in her way with her shield.
* Pyrrha safely pinning Jaune, a spinning aerial moving target, to a tree from long range via spear throw aimed with nothing more than her thumb... and her only response is a small apology to his fainter-from-distance "Thank you!".
* Pyrrha's weapon changes from a sword to a rifle to a spear in one scene, showing the versatility of her fighting style.
* Ruby's confidence counts as a minor one. She cheerfully tells Weiss that she knows Weiss dislikes her, and that's okay because she'll prove to Weiss that she's a useful partner. She even hugs her! It takes courage to love like that, especially when you take into consideration how harshly Weiss has treated Ruby so far.


[[folder: The Emerald Forest Part I ]]

* Do not mess with Lie Ren. If you do, he'll [[TheToothHurts rip out your fangs]], [[EyeScream stab you through the eye]] with one, and finish by making YourHeadAsplode with a palm strike to said tooth-impaled eye.
* Yang fights against two Grim Ursa bears, and is in the middle of a taunt until she notices they got [[NobodyTouchesTheHair one of her hairs]]. [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown Things go downhill from there]].
** Even before then, she was tossing around beasts the size of minivans like they were ragdolls.
** Then when she demands if the other one wants some of her, he suddenly topples... to reveal Blake, having killed him with a ''single'' well-placed strike. And she doesn't even say anything; [[AsideGlance she just smirks]].
* Weiss for having the wisdom to cut her and Ruby's losses after accidentally setting the forest on fire, rather than attempt to salvage the increasingly dangerous situation by trying to exploit the Grim's disarray amid the flames.
* Pyrrha unlocking Jaune's aura. There's nothing spectacular about the action in and of itself, but the combination of dialogue, camera angles, and soundtrack will leave you in a state of quiet awe.


[[folder: Players and Pieces ]]

* The first half of the episode included:
** Nora riding an Ursa around the forest.
** Ruby and Weiss riding Nevermore.
** Weiss saving a pinned Ruby from Death Stalker by freezing its claws and stinger in place.
*** Not to mention the fact that she dashed across the length of a track field ''in mere seconds'' to do it.
** Ruby and Weiss stepping up as leaders leading to Yang pausing to admire her sister.
* The {{HSQ}} kicks in for the second half:
** Team JNPR vs. Death Stalker.
*** Nora unveils her weapon, and uses it to launch her and Jaune to help Pyrrha and Ren, [[DropTheHammer and hits the creature in the head]].
*** Pyrrha blocks a hit, then throws her spear straight into [[EyeScream one of its eyes]].
*** Jaune actually being able to hold himself in a fight, by blocking one of the Death Stalker's claws and allowing Pyrrha to counter attack.
*** Ren purposefully hitches a ride, firing point-black at the base of the stinger.
*** Jaune quickly notices this, calling for Pyrrha, who throws her shield Captain America style and slices it off, impaling it in the Death Stalker's head. Then he calls for Nora, who with a boost from Pyrrha and her weapon's recoil is launched in the air, then fires her weapon as she descends from the arc and ''drives the stinger right through the Death Stalker's brain and kills it''.
** Team RWBY vs Nevermore.
*** When accidentally knocked off, Blake embeds Gambol Shroud in the stonework, slinging and landing herself on her flying opponent.
*** Yang purposefully blasts the Nevermore's head, [[WeNeedADistraction drawing it's attention into coming straight at her.]] Inches away, the giant bird opening it's beak, attempting to make a meal out of her, Yang unflinchingly leaps ''forward''... [[CrazyAwesome wedging herself in it's open beak.]] ''Then she '''force-feeds''' the explosive power of her gauntlets down its throat.''
---->'''Yang''': [[PunctuatedPounding I! HOPE! YOU'RE! HUN! GRY!]]
*** Their master plan: Weiss freezes its tail, pinning the Nevermore right near the cliffside. A distance away, Blake throws Gambol Shroud which Yang catches, making a makeshift slingshot. Ruby [[FastballSpecial gets herself to be the projectile]], and with the aid of Weiss, launches herself hundreds of feet, wrapping Crescent Rose around its throat and slamming it against the cliff. Weiss makes more runes appear, in a line straight up. Then Ruby starts firing Crescent Rose and runs ''straight up the cliff, completely defying gravity and dragging the 20X larger Grimm with her, screaming the whole while''. '''Then at the top, with sheer momentum, [[OffWithHisHead Ruby slices/blows the Nevermore's head clean off]].''' This is topped off with the CrowningMusicOfAwesome.
---->'''[[AudienceSurrogate Jaune:]]''' "...Wow."
* The sheer amount of punishment the Death Stalker and especially Nevermore were able to take. Both took a pretty heavy pounding from all of them, and JUST. KEPT. GOING. The Death Stalker's armor made all bullets/grenades/weapons launched at him bounce off, and a hit to an eye barely slowed him down beside the expected pain. The Nevermore had ''explosive bullets fired down its throat'' and was stunned at best... plus, it crashed into the side of a cliff (something that would ''shatter most birds' bones at that velocity''), was barely winded, and could otherwise crash through massive stonework without slowing.
* Jaune and Ruby being made leaders of their respective teams. It makes more sense when you realize that ''they'' were the ones who figured out how to kill the monsters, while the rest were just attacking, and that being able to tactically assess a situation is a good virtue of a leader.


[[folder: The Badge and the Burden Part II ]]

* Despite being a little taken aback by the boar monster's armored hide at first, Weiss ultimately dispatches the beast. Plus she doesn't panic under adversity, as seen when her weapon was knocked away.
** Additionally counts as one for Ruby, because--despite Weiss' initial belief that Ruby's childish--she spots the monster's weak point and tells Weiss exactly what to aim for.
* Due to her frustration from the previous episode spilling over, Weiss says she thinks she should have been picked leader of Team RWBY. Professor Port's reaction is a blunt "That's preposterous", and when she tries to make a comeback with her exceptional skill, he says it's only matched by her poor attitude (complete with NotHelpingYourCase). He then proceeds to explain that he sees a [[AlphaBitch girl who's gotten pretty much everything she's wanted]], [[TheChainsOfCommanding and how could she possibly inspire her teammates to be the best they can be when she can't?]] Frankly, Weiss needed to be taken down a peg, and Professor Port was more than happy to do so, even as he gently pushed her in the right direction.
** Even better, he does it in such a way that Weiss realizes, "He's right" instead of just making her defensive and even angrier.
** Moreover, he was both firm and gentle, giving a lecture without turning it into outright scolding, and rounding it out with some encouragement. How many would have the patience to do ''that?''
** This was a character, you should note, played almost entirely for laughs not one episode prior. The fact that Monty and the RT gang pulled it off so well is deserving of mad praise itself.


[[folder: Jaundice Part I ]]

* [[TwoWords Three Words]]. [[PunctuatedForEmphasis Rocket]]. [[JetPack Propelled]]. [[MundaneMadeAwesome Lockers]].


[[folder: Jaundice Part II ]]

* One for the Faunus in the backstory, as revealed in the history lesson: apparently badly outnumbered, they were able to emerge victorious in what turns out to be a turning point of their struggle for freedom by taking advantage of their superior natural night vision.
* Pyrrha gets one when she gives Cardin Winchester a verbal smackdown.
** Not just Pyrrha. Blake gets in some pretty good jabs at Cardin's expense. TakeThatScrappy at its finest.
* Quite frankly, the fact that Jaune managed to [[spoiler: FORGE HIS TRANSCRIPTS well enough to actually enter Beacon was pretty awesome too.]]
* Oobleck proves just what the Beacon teaching staff is all about. They're eccentric as all hell. They're also exceptional educators capable of getting to the point almost instantly. Oobleck only needed two seconds out of his hyperactive antics to say three words. "It stops now." His power of authority radiated from that simple phrase.


[[folder: Forever Fall Part I ]]

* Jaune caught a bunch of Rapier Wasps [[OffscreenMomentOfAwesome offscreen]] and put them in a box without getting stung.
* Jaune refusing Cardin's blackmail and throwing the sap at him instead. Considering he [[spoiler:could be kicked out of Beacon if he didn't listen to him]] and in the last five seconds looks like he's about to become the victim of a four-on-one beatdown, the fact that he still didn't go against his friends (and especially Pyrrha, the intended victim) is admirable.
** Plus, if things go the way people are guessing, CRDL are ''probably'' going to regret choosing Rapier Wasps as a form of vengeance...
*** And as it happens, they do, though not because of the Rapier Wasps themselves. That jar of sap that Cardin tried to get Jaune to throw on Pyrrha? The one that Jaune threw at Cardin instead? Turns out that Ursa are as attracted to it as Rapier Wasps are...


[[folder: Forever Fall Part II ]]

* Jaune continuing to stand up to Cardin even after being punched hard.
** Then his aura kicks in, hurting Cardin's fist.
* The Ursa utterly curb-stomping Cardin who can't even fight back.
* Ruby proving that she ''is'' without doubt a [=Grade-A=] leader by immediately taking command of the situation when it became apparent there's a Ursa wrecking Cardin and Jaune.
* Jaune coming to the rescue of the guy who was just a few moments ago, threatening to destroy him in the worst ways.
** He checks his Aura meter. Sees it's low. [[{{Determinator}} He keeps on fighting.]] For a guy with no combat training, Juane is showing a ton of potential.
** Pyrrha subtly using her 'polarity' power to guide Jaune's shield.
** Jaune [[OffWithHisHead taking the Ursa's head clean off]]. Notice that Pyrrha only manipulated his shield, that sword stroke was all Jaune.
*** Part of the fight was done in slow motion, all to emphasize how awesome the moment is.
** Also, the Ursa in this episode is much larger, stronger, and more armored than the Ursa we've seen before. Jaune not only stops one of its strikes with his shield, but also takes off its head with a single slash.
** Jaune follows up by [[TranquilFury quietly]] telling Cardin never to mess with his team. At the start of the episode, Cardin just mocked Jaune's "bravery" but now he's completely lost for words. Jaune certainly made his point with the ursa.
* Heck, this entire episode was a [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome moment of awesome]] for Jaune, considering, for the first time, he actually killed a Grimm (almost) entirely by himself. And this was the same creature that was giving Cardin trouble.


[[folder: The Stray ]]

* While many may consider the series take on the issues of racism and inequality as simplistic and juvenile, RWBY does a fantastic job of averting the common stance of "white guilt" that plagues so many books, movies, and shows. Instead of a cut and dry answer that Weiss is supremely racist against the faunus and the White Fang (read: minorities/unions) have every right to take militant action against the SDC (read: middle-upper class whites/big business), viewers are treated to a description of how dark Weiss's childhood actually is (which in previous episodes is stereotyped as being entitled and spoiled). This gives her views a lot of motivation and reason, and the common belief that being rich and privileged = happy and carefree is shot down rather bluntly. Instead of the White Fang being shown as being purely inspirational/"for the common people," it's darker and deadlier militant side (a side that has many parallels to real life movements such as Civil Rights) is described as taking actions common for a militant organization. In the end both Weiss and Blake descend from bad blood, but the moral proves that one's ancestry does not determine one's future. Despite the cartoon aspect of the show, it's conclusion and message are surprisingly mature, and one must applaud Monty and Rooster Teeth for taking a balanced stance on issues that often are given a slanted view in media.


[[folder: Black and White ]]

* [[BadassAdorable Penny.]]
--> '''Penny:''' [[PreAsskickingOneLiner Don't worry, Ruby!]] [[{{Callback}} I'm combat ready!]]
** She proves it. Very easily. But the crowning moment of the scene is when the airships attack her: she cuts the first three in half with fricking lazer beams, and then pulls a struggling fourth out of the sky through sheer strength, with little-to-no grounding at that.
* Sun cuts loose.
** To start with he fights barehanded pretty competently, knocking away Torchwick and the first wave of fighters without using his weapon at all. And then when he does go for his weapon what does Sun have? A [[SimpleStaff staff]] that breaks apart into [[ShotgunsAreJustBetter shotgun]] [[FightingWithChucks nunchaku]]. Three weapons in one, and he kicks ass with ''all'' of them.
** Also, remember that funny moment in the previous episode where Sun drops a banana peel on the police who are trying to arrest him? [[ChekhovsGag He does that again,]] and this time, [[spoiler:he does it to Torchwick to divert his attention away from Blake]]. Sun then follows it up by using ''Roman's face'' as a cushion.
--> '''Sun''': [[PreAssKickingOneLiner Leave her alone.]]
* Roman manages to hold his own against Blake and Sun. [[CaneFu With his cane.]] To put that into perspective, he held out against Blake and her afterimage technique from several directions, punched out her afterimage and hit Blake several times. Then he held out against Sun, who off-loaded ''several dozen shotgun blasts + nunchuck strikes in the space of seconds'', '''at point-blank range''', ''but not one touched him''. Only Blake's surprise attack managed to get him.


[[folder:Volume 2]]

[[folder: Best Day Ever ]]

* This episode features [[MundaneMadeAwesome the most epic]] FoodFight ever.
** The general fact that most of them used ''[[ImprobableWeaponUser food]]'' [[ImprovisedWeapon to mimic the abilities of their regular weapons.]] With many, ''many'' [[{{Callback}} nods]] to previous uses of them, for bonus points. Special mention goes to Nora ramming a steel pole into a watermelon to create a makeshift hammer, like some bizarre inversion of Gallagher. In the next few minutes she knocks away Ruby, smashes Weiss into a pillar, and then sends Yang hurtling ''through the ceiling''
** Pyrrha uses her magnetism to create two tendrils of soda cans, which explode and send Blake flying.
** Ruby takes out ALL of JNPR at once by rushing towards them so fast that all the surrounding debris crashes into them and the wall in front of her cracks by the sheer force of the wind. We must note the wall cracks because of the ''wind'', before any of the debris or victims get dragged there. Not to mention most of the debris was made up of the soda cans Pyrrha was controlling, so not only did Ruby take out the entire team that was beating hers she did so in one attack that overpowered the special ability of TheAce with just the after affect. BadAss thy name is Ruby.
** This is all followed by Glynda storming in and putting all the tables back in their place in roughly 5 seconds with a single wave of her wand.
** An incredibly subtle one at the beginning of the fight, Jaune throws a watermelon by flipping, showing that his training with Pyrrha has been paying off.
* At the beginning of the episode, we have Emerald stealing from the same old man from the first episode. Near the end, Roman snatches something out of ''her'' pocket with just about as much difficulty. And then, at the very end, he goes looking for his lighter only to see that Emerald had snatched it herself.


[[folder: A Minor Hiccup ]]

* Despite the size of Crescent Rose in any of its forms, Ruby is shown to be capable enough to draw it, slash once, and put it away in a single motion, all while sprinting. She uses this to create an impromptu barricade during the ChaseScene.
* As a result of too much speed, Ruby rolls onto the middle of a road, in front of an upcoming truck... Penny pushes her aside, and takes it head-on. The result? ''Penny stops it'' '''cold''' ''with her bare hands.'' And even better, she did it in such a way that the driver [[note]] the old man who owned the robbed Dust shop[[/note]] wasn't injured at all. This is an awesome enough moment that ''everybody'' present is left to StunnedSilence, and Ruby is shaken from her [[GenkiGirl usual behavior around cool things]] to demand to know what the ''hell'' is going on with Penny already.


[[folder: Painting The Town... ]]

* Team RWBY (along with Sun and Neptune) taking down one of the HumongousMecha introduced in the previous episode, using new full-team tactics in the process. Ruby has certainly been doing her job as team leader. Bonus for Ruby calling out various ship names within Team RWBY, and the two members of that ship tag-teaming the mecha at various points.
** "Freezer Burn": Weiss freezes a patch of ground, then Yang hits with fire to create a thick icy fog bank.
** "Checkmate": Weiss and Blake attack alongside each other, forcing the robot backward - Weiss even directly goes for the [[AttackItsWeakPoint targeting sensors]] at one point.
*** Then Roman launches [[MacrossMissileMassacre barrages of missiles]] at them, forcing them backward, and then lands a hit on Weiss. While still flying away, Weiss has enough sense to send a glyph Blake's way, who's going up against yet another barrage... but Blake takes a page out of Adam's book, [[SuperSpeed thanks to the glyph]]: slashing the air so fast that she creates shockwaves, slicing the missiles in half mid-flight.
** "Ladybug": Ruby and Blake work together directly after this, moving past each other repeatedly and slashing at high speeds... then just as Roman attempts to hit them, they land an aerial attack [[note]] with the moon directly behind them for bonus points [[/note]] that cuts off it's left arm.
*** Yang leaps right to the top of the mech, before deciding to pummel the outside of the cockpit with multiple recoil-powered punches. Roman recoils from the impact, but then shoulder-tackles Yang into a pillar, before punching her through another one. As Yang gets up, Roman aims to get her again... before Yang's PunchParry stops it cold. Then with a yell, Yang ''destroys it's other arm with one punch, using the energy she was just hit with to augment her punch.'' [[CombatPragmatist And Roman still has enough sense to kick her away after this.]]
** "Bumblebee": Blake swings Yang at the end of her ribbon, with Yang boosting the speed to let Yang get in a powerful punch. Roman manages to dodge the first swing, but the second one (after "Ice Flower") ''demolishes'' the robot at the seams.
** "Ice Flower": Weiss puts up a series of white glyphs that Ruby shoots through [[CombinationAttack creating blasts of ice]] to freeze the target.
* Sun's Semblance. Specifically, he starts glowing and two light clones fly off to do his work for him while he holds a badass pose. Bonus points for the glowing fading out over the rest of the scene instead of cutting off as soon as his clones are destroyed.
* The revelation of the true nature of Yang's Semblance. Until now people had assumed it was just her firey powerup (which, admittedly, was awesome enough on its own), but now Ruby reveals that Yang absorbs the energy from every hit she takes, and uses it to grow stronger (evidence of this can actually be seen in the Yellow trailer, if you know what to look for). She went from being punched through several concrete pillars by Torchwick's mecha to blocking it without even flinching, and then ''punching its arm to scrap'' in a single blow.
* A villainous example occurs at the end of the fight. Torchwick's Mecha is completely destroyed around him, and he turns his momentum into a roll, lands on his feet completely unharmed, and then cracks a one-liner as if he's only been mildly irritated.
** The amount of punishment [[HumongousMecha the Paladin]] was able to take. Like the Nevermore, it shrugs off massive amounts of damage before finally shattering. Even when it loses both of its arms, it is still capable of fighting.
** Roman as a whole comes out as extremely competent for a recurring villain in this episode. When Blake shoots out the lights at the White Fang meeting, he actually reacts faster than the White Fang soldiers (having already recognised two spies in a large crowd when they were wearing masks) who can see in the dark, immediately activating the mecha to go after them. He pilots the mecha rather well, only really lost ground when RWBY teamed up against him and even then, he manages to ''lose'' with style; calmly landing as the mecha collapses, dusting his suit off with a one liner and taking up his stance against RWBY.
* Neo's entrance. She calmly blocks a shot from Yang with her parasol, bows, and then [[MasterOfIllusion creates a false image of her and Torchwick]] [[VillainExitStageLeft allowing them both to escape]]. And in all of this she simply smiles silently, seemingly completely unconcerned by any of team RWBY.

* The music that's played [[ in]] [[ all]] [[ four]] [[ trailers]] has been ''[[SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic absolutely gorgeous.]]''
* During the premiere at RTX, everyone in the crowd gave the episode a standing ovation.
** All three screenings of the first episode played to a full house.
* Rooster Teeth held a contest for best RWBY poster. The resulting AwesomeArt has to be seen to be believed. Normally in a situation like this the admissions are subject to SturgeonsLaw, but in this instance it's a complete [[InvertedTrope inversion]] with most of the artwork being of the kind of quality that is only found in top ten's in other circles.
** And the results are in. Due to the massive number of awesome entries Rooster Teeth decided to do ten winners instead of the original five. [[ Here are the winners.]]
* Due to the influx of people clamoring to see the awesome episode 8, had to shut down. The influx was so much that THEY BROKE ROOSTER TEETH!!! Not the video but the whole site!
* Episode 8 proved to be so awesome that it caused the series to rank #3 on Crunchyroll, ahead of [[{{Anime/Free}} Free!]] and Manga/HunterXHunter, on the day it was released.
** When ''Best Day Ever'' was released, this was repeated.
** A special mention to "Red Like Roses Part II", the song that plays when team RWBY takes out the Nevermore. Jeff received a huge outpouring of support on his page on Rooster Teeth's official website. However, he stated that the full version of the song was not complete and that it would not be fair to make people pay for it twice, since he wanted it to also be available on the RWBY CD, which he announced to be released in October. However, the outpouring of support [[ convinced him to announce that the version of the song heard in the episode would hit iTunes within the week, and that the full, completed version would be on the RWBY CD.]] Note that the demand for the song was ''not'' a group of trolls telling Jeff that he was stupid for not giving the music they wanted immediately: They were people who enjoyed his work, praised its quality, expressed a polite and reasonable level of disappointment upon hearing about the wait, and often ended their statements with even more praise.
* Episode 16 made it all the way to #2 on Crunchyroll. [[ Behold ye RWBY fans and rejoice!]]
* The RWBY soundtrack has taken the #2 spot on most purchased albums on iTunes for November two days after its release, and then made it to [[ #1]].
* The series is popular enough to have actual merchandise made by [[ Mcfarlane Toys.]]
* Someone paid ''[[ 5,000 dollars]]'' to make their [=OCs=] canon.
* From the [=LazerTeam=] podcast, someone recorded a video of Vol. 2 shown there - which showcases a snippet of the tournament, with Pyrrha vs. Mercury. The opening blows are fairly straightforward testing-the-waters... then they start cutting loose: Mercury unleashes a ''flurry'' of kicks, never once letting up. However, Pyrrha [[ReverseGrip prepares her weapon]] and at the right moment, spins it in mid-air before intercepting a kick to the head with her ''wrist'' (something clearly not lost on him). Then she grabs her sword and counterattacks, but Mercury still manages to kick it out of her hands after trading a few blows.
* RWBY is getting it's own ''[[ video game.]]''
** Even better, they hired someone who made a [[PromotedFanboy fan game]].
* Yang's Image song has the line "Kick my ass, Iím world class, Iím super saiyan now." ...her Semblance is to amp her power the more she gets hit. They were telling us all along.
* RWBY is going to be [[ marketed]] in Japan!!! Usually it's the other way round.