[[caption-width-right:350:[[TookALevelInBadass Looks like someone's been hitting the]] [[MemeticMutation milk]].]]

->''"But you're still here, despite everything you've lost, everything you could still lose, you chose to come out here. Because you felt like you could make a difference. You didn't drag us along. You gave us the courage to follow you."''
-->--'''Jaune Arc to [[HopeBringer Ruby Rose]]'''

It was created by Creator/MontyOum, man. ''Of course'' WebAnimation/{{RWBY}} will have lots of badass moments.

List the examples in a chronological order, if possible.


* The first we saw of the series was [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYW2GmHB5xs this trailer]], which is already ''dripping'' with the awesome stylized violence Creator/MontyOum is known for. Moments of note include:
** Ruby embedding her scythe into the ground, dodging a lunging attack while on top of her weapon and then firing to shoot one wolf and send herself spinning through the air to kick another one in the face.
** Catching one wolf with a scythe hook and firing to both cut the first in half and blow away the one advancing. Said bifurcated wolf's top half then flies into another one and knocks it down.
** Performing a full rotational flip with her scythe to bring it under a wolf's head, then firing for the decapitation.
** ''Flying with recoil.''
** Loading a new type of ammunition and firing, which sends her soaring at near-mach speeds. She then fires again which causes her to spiral violently in the air, transforming her into a flying guillotine that sends shells, limbs and heads in every possible direction, ''decimating'' fifty wolves in just over ten seconds.
** The ending, where she pulls off a few flips as she finishes one last wolf, and then we realize she's literally taken them all out while staying ''completely and utterly unharmed.'' And then just for punctuation, it starts raining spent shells...
* The second [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vt9vl8iAN5Q trailer]] did not disappoint.
** Weiss using InstantRunes to enhance her speed and agility, along with using them to make [[SteppingStonesInTheSky steps in mid-air]], ''including at right-angles to the ground.''
** Weiss's BloodUpgrade, using her Rapier to full effect:
*** Red setting not only blocked an overhand sword strike (delivered with a {{BFS}}, no less!), it sent the Black Knight reeling backward.
*** Light Blue setting encased the Black Knight in ice.
*** Yellow setting increased her speed [[UpToEleven even higher]], going so fast that she simultaneously dodged a sword slash and ''got on top of the sword as it was swinging''. She follows this up by depriving the Black Knight of his sword with the Purple setting. Plus, this single attack ''shattered the ice she summoned seconds ago,'' '''but it never made direct contact'''
*** The Blue setting placed a rune on the ground where she was standing, having predicted that the knight would do a downward punch at said location. Which after contact (and her dodge), sent the Black Knight up into the air. Followed by Weiss immobilizing him in mid-air with the same setting.
*** And finally, finishing him off with the [[SnowMeansDeath White setting]].
* Where do we even ''start'' with the third [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImKCt7BD4U4 trailer]]?
** Blake:
*** She does not even draw her weapon at first; she simply slices robots apart with her metal sheath! And after she ''does'' draw her sword, ''she dual wields them to devastating effect.''
*** Throughout the trailer, Blake shows great speed, even to the point that she's able to make ''afterimages of herself''. Not to mention single-handedly deflecting machine gun bullets.
*** When firing at range, her sword '''transforms into a gun on a ribbon'''. Which skillfully uses recoil and momentum to fling the sharp edge onto enemies, firing into others ''without need of a trigger'', and otherwise clearing the area around her with tremendous speed.
*** When facing a SpiderTank to buy Adam time, despite not putting a scratch on it, ''she successfully dodges every single attack it launches at her''. '''And this was while running, flying, and otherwise flinging herself around'''. And she does all of the above IN HEELS.
*** Her [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere defection]] at the end counts as an emotional awesome moment, once we learn [[WhatYouAreInTheDark the context behind it]]. [[spoiler:This is a girl who has been degraded by humans her entire life, yet she has the courage and moral integrity to recognize that killing innocent humans is wrong, and to abandon the White Fang when Adam won't listen. She is willing to put her safety and livelihood on the line to do the right thing. On top of that, given the implications in Volume 3 of just how abusive Adam was towards her, the moment of Blake defying him becomes even more awesome]].
** Adam:
*** When asked to identify themselves, Adam merely smiles, ''then his sword shoots itself out of its sheath''. Adam then effortlessly slices the drone up, sheathing his sword before the cut even fully showed itself.
*** Much like Blake, he deflects machine gun bullets like they're nothing.
*** Throughout the trailer, Adam moves and destroys robots with relaxed, conservative movements while subtly displaying his speed. He effortlessly sliced through six drones so fast that each of them blew up at once, and even manages to juggle three robots mid-air with his sword swings.
*** The swordsman also displays the ability to cut opponents outside of his blade range. Either he can [[SwordBeam charge up his sword]], or ''[[ImplausibleFencingPowers he sliced the air so fast]]'' ''[[RazorWind that only the shockwaves made contact]]''.
*** Despite his conservative fighting style, he {{flash step}}s twice to save Blake, displaying tremondous speed as well as his soft side. [[spoiler:Although this is later [[{{Jerkass}} subverted]].]]
*** When about to be crushed, he unleashes an EnergyAbsorption LimitBreak that not only completely absorbs the {{spider tank}}'s WaveMotionGun, it proceeds to demolish the immediate area ''and'' the droid, causing them to '''dissolve into rose petals mere milliseconds after contact'''.
*** His laugh right before said LimitBreak just sells the entire scene.
* The fourth [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCw_aAS7vWI trailer]] doesn't disappoint, either.
** Monty and the team put the [[SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic music]] to astounding use: the nightclub somehow changes the colors of the area Yang's fighting in, changing the music to go with it, with each change corresponding to the correct color. And listen carefully. The music in the trailer is dance remixes of the previous 3 trailer songs (Red Like Roses, Mirror Mirror and From Shadows). Plus each time the colour changes, it changes to the colours used in the corresponding trailer.
** Yang lures in Junior what he thinks is a kiss, he's literally an inch away, ''then she sucker-punches him square in the jaw'', '''and he goes flying'''.
** Kiss fake-out aside, she gets info out of him by grabbing his balls and ''squeezing''. Damn, that is '''brutal'''.
*** You don't call Yang "sweetheart". When she's interrogating you and has your balls in her grasp, you call her "sir".
** Immediately afterward, Yang takes on a large amount of mooks in one of the best ways possible: ''with gun gauntlets''. Not only does she simply punch with them, ''she effortlessly fires shots not just as bullets, but as a recoil-boost to increase her strike's power''.
** Special mention should go to the DJ in the bear suit. After watching Yang effortless beat the piss out of a dozen other mooks, he doesn't run. He whips out a machinegun and hoses down the dance floor. Yang still takes him out without much trouble, but that one mobster in his funny suit had a spine of steel.
** During their fight, Melanie impressively manages to [[MirrorMatch perfectly mirror Yang's footwork]]. Yang quickly realizes this, throws her off balance, ''then promptly ends the fight by spinning Melanie around herself, and kicking her in the head''.
** As Yang fights Junior, she gets faster and faster with her punches, ''then her eyes turn red in slow-mo...'' '''and her punch breaks his weapon in half'''.
*** And then she sees he mistakenly pulled out a few of her locks. Junior smirks to himself, having finally managed to touch Yang and even [[WorthIt coming away with a small trophy of sorts]]. Unfortunately, this results in Yang ''destroying the area around her and throwing a screaming MegatonPunch that knocked Junior out''.
*** And her anger briefly broke the ''color spectrum!''
*** And what's more, the look we get of the club immediately afterwards shows [[KungShui every single window blowing out]] with a bright yellow flash from that one punch. ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill.
*** And if that wasn't enough, notice how he is [[DestinationDefenestration sent flying through the first storey window]] while they were fighting on the ''ground'' floor. Either a mere continuity error, or Yang ''punched Junior so hard he crashed through the ceiling''. Owie.
* The trailer for [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNAX4EQF2r8 Volume 2]]. [[note]] Possible spoilers, so you've been warned [[/note]]
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ziz6GGwu35g The official Japanese Volume One Trailer]] came out to much fanfare in Japan and revealed an all-star cast of voice actors for the characters.
* The show having become mainstream enough that HotTopic is carrying RWBY merchandice.
* At RTX 2016, to accommodate the raw number of RWBY fans, there were two scheduled "identical" panels so that everyone could attend one or the other. Not even ''Machinima/RedVsBlue'' could require that.
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0WeiG2-HRQ The Volume 4 Ruby Character Short]]:
** Ruby once again rides into battle on a Nevermore, only this time, she uses Crescent Rose, and instead of just falling off, she slices the Grimm's wing off, and falls down into the middle of the town with enough force to shatter a statue in the town square.
** While fighting a pack of much [[TookALevelInBadass smarter and meaner]] Beowulves, Ruby launches herself at one atop a rooftop using her Semblance... only to split apart into three red blurs in mid-air, converge behind the Beowulf, and slice it in half.
** A new, terrifyingly-strong Grimm called a Beringal shows up, like an enormous armored gorilla, and is so tough it {{No Sell}}s Crescent rose's blade and gun components and is fast enough and strong enough to keep up with Ruby and nearly kills her.
** Ruby manages to defeat the aforementioned Beringal by [[spoiler: smashing through the tower window of a church, tripping the Beringal with her scythe, then using her Semblance to create a massive tornado to launch it into the air, then spears it through the chest with Crescent Rose in spear mode and impaling it to the ground, and finally delivering the kill shot with a point-blank bullet to the chin.]]
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZAS_rzgCE0 The Volume 5 Weiss Character Short]]:
** Aside from starting off showcasing some gorgeous wind, hair, and cloth physics, the way Weiss flows during her attacks, using actual fencing techniques and stabs along with spinning slashes is nothing short of beautiful.
** The wide shot where Weiss leaps between glyphs, slaughtering Beowolves, is something right out of classic Monty Oum choreography. Rooster Teeth's animation team is doing him proud.
** Weiss' use of Dust and her Aura, burning through a wave of Beowolves and then impaling another charge on spikes of ice.
** And, just to demonstrate the gulf between where she was and is now, the revelation that all of these Beowolves were summoned by Winter, ''by herself,'' long before Volume 3 ever started. Going by this short, she was going ''easy'' on Qrow when they dueled.
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTJzFCebdvQ The Volume 5 Blake Character Short]] has the cat Faunus and Sun going after a member of the White Fang. During their pursuit of him, when he detaches a cart and sends it rolling towards them, Sun spawns two light clones to help him stop it.
** It can vary depending on the person, but Ilia's backstory where she talks about how she finally revealed her faunus nature to her racist friends in the Atlas prep school right after they laughed at several faunus dying in a mining accident. Her delivery at the end when she says "don't be (sorry). I ''[[KickTheSonOfABitch broke their teeth]]''." is chilling yet awesome.
* The Volume 5 Yang Character Short:
** Yang takes on a colossal Ursa, probably the biggest we've seen on-screen, brawling with the monster single-handedly, and this is before she ever even attended Beacon!
** When the Ursa spots an unarmed and weakened Ruby and charges her, Yang [[TakingTheBullet jumps into it's path and right into its jaws]] to stop it.
** Then, [[CriticalStatusBuff using her Semblance]], Yang leaps at the Ursa and punches it so hard in the arm that she shatters its bones, and the shockwave traveling through its body kills it.

[[folder:Volume 1]]
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[[caption-width-right:350:''Red like roses fills my dreams and brings me to the place you rest. White is cold and always yearning, burdened by a royal test. Black the beast descends from shadows. Yellow beauty burns gold''.]]

[[folder: Ruby Rose ]]

* Ruby kicking the crap out of the mobsters.
** Specifically, the moment she crashes out of the window and unfolds her scythe, all while the show's [[SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic new theme 'This Will Be The Day' plays over her speakers]]. Doubles as SuspiciouslyAproposMusic that very fight is what propels her enrolment into Beacon.
* The WizardDuel between Glynda and the Wicked Witch.


[[folder: The Shining Beacon Part I ]]

* Blake coming to Ruby's defense against Weiss, who is harshly insulting the former over an honest mistake. She brings up the fact that the Schnee company uses controversial labor practices and has contact with shady business partners, causing Weiss to throw a mini tantrum and storm off.


[[folder: The First Step Part I ]]

* Aside from Jaune, each one launches with looks ranging from determination to excitement.
* Ozpin calmly watches the kids get thrown off a cliff into a monster-filled forest. He's sipping coffee. He's smiling. And somehow it makes him look awesome in a very terrifying way.


[[folder: The First Step Part II ]]

* The way everyone actually lands is pretty cool. Ruby uses Crescent Rose to slow herself down before swinging through the branches, Weiss creates SteppingStonesInTheSky, Lie Ren latches onto a tree and doing a BladeBrake spin down the trunk, Yang uses her gauntlets to propel herself [[NotQuiteFlight even faster and further into the forest]] before {{wall jump}}ing from tree to tree down, and Pyrrha just tanks everything in her way with her shield.
* Pyrrha safely pinning Jaune, a spinning aerial moving target, to a tree from long range via spear throw aimed with nothing more than her thumb... and her only response is a small apology to his fainter-from-distance "Thank you!".
* Pyrrha's weapon changes from a sword to a rifle to a spear in one scene, showing the versatility of her fighting style.
* Ruby's confidence counts as a minor one. She cheerfully tells Weiss that she knows Weiss dislikes her, and that's okay because she'll prove to Weiss that she's a useful partner. She even hugs her! It takes courage to love like that, especially when you take into consideration how harshly Weiss has treated Ruby so far.


[[folder: The Emerald Forest Part I ]]

* Do not mess with Lie Ren. If you do, he'll [[TheToothHurts rip out your fangs]], [[EyeScream stab you through the eye]] with one, and finish by making YourHeadAsplode with a palm strike to said tooth-impaled eye.
* Yang fights against two Grimm Ursae (bears the size of minivans), and with only a few punches, tosses them around like ragdolls while she engages in CasualDangerDialogue. She good-naturedly taunts them, until she notices they got [[NobodyTouchesTheHair one of her hairs]]... then she explodes, sending the Grimm flying before recoiling herself after it. [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown What follows can only be described as her destroying that creature]], the final blows sending it through several trees.
** Then when she demands if the other Grimm wants some of her, he suddenly topples- to reveal Blake, having killed him with a ''single'' well-placed strike. And she doesn't even say anything; [[AsideGlance she just smirks]].
* Weiss for having the wisdom to cut her and Ruby's losses after accidentally setting the forest on fire, rather than attempt to salvage the increasingly dangerous situation by trying to exploit the Grim's disarray amid the flames.
* Pyrrha unlocking Jaune's aura. There's nothing spectacular about the action in and of itself, but the combination of dialogue, camera angles, and soundtrack will leave you in a state of quiet awe.


[[folder: Players and Pieces ]]

* The first half of the episode included:
** Nora riding an Ursa around the forest.
** Ruby and Weiss riding Nevermore.
** Weiss saving a pinned Ruby from Death Stalker by freezing its claws and stinger in place.
*** Not to mention the fact that she dashed across the length of a track field ''in mere seconds'' to do it.
** Ruby and Weiss stepping up as leaders leading to Yang pausing to admire her sister.
* The {{HSQ}} kicks in for the second half:
** Team JNPR vs. Death Stalker.
*** Nora unveils her weapon, and uses it to launch her and Jaune to help Pyrrha and Ren, [[DropTheHammer and hits the creature in the head]].
*** Pyrrha blocks a hit, then throws her spear straight into [[EyeScream one of its eyes]].
*** Jaune actually being able to hold himself in a fight, by blocking one of the Death Stalker's claws and allowing Pyrrha to counter attack.
*** Ren purposefully hitches a ride, firing point-black at the base of the stinger.
*** Jaune quickly notices this, calling for Pyrrha, who throws her shield Captain America style and slices it off, impaling it in the Death Stalker's head. Then he calls for Nora, who with a boost from Pyrrha and her weapon's recoil is launched in the air, then fires her weapon as she descends from the arc and ''drives the stinger right through the Death Stalker's brain and kills it''.
** Team RWBY vs Nevermore.
*** When accidentally knocked off, Blake embeds Gambol Shroud in the stonework, slinging and landing herself on her flying opponent.
*** Yang purposefully blasts the Nevermore's head, [[WeNeedADistraction drawing its attention into coming straight at her.]] Inches away, the giant bird opening its beak, attempting to make a meal out of her, Yang unflinchingly leaps ''forward''... [[CrazyAwesome wedging herself in its open beak.]] ''Then she '''force-feeds''' the explosive power of her gauntlets down its throat.''
---->'''Yang''': [[PunctuatedPounding I! HOPE! YOU'RE! HUN! GRY!]]
*** Their master plan: Weiss freezes its tail, pinning the Nevermore right near the cliffside. A distance away, Blake throws Gambol Shroud which Yang catches, making a makeshift slingshot. Ruby [[FastballSpecial gets herself to be the projectile]], and with the aid of Weiss, launches herself hundreds of feet, wrapping Crescent Rose around its throat and slamming it against the cliff. Weiss makes more runes appear, in a line straight up. Then Ruby starts firing Crescent Rose and runs ''straight up the cliff, completely defying gravity and dragging the 20X larger Grimm with her, screaming the whole while''. '''Then at the top, with sheer momentum, [[OffWithHisHead Ruby slices/blows the Nevermore's head clean off]].''' This is topped off with the CrowningMusicOfAwesome.
---->'''[[AudienceSurrogate Jaune:]]''' "...Wow."
* The sheer amount of punishment the Death Stalker and especially Nevermore were able to take. Both took a pretty heavy pounding from all of them, and JUST. KEPT. GOING. The Death Stalker's armor made all bullets/grenades/weapons launched at him bounce off, and a hit to an eye barely slowed him down beside the expected pain. The Nevermore had ''explosive bullets fired down its throat'' and was stunned at best... plus, it crashed into the side of a cliff (something that would ''shatter most birds' bones at that velocity''), was barely winded, and could otherwise crash through massive stonework without slowing.
* Jaune and Ruby being made leaders of their respective teams. It makes more sense when you realize that ''they'' were the ones who figured out how to kill the monsters, while the rest were just attacking, and that being able to tactically assess a situation is a good virtue of a leader.


[[folder: The Badge and the Burden Part II ]]

* Despite being a little taken aback by the boar monster's armored hide at first, Weiss ultimately dispatches the beast. Plus she doesn't panic under adversity, as seen when her weapon was knocked away.
** Additionally counts as one for Ruby, because--despite Weiss' initial belief that Ruby's childish--she spots the monster's weak point and tells Weiss exactly what to aim for.
* Due to her frustration from the previous episode, Weiss says she should have been picked leader of Team RWBY. Professor Port just looks at her a moment... then turns things on their head by bluntly stating "That's preposterous", and only proceeds to lay it on thick from there. He takes Weiss down a peg, ''without'' making her defensive/even angrier OR outright scolding her, even slipping encouragement by the end, with just the right words + patience. Being a character played almost entirely for laughs the previous episode, Monty + the RT gang deserve mad props for pulling it off so well.
-->'''Weiss:''' ''Excuse'' me!?\\
'''Professor Port:''' I've believed in Professor Ozpin for many years, and he's never once led me astray.\\
'''Weiss:''' So you would just blindly accept his decision, even after seeing how ''exceptional'' I am?\\
'''Port:''' With all due respect, your "exceptional" skill on the battlefield is matched only by your ''[[AlphaBitch poor]]'' attitude.\\
'''Weiss:''' [[NotHelpingYourCase HOW DARE YOU!?]]\\
'''Port:''' [[DeadpanSnarker My point exactly.]] I see a girl before me who's spent her entire life getting ''exactly'' what she wanted.\\
'''Weiss:''' [[NotHelpingYourCase That is not even]] ''[[NotHelpingYourCase remotely]]'' [[NotHelpingYourCase true!]] ''[{{beat}}]''\\
'''Port:''' ''[remains unfazed, except for a [[FascinatingEyebrow small brow]]]''\\
'''Weiss:''' Well... not ''entirely'' true.\\
'''Port:''' So the outcome did not fall in your favor. Do you ''really'' believe acting in a such a manner would cause those in power to reconsider their decision? Instead of fretting over what you don't have, savor what you ''do''. Hone your skills, perfect every technique, and be not the best 'leader', but the best ''person'' you can be.


[[folder: Jaundice Part I ]]

* [[JetPack Rocket-propelled]] [[MundaneMadeAwesome lockers]]. Volume 2 goes to show just how useful and awesome they are.


[[folder: Jaundice Part II ]]

* One for the Faunus in the backstory, as revealed in the history lesson: apparently badly outnumbered, they were able to emerge victorious in what turns out to be a turning point of their struggle for freedom by taking advantage of their superior natural night vision.
* Pyrrha gets one when she gives Cardin Winchester a verbal smackdown. Also, Blake gets in some pretty good jabs at Cardin's expense. TakeThatScrappy at its finest.
* Oobleck proves just what the Beacon teaching staff is all about. They're eccentric as all hell. They're also exceptional educators capable of getting to the point almost instantly. Oobleck only needed two seconds out of his hyperactive antics to say three words. "It stops now." His power of authority radiated from that simple phrase.


[[folder: Forever Fall Part I ]]

* Jaune caught a bunch of Rapier Wasps [[OffscreenMomentOfAwesome offscreen]] and put them in a box without getting stung.
* Jaune refusing Cardin's blackmail and throwing the sap at him instead. Considering he [[spoiler:could be kicked out of Beacon if he didn't listen to him]] and in the last five seconds looks like he's about to become the victim of a four-on-one beatdown, the fact that he still didn't go against his friends (and especially Pyrrha, the intended victim) is admirable.


[[folder: Forever Fall Part II ]]

* Jaune continuing to stand up to Cardin even after being punched hard.
** Then his aura kicks in, hurting Cardin's fist.
* The Ursa utterly curb-stomping Cardin who can't even fight back.
* Ruby proving that she ''is'' without doubt a Grade-A leader by immediately taking command of the situation when it became apparent there's an Ursa wrecking Cardin and Jaune.
* Jaune coming to the rescue of the guy who was just a few moments ago, threatening to destroy him in the worst ways.
** He checks his Aura meter. Sees it's low. [[{{Determinator}} He keeps on fighting.]] For a guy with no combat training, Jaune is showing a ton of potential.
** Pyrrha subtly using her 'polarity' power to guide Jaune's shield.
** Jaune [[OffWithHisHead taking the Ursa's head clean off]]. Notice that Pyrrha only manipulated his shield, that sword stroke was all Jaune.
*** Part of the fight was done in slow motion, all to emphasize how awesome the moment is.
** Also, the Ursa in this episode is much larger, stronger, and more armored than the Ursa we've seen before. Jaune not only stops one of its strikes with his shield, but also takes off its head with a single slash.
** Jaune follows up by [[TranquilFury quietly]] telling Cardin never to mess with his team. At the start of the episode, Cardin just mocked Jaune's "bravery" but now he's completely lost for words. Jaune certainly made his point with the Ursa.
*** Specifically, just before the Ursa shows up, Cardin taunts Jaune, with "[[FiveSecondForeshadowing Let's see how much of a man you really are]]." Then the Ursa shows up, Cardin's team run away, and Cardin gets [[CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass his answer]]: Just when it's about to kill him, [[WhatYouAreInTheDark Jaune saves his life, despite having every reason to just let him die]]. For all his self-doubt, Jaune's more of a man than Cardin could ever be.
* Heck, this entire episode was a [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome moment of awesome]] for Jaune, considering, for the first time, he actually killed a Grimm (almost) entirely by himself. And this was the same creature that was giving Cardin trouble.


[[folder: The Stray ]]

* While many may consider the series take on the issues of racism and inequality as simplistic and juvenile, RWBY does a fantastic job of averting the common stance of "white guilt" that plagues so many books, movies, and shows. Instead of a cut and dry answer that Weiss is supremely racist against the faunus and the White Fang (read: minorities/unions) have every right to take militant action against the SDC (read: middle-upper class whites/big business), viewers are treated to a description of how dark Weiss's childhood actually is (which in previous episodes is stereotyped as being entitled and spoiled). This gives her views a lot of motivation and reason, and the common belief that being rich and privileged = happy and carefree is shot down rather bluntly. Instead of the White Fang being shown as being purely inspirational/"for the common people," its darker and deadlier militant side (a side that has many parallels to real life movements such as Civil Rights) is described as taking actions common for a militant organization. In the end both Weiss and Blake descend from bad blood, but the moral proves that one's ancestry does not determine one's future. Despite the cartoon aspect of the show, its conclusion and message are surprisingly mature, and one must applaud Monty and Rooster Teeth for taking a balanced stance on issues that often are given a slanted view in media.
* In a weird way, how quickly Blake goes from zero to gone after she accidentally outs herself as a former member of the White Fang. She's just ''gone''. That's not her semblance. And it [[TearJerker certainly]] isn't comedic exaggeration. That's how fast she can ''actually run''.


[[folder: Black and White ]]

* [[BadassAdorable Penny.]]
-->'''Penny:''' [[PreAsskickingOneLiner Don't worry, Ruby!]] [[{{Callback}} I'm combat ready!]]
** She proves it. Very easily. But the crowning moment of the scene is when the airships attack her: she cuts the first two in half with fricking lazer beams, and then pulls the struggling third down to the ground through sheer strength, with little-to-no grounding at that.
* Sun cuts loose.
** To start with, he fights barehanded pretty competently, knocking away the first wave of fighters without using his weapon at all. And then when he does go for his weapon what does Sun have? A [[SimpleStaff staff]] that breaks apart into [[ShotgunsAreJustBetter shotgun]] [[FightingWithChucks nunchaku]]. Three weapons in one, and he kicks ass with ''all'' of them.
** Also, remember that funny moment in the previous episode where Sun drops a banana peel on the police who are trying to arrest him? [[ChekhovsGag He does that again,]] and this time, [[spoiler:he does it to Torchwick to divert his attention away from Blake]]. Sun then follows it up by using ''Roman's face'' as a landing cushion.
-->'''Sun''': [[PreAssKickingOneLiner Leave her alone.]]
* Roman manages to hold his own against Blake and Sun. [[CaneFu With his cane.]] To put that into perspective, he held out against Blake and her afterimage technique from several directions, punched out her afterimage and hit Blake several times, then briefly knock her down. Then he held out against Sun, who off-loaded ''several dozen shotgun blasts/nunchuck strikes in the space of seconds'', '''at point-blank range''', ''but not one touched him''. Only Blake's surprise attack managed to get him. Hell if Ruby and Penny hadn't intervened he would have killed Sun (and presumably Blake since he could easily hold against her).
** [[WordOfGod Commentary from Miles and Kerry after Volume 4]] made this scene even more awesome, retroactively, as Roman [[BadassNormal never learned his Semblance and thus didn't have any sort of special powers]]. He handled everything Blake and Sun threw at him on pure skill alone.

[[folder:Volume 2]]
[[caption-width-right:350:''[[BadassBoast I'm a tad mean, but I'm NOT afraid to take you out]]''.]]

[[folder: Best Day Ever ]]

* This episode features [[MundaneMadeAwesome the most epic]] FoodFight ever.
** The fact that most of them used ''[[ImprobableWeaponUser food]]'' [[ImprovisedWeapon to mimic the abilities of their regular weapons.]] With many, ''many'' [[{{Callback}} nods]] to previous uses of them, for bonus points. Special mention goes to Nora ramming a steel pole into a watermelon to create a makeshift hammer, like some bizarre inversion of Gallagher. In the next few minutes she knocks away Ruby, smashes Weiss into a pillar, and then sends Yang hurtling ''through the ceiling'', the latter of which does not come down for a ''minute and a half.''
*** Which in itself is awesome. With the time Yang spent in the air, she was hit high enough to come back down at terminal velocity. Think about that: Yang survived a fall at ''[[NotTheFallThatKillsYou terminal velocity]]'', ''[[WebAnimation/DeathBattle and stood right back up like it was nothing.]]''
** Pyrrha uses her magnetism to create two tendrils of soda cans, which explode and send Blake flying.
** Ruby takes out ALL of JNPR at once, rushing towards them so fast that she creates a slipstream, dragging all the surrounding debris with her (''overpowering Pyrrha's Semblance no less'') just before it picks them up too. Ruby ''just'' skids to a stop before the wall, which cracks from sheer force of the slipstream itself, Team JNPR slamming against it before they too get slammed by everything else. Badass, thy name is Ruby.
** This is all followed by Glynda storming in and putting everything back in their places in roughly 5 seconds, with a single wave of her wand.
** An incredibly subtle one at the beginning of the fight, Jaune throws a watermelon by flipping, showing that his training with Pyrrha has been paying off.
** Bear in mind that when he arrived at Beacon, Jaune was of about average human strength and fitness, and had not attended a combat school. Now he's agile enough to perform a somersault from a standing start without using his hands, and is strong enough to throw a watermelon the length of Beacon's dining hall just like his teammates. Also, in 'Extracurricular' after their sparring match, Pyrrha tells Jaune that she knows he's having trouble controlling his Aura, so he's keeping up with Team JNPR ''solely through physical training''.
** Keep in mind that everyone else in the cafeteria ''ran away before the food fight began!'' Which begs the question, ''just how strong are they that causes every other team in Beacon Academy to run away?!''
* At the beginning of the episode, we have Emerald stealing from the same old man from the first episode. Near the end, Roman snatches something out of ''her'' pocket with just about as much difficulty. And then, at the very end, he goes looking for his lighter only to see that Emerald had snatched it herself.
** Blink and you'll miss it, but Emerald actually pickpockets Roman first.


[[folder: A Minor Hiccup ]]

* Despite the size of Crescent Rose in any of its forms, Ruby is shown to be capable enough to draw it, slash once, and put it away in a single motion, all while sprinting. She uses this to create an impromptu barricade during the ChaseScene.
* As a result of too much speed, Ruby rolls onto the middle of a road, in front of an upcoming truck... Penny pushes her aside, and takes it head-on. The result? ''Penny stops it'' '''cold''' ''with her bare hands.'' And even better, she did it in such a way that the driver (the old man who owned the robbed Dust shop) wasn't injured at all. This is an awesome enough moment that ''everybody'' present is left to StunnedSilence, and Ruby is shaken from her [[GenkiGirl usual behavior around cool things]] to demand to know what the ''hell'' is going on with Penny already.


[[folder: Painting The Town... ]]

* Team RWBY (along with Sun and Neptune) taking down one of the MiniMecha introduced in the previous episode, using new full-team tactics in the process. Ruby has certainly been doing her job as team leader. Bonus for Ruby calling out various ship names within Team RWBY, and the two members of that ship tag-teaming the mecha at various points.
** "Freezer Burn": Weiss freezes a patch of ground, then Yang hits with fire to create a thick icy fog bank.
** "Checkmate": Weiss and Blake attack alongside each other, forcing the robot backward -- Weiss even directly goes for the [[AttackItsWeakPoint targeting sensors]] at one point.
*** Then Roman launches [[MacrossMissileMassacre barrages of missiles]] at them, forcing them backward, and then lands a hit on Weiss. While still flying away, Weiss has enough sense to send a glyph Blake's way, who's going up against yet another barrage... but Blake takes a page out of Adam's book, [[SuperSpeed thanks to the glyph]]: slashing the air so fast that she creates shockwaves, slicing the missiles in half mid-flight.
** "Ladybug": Ruby and Blake work together directly after this, moving past each other repeatedly and slashing at high speeds... then just as Roman attempts to hit them, they land an aerial attack [[note]] with the moon directly behind them for bonus points [[/note]] that cuts off its left arm.
*** Yang leaps right to the top of the mech, before deciding to pummel the outside of the cockpit with multiple recoil-powered punches. Roman recoils from each impact, but then shoulder-tackles Yang into a pillar, before punching her through another one. As Yang gets up, Roman aims to get her again... before Yang's PunchParry stops it cold. Then with a yell, Yang ''destroys its other arm with one punch, using the energy she was just hit with to augment her punch.'' [[CombatPragmatist And Roman still has enough sense to kick her away after this.]]
** "Bumblebee": Blake swings Yang at the end of her ribbon, with Yang boosting the speed to let herself get in a powerful punch, essentially turning herself into a wrecking ball. Roman manages to dodge the first swing, but the second one (after "Ice Flower") ''demolishes'' the robot at the seams.
** "Ice Flower": Weiss puts up a series of white glyphs that Ruby shoots through [[CombinationAttack creating blasts of ice]] to freeze the target.
* Sun's Semblance. Specifically, he starts glowing and two light clones fly off to do his work for him while he holds a badass pose. Bonus points for the glowing fading out over the rest of the scene instead of cutting off as soon as his clones are destroyed.
* The revelation of the true nature of Yang's Semblance. Until now people had assumed it was just her firey powerup (which, admittedly, was awesome enough on its own), but now Ruby reveals that Yang absorbs the energy from every hit she takes, and uses it to grow stronger (evidence of this can actually be seen in the Yellow trailer, if you know what to look for). She went from being punched through several concrete pillars by Torchwick's mecha to blocking it without even flinching, and then ''punching its arm to scrap'' in a single blow.
* A villainous example occurs at the end of the fight. Torchwick's Mecha is completely destroyed around him, and he turns his momentum into a roll, lands on his feet completely unharmed, and then cracks a one-liner as if he's only been mildly irritated.
** The amount of punishment [[MiniMecha the Paladin]] was able to take. Like the Nevermore, it shrugs off massive amounts of damage before finally shattering. Even when it loses both of its arms, it is still capable of fighting.
** Roman as a whole comes out as extremely competent for a recurring villain in this episode. When Blake shoots out the lights at the White Fang meeting, he actually reacts faster than the White Fang soldiers (having already recognised two spies in a large crowd when they were wearing masks) who can see in the dark, immediately activating the mecha to go after them. He pilots the mecha rather well, only really lost ground when RWBY teamed up against him and even then, he manages to ''lose'' with style; calmly landing as the mecha collapses, dusting his suit off with a one liner and taking up his stance against RWBY.
** Roman coolly walks out in front of a mob of anti-human terrorists who immediately show their hostility. By the time he's done talking, he has them cheering his name.
* Neo's entrance. She calmly blocks a shot from Yang with her parasol, bows, and then [[MasterOfIllusion creates a false image of her and Torchwick]] [[VillainExitStageLeft allowing them both to escape]]. And in all of this she simply smiles silently, seemingly completely unconcerned by any of team RWBY.
* Credit should go to the creative team for the Paladin's whole design. Its not just a Mecha with a design whose only purpose is to look cool. It has a wide array of weaponry, can move very fast despite its size, seeming awkwardness and obvious weight, has multiple sensors to detect movement within 360 degrees and takes monumental amounts of damage. Design examples like its cannon to arm transformation (using moving machine parts that are part of the 3D model itself and not just pulled out of the air like in most animations).


[[folder: Extracurricular ]]

* The beginning, basically Pyrrha taking on the entirety of Team CRDL by her lonesome, and winning. That being said, Team CRDL also shows that they ''are'' competent enough to be at Beacon -- they're just at a major disadvantage vs TheAce.
** Special mentions include;
*** Pyrrha taking out Sky while escaping a blade lock with Cardin.
*** Russel and Dove managing to keep Pyrrha on the defensive with a surprising show of teamwork.
*** Cardin casually deflecting Pyrrha's bullets with a twirl of his mace.
*** Pyrrha knocking Cardin in the air and finishing him off with a piledriver.
* Then directly after that, it's Pyrrha vs. Mercury in a friendly little exhibition. The first blows are fairly standard testing-the-waters, until Mercury unleashes a flurry of kicks, never once letting up. At the right moment, Pyrrha [[ReverseGrip prepares her weapon]], before intercepting a kick to the head with her ''wrist'' (something clearly not lost on him). Then she counterattacks, but he keeps up the pressure, and manages to kick her weapon out of her hands. It's almost a shame he threw the fight for whatever reason.
** Mercury proves to be more than just muscle when he figures out Pyrrha's entire fighting style after this one bout.
** Pyrrha also uses her Semblance to redirect Mercury's kick by fiddling with the metal studs ''in his boot.''
* Jaune's training. Pyrrha still kicks his ass, but you can see how much better he's gotten.


[[folder: Burning The Candle ]]

* Yang breaking Blake out her funk and getting her to see reason. The most heartwarmingly awesome moment to date.
** And more subtly, in her story, it looks like child!Yang and Ruby are about to be hurt by Grimm... [[BigDamnHeroes then said-Grimm are suddenly sliced,]] followed by the signature whir of a ''gun-scythe'' unfolding. As Yang confirms moments later, that was their uncle Qrow, come to rescue them.
*** That flashback scene is also an awesome moment for the artist, as the entire thing just looks gorgeous from start to finish.


[[folder: Dance Dance Infiltration ]]

* Jaune keeping his joked-about promise to Pyrrha by wearing a dress on the dance floor. While it doubles as a HeartwarmingMoment, there's an undeniable level of awesome to do so, facing the ridicule of the entire student body in attendance, and not show a single hint of embarrassment or concern about future ridicule. Once he gets to dancing, the ridiculing laughter [[HellYesMoment is completely replaced with cheers]], to boot.
* Team JNPR busting out some sweet moves on the dance floor in perfect sync with one another. It's nice to see their teamwork is on par with RWBY's (though it's a different flavour of teamwork).
* Seeing how a rocket-propelled locker can be useful is pretty awesome in itself when Ruby calls it with her scroll for Crescent Rose.
* Getting to see Cinder fight. Yes, we saw her WizardsDuel with Goodwitch in the pilot, but this is the first time we've seen her actually ''fight'' and the first time we've seen what she's truly capable of.
** To elaborate, she doesn't seem to have any definite style. Her hand to hand, swordplay, archery, and dust manipulation are all absurdly powerful and she can switch to whichever best suits the situation at hand. Her hand to hand in particular is very reminiscent of [[Machinima/RedVsBlue Agent Texas]] in power and effectiveness. We may be looking at the most dangerous fighter yet seen on the show.
** Also, her weapons appear out of nowhere and appear to be made of volcanic glass.
** And props to Ruby for holding her own against her, especially in heels. Ironically, Ruby's use of Crescent Rose to BladeBrake makes her the best suited to fight in heels.


[[folder: Field Trip ]]

* Ozpin shows off that while team RWBY may think they are getting away with sneaking around, it's actually because he is letting them. He then personally gives Team RWBY his permission to venture into the southeast region, seeing that they'd go, regardless of the rules.
** Then there is Ozpin's warning to the team that he is ''not'' giving them leeway, but that he expects them to live up to the level they are setting for themselves and should they prove inadequate there will be consequences.
* After realizing the potential connection between Roman Torchwick and the disguised Cinder Fall she fought in the last episode, Ruby decides to plant the information Blake got from Torchwick into her retelling of her encounter. Ozpin catches on easily but doesn't say a thing, while Ironwood, on the other hand, doesn't notice in the slightest. Ruby's playing adults now, and she's not bad at it. She even departs with an upbeat and rather cocky "any time you need me, just call".


[[folder: Search and Destroy ]]

* Each member of Team RWBY individually taking out dozens of Grimm under Oobleck's watch.
** Oobleck himself, being incredibly calm while Grimm drop like flies around him, and still having the time to casually question the girls about why they became Huntresses and exposit on the many idiosyncrasies of Remnant and Vale.
* Oobleck's explaining why he is a huntsman to Ruby. Rather than pick up a weapon, the doc has chosen to arm himself with something different: knowledge. He wants to study humanity's past so [[HistoryRepeats mistakes aren't repeated]], and understand [[TheHeartless the creatures of Grimm]], not just kill them, so innocent people can be effectively protected. What's more is that he's a ''teacher'', passing on whatever he learns to the next generation to make use of. It shows that, [[EccentricMentor eccentric]] as he is, Oobleck is a huntsman of genuine conviction.
* The Goliaths. Massive, intelligent Grimm that stalk the borders of civilization and quietly wait for something...
** The incredible awe that is inspired for them in that scene. One of them looks their way, right at Oobleck and Ruby... then keeps on walking. As if it could crush them without a thought, but they aren't worth its time, and it will wait until the chance comes to crush all the puny humans in one blow. Even the Nevermore or the Deathstalker were little more than EliteMooks. But the Goliaths are not mooks like the rest of the Grimm. And this is all conveyed [[RedEyesTakeWarning with one look.]]


[[folder: Mountain Glenn ]]

* Oobleck's [[spoiler:thermos transforming into a weapon]] is as much a CrowningMomentOfAwesome as it is a CrowningMomentOfFunny
* Even though it ultimately failed, credit must be given to the inhabitants who tried to expand beyond Vale: when Grimm attacks increased, they retreated underground, managing to rebuild a second city settlement down in the vast cave system.
* A retroactive one for Zwei. When Oobleck saw that Ruby snuck a dog in, he was ecstatic because dogs are great trackers. Guess who helped Ruby find the base of the White Fang.
* An unnamed White Fang guard who catches Ruby without her weapon demonstrates they're a cut above the {{mook}}s she sent flying in the very first episode by [[PunchPunchPunchUhOh shrugging off a punch]] (albeit a standing punch compared to a flying kick), punching her out and dragging her off to Torchwick.
* A subtle one for Oobleck: by simply [[ArmorPiercingQuestion asking Yang, Weiss, and Blake]] about their motivations for becoming Huntresses, they began to puzzle out their own motivations for themselves, talking and bonding as a team over what drives them. By simply posing those questions, he let them become stronger and more determined on their own, and his quiet smile at the end confirms that was his intention the entire time.
** Even more impressive: he doesn't ask Ruby what drives her to be a Huntress. Her motivations are already clear, and are one of the reasons why she's the team's leader.


[[folder: No Brakes ]]

* When Ruby makes a break for it after she sees the rest of Team RWBY and Oobleck coming to rescue her, Torchwick and his {{mooks}} start firing at her. [[ImperialStormtrooperMarksmanshipAcademy Not a single shot hits or even grazes Ruby]], who is somehow dodging everything ''with her back turned''.
* Neo fighting Yang, and [[TheVoiceless not even uttering a single sound throughout]].
** And more than that, Yang is a BoisterousBruiser, who gets stronger the more she's hit. Neo is all technique, often misdirecting Yang's blows and following up with counters to disorient and irritate her. Neo only really hits her with relatively light blows in return as if toying with her, and actually manages to kick her to the ''ground'' completely effortlessly. Yang gets incredibly annoyed, while Neo uses her umbrella to deflect Yang's strikes, and unleashes several barrages of blows that keeps Yang from even reacting. At one point she backflips into a very lady-like sitting position on a crate, still giving Yang that [[http://31.media.tumblr.com/3b2b24cce624ee17d4258eddef28de4a/tumblr_ndxfn8bLgm1shdfeho1_500.gif cocky little grin.]]
*** What makes this sequence extra awesome is that all Neo's attacks [[ShownTheirWork are perfectly sound from a martial arts perspective.]]
** Eventually, she succeeds in throwing Yang onto the ceiling, and ''totally knocking her out''. That's right, Neo soundly defeated one of the main characters!
** And then Neo [[OhCrap promptly backs up]] upon seeing a mysterious, masked woman intervene. Right before Neo could kill Yang, the Samurai parries, forcing Neo back. All the Samurai does after that is ''[[MundaneMadeAwesome draw her sword]]'', and Neo ''[[ScrewThisImOuttaHere decides to high-tail it]]''. Neo is last seen with an uncharacteristically shocked and distressed expression before quickly leaving.
*** Keep in mind, Neo was smiling throughout her fight with Yang. But when the mysterious, masked woman intervenes to save Yang...Neo left. This is the woman that makes short work of anything handed to her, and this woman's appearance unsettled her enough to make her leave. [[spoiler: Since her brother is Qrow, the man who threw a wrench into Cinder's plans, it's likely Neo knew something about her and decided to leave a dangerous situation.]]
* Weiss and the Lieutenant, who was wielding a [[ChainsawGood chainsaw sword.]]
** Special mention goes to her putting up a bunch of runes around him, then she rushes forward, ricochets off one opposite her (hitting the Lieutenant on the way), then off another, and repeat.
** The Lieutenant {{No Sell}}s Weiss' barrage and knocks her out by slamming her into the floor.
*** To elaborate further, Weiss is ready to put the Lieutenant down and enters a dramatic slow motion scene. The Lieutenant then shows that [[TransformationIsAFreeAction Slow mo is not a free action]], grabs her by the ''face'', smashes her into the ground and nearly bisects her with his chain saw.
* Blake combining Dust and her semblance for new effects, putting them to good use against Torchwick -- he doesn't see those coming, and with his attacks thrown off, she gets in some good hits and basically destroys him. This is in contrast to the finale of the first volume, she struggled against Torchwick, even with help from Sun.
** Then when given the choice between him and saving Weiss, [[ShutUpHannibal she kicks Roman in the head and knocks him unconscious]], then doesn't hesitate in saving her friend.
* One Paladin was enough to give Team RWBY trouble. Dr. Oobleck defeats several on his own and some more with some help from Ruby and Zwei. He may believe in knowledge being more valuable then strength but he still proves why he's both a Hunter and a teacher.
* Oobleck shows off a new attack: he hits Zwei with his weapon, [[FastballSpecial turning him into a fireball]] ([[MadeOfIron Zwei isn't even harmed by this]].) that gets launched at a Paladin, causing it to not only get destroyed but also crushed underneath the train.
* Weiss protecting her entire team from the explosion caused by the train crashing through the last barrier by encasing them all in ice from Myrtenaster's ice mode.
* Something has to be said for the artwork in the credits of this episode. Being a great drawing of the four RWBY girls and their respective voice actresses is awesome in its own right. But not only is it that, the picture is drawn so that when you turn it upside down to see the other group of girls, the text still reads the same. Repeat: Both "RWBY" and "Rooster Teeth" are written in such a style that you can read them correctly upside down.
* The entire ending of the episode, for both the good and the bad sides. On one hand, Torchwick's plan worked, with his train bomb blowing a hole in Vale and allowing Grimm to ran rampant. On the other hand, we get the final shot of the episode, with Ruby's initially horrified expression quickly turning into [[http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/rwbydeterminedexpression.JPG quiet determination]]. At that point, it shows she would be willing to fight back, whether it results in victory or failure.


[[folder: Breach ]]

* Pretty much every character's screen time during the battle against the Grimm is a CrowningMomentOfAwesome
** Of course, to start with, we have team RWBY: Ruby takes down an entire pack of Beowolves with a bicycle step, Weiss [[SpontaneousWeaponCreation creates a giant ice blade]] that slashes through a horde, Blake easily dispatches groups of Beowolves and Ursae and Yang destroys hordes of Grimm with both fire blasts and PUNCHING A GODDAMN CAR.
** Nora freaking flies into the battle on Magnhild and slams it on a King Taijitu.
** Jaune faces an Ursa, just as he does in ''Forever Fall Pt.2''. Last time, it damn near killed him, and it took a timely intervention from Pyrrha for him to win. [[TookALevelInBadass This time]], [[CurbStompBattle he wipes the floor with it]] ''[[CurbStompBattle without taking a single hit]]'', and with no help from Pyrrha (or anyone else for that matter). Sure, his technique still needs work, and it's the only one he kills onscreen, but the fact remains: he killed an Ursa by himself ''in five seconds'' and came out without a single scratch.
** The [[BadassArmy Atlasian military]] arriving, stealing Sun's and Neptune's introduction scene.
** Zwei jumping out of a mech and casually headbutting a much larger Grimm, sending it flying while Zwei just wags his tail.
** Port and Oobleck roasting several Grimm with their weapons.
** [[TerribleTrio Cinder, Mercury and Emerald]] show up part way through the fight and we finally get to see Emerald fight. She clears a street full of Grimm in about 15 seconds using her Kopis/Revolvers.
** Team CFVY' debut battle. Most notable is Coco's [[MoreDakka entire fight scene]]. She completely wrecked a whole horde of Grimm and looked ''fabulous'' while doing it. Fox went directly for the biggest Grimm in his group, sliced it and took a page out of Ren's book -- ie, [[YourHeadAsplode the thing puffed up and exploded]], raining spikes upon the others. Yatsuhashi created a [[ShockwaveStomp shockwave]] merely by slamming his sword into the ground. Velvet even got in a [[KickChick few kicks]] on a number of them. And when Coco breaks out her weapon...in Season 1, it took all 8 members of RWBY and JNPR a whole episode to defeat a Deathstalker and Giant Nevermore. Coco obliterates a Deathstalker, assorted Beowolves and ''three'' Giant Nevermores within seconds of breaking out the BFG.
*** A subtle one for Velvet. She knocked Beowolves around using only martial arts. Compared to how first year teams need to use weapons to fight Grimm, it's pretty obvious she puts up with CRDL's bullying because of school regulations, ''not'' because they're a threat to her. Gets even better when you remember she's confirmed to be team CFVY's mage, i.e., ''not primarily a physical fighter''. Velvet ''was'' going to break out her weapon, but Coco basically tells her that ''the city being overrun by Grimm'' is [[TooAwesomeToUse too trivial a situation to use it on]]
*** One for Coco's team for not even flinching when the above-mentioned Giant Nevermore corpses hit the ground behind them. They don't even turn, and that's even more awesome because that implies that Coco has killed multiple Giant Nevermores ''before.''
*** Yet a third one! Though it's demonstrated by CFVY, it's more one for Huntsman everywhere. Given Coco's utter beatdown of a dozen Grimm without breaking stride, Yatsuhashi's simple groundbreaking slam and Velvet's kicking around some Grimm, it implies that by the time a student graduates Beacon, they could fight a Grimm on its own terms without a weapon.
** And then there's Glynda...strolling in with her usual grumpy face, knocking away two Beowolves ''[[OffhandBackhand without looking]]'', and proceeds to fix the breach. Note, she doesn't just put the pieces back together; ''she literally sealed up the breach and cracks completely, as if it'd never happened in the first place''. In roughly ten seconds.
** Port and Oobleck join up, and clear a street full of Grimm in ''one shot'' each.
** Really, what this entire scene does is it shows how [[HumansAreWarriors badass humanity is in RWBY]] and why the Four Kingdoms even exist in the face of all these threats. This massive horde of seemingly unstoppable monsters are destroyed and the breach is cleaned up with remarkable efficiency by several Huntsmen and Huntresses, a pack of teenagers-in-training, and [[MoreDakka a whole bunch of firepower.]] There's a reason why the Four Kingdoms live in a time of remarkable peace.
* [[spoiler:Adam Taurus]] is back, reappearing at the end before the credits reassuring Cinder that this is not the last time we will see the White Fang.
* We finally find out who the mystery woman who saved Yang before was: [[spoiler:Raven Branwen]], whose appearance [[spoiler:combines Yang's face and hairstyle, but with Ruby's colour scheme.]]

[[folder:Volume 3]]
[[caption-width-right:350:''I may fall. But not like this; it won't be by your hand'']]

[[folder: Round One ]]

* After all these months and Monty Oum's tragic passing, Volume 3 kicks off with a ballistic, intense fight that proves that RWBY is back in form.
** Team RWBY:
*** Weiss shows off exactly how powerful she can be, creating massive ice constructs with ease. And before that, basically manipulating gravity with her black-colored repulsor glyphs, knocking Nadir and Bolin together before she traps them.
*** Blake tricking Reese with a shadow double, eliminating her with both a ring out AND knocking her aura into the red.
*** Yang (with help from the rest of her team) taking out three opponents in one blow, [[CallBack with the ribbon trick Blake helped her use against Torchwick's Paladin]]. Not only is this an awesome moment for her, but for the coordination of Team RWBY as a whole, able to discern their roles after Weiss created an ice arc and shouted "Yang, now!"
** Team ABRN:
*** Arslan proves she can go head-to-head with Yang in a fist-fight, where their PunchParry sends out a sonic boom, then she later saves her two iced-over teammates by taking a stand, and one-hit-KO'ing the giant ice ball barreling toward her. She also proves to be a GeniusBruiser, staying on the ice after the initial blows knowing that Yang can't keep up with her.
*** Before Reese falls on her rear, she proves quite versatile with her weapon; a hover-board that can be used for offense + defense as well as movement, then when it's 'sliced apart' from a blow, she recovers and unloads with their gun form.
*** Bolin easily slides past them both without trying, giving Reese a fire crystal, not only powering her up but allowing her to free Nadir.
* When Team RWBY is talking to Emerald, there's a brief flashback to [[CurbStompBattle Cinder's team absolutely wrecking another team.]]
* In a meta example for the fans, the reveal that [[spoiler:Neo had disguised herself as]] the green eyed girl was predicted by fans just from her split second appearance in the trailer.
** And fans who didn't predict it and assumed the ElegantGothicLolita [[spoiler:was a different original character, were more than surprised to see her eyes change colors, instantly revealing herself as the psychotic Neo to the audience.]]
* When Team RWBY goes for lunch and Weiss's credit card gets declined, the shopkeeper doesn't just hand it back like a ''normal'' human being. No, he ninja-stars the card back hard enough that it gets embedded and cracks the wooden counter.


[[folder: New Challengers ]]

* Team JNPR
** In the fight against Team BRNZ, Jaune is very on top of the situation, giving orders to his team according to the situation, which often work to their advantage. He manages to locate May's position, directs his team to avoid her sniper bullets, uses their side of the battlefield to their advantage, diverts May's attention with Ren, and protects Nora when she's trying to get to the top of the mountain. He does all of these ''while'' facing two melee fighters of BRNZ and only receives a single hit during the entire battle.
*** Also worth mentioning that, a few months ago, Jaune barely knew the basics of combat yet here he is fighting against two genuine huntsmen in training and holding his ground against them.
** The reveal of Nora's Semblance. One of members of BRNZ, Nolan, incapacitates Ren with an electric prod, then hits Nora with it... [[NoSell nothing happens]], and Nora suddenly flashes him a ''terrifying'' CheshireCatGrin. As Oobleck then explains, her Semblance is to [[FeedItWithFire draw power from electricity]], boosting her speed and strength. Nolan has just enough time for a [[OhCrap suitable reaction]] before being sent flying.
** Ren shows once again how deadly he can be when he makes a run for Nolan. May and Roy work together in an attempt to stop him with their own ranged weapons but not no avail and when he finally reaches Nolan, he easily [[ChokeHolds subdues him]] with his own weapon.
** After Ren tries to warn Nora about May aiming for her on the mountain, Jaune notices his warning and coordinates with Pyrrha to use his shield as a springboard to position her between Nora and May, blocking the shot with her own shield. Not to mention that the springboard launches Pyrrha high enough to reach the top of the mountain. A feat that Nora originally did with the help of her hammer's grenades. Pyrrha and Jaune, on the other hand, managed to mimic this with only their ''raw strength''.
** Nora jumps from the top of the mountain combining gravity with her own charged Semblance which results in a ShockwaveStomp that shatters the entire center of the battlefield and sends three members of BRNZ flying. And little after that, she ends the match by knocking out ''the whole of Team BRNZ [[CurbStompBattle in a single hit]]''.
* Team BRNZ
** Nolan's strategy for dealing with Ren is to have May fire near him in order to control his movement. This allows Nolan to get the upper hand by catching Ren off-guard while he's moving, and temporarily incapacitate him.
** [[TruthInTelevision Not entirely unlike real life]], May, Team BRNZ's sniper, presented such a huge threat to the point that as soon as the battle started, JNPR was forced to retreat and change their strategy to avoid her bullets. Almost the entire battle was JNPR trying to hold their ground while Nora's on her way to put the forest on fire to force May out of her cover. And as soon as BRNZ loses fire support, they're eliminated by Nora. Shows just how important she was to the team's overall effectiveness.
* Team SSSN
** Sun uses the arena's fake sun to his advantage, and catches Octavia off guard, hitting her with a hard boot to the face, and proceeding to [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown knock her]] [[CurbStompBattle out effortlessly.]] He also manages to go the whole round without ''a single hit taken.'' The only other person to do that was world-famous fighter Pyrrha--not even RWBY did that.
** Scarlet's introduction leaves a pretty good first impression. When he's caught in the twister that [[RingOut sent Sage flying out of the arena without much effort]], he balances himself in midair without missing a beat and lands on the mast of the ship in the ocean sector. He skillfully manages to hold off Nebula, NDGO's leader, intercepts Gwen when she attempts to attack Sun and Neptune, and immediately after pulls a very nice save from Gwen's falling daggers. It's kind of unfortunate that Sun indirectly got him eliminated, providing Dew with the ammunition to bludgeon Scarlet with coconuts... ''in'' [[GroinAttack the nuts]].
--->'''Sun:''' Nuts.
** Comic relief material aside, credit must be given to [[CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass Neptune]]. After staying back during the majority of the fight [[spoiler:due to his fear of water keeping him from entering practically half the battle]], he manages to take down the remaining three members of Team NDGO [[SingleStrokeBattle with a single hit]] [[spoiler:[[OutGambitted when they tried to take advantage of that fear by staying in the water]]]] [[HoistByHerOwnPetard and didn't know about his weapon's]] ShockAndAwe feature. Even before that, he shoots Dew ''out of the air'' right out from above Sun's head.
* Team NDGO
** Dew is the one responsible for ''both'' of her team's victories (throwing Sage out of the area and knocking Scarlet out [[GroinAttack with a redirected coconut to the nuts]]).


[[folder: Brawl in the Family ]]

* Qrow:
** He basically becomes a walking moment of awesome throughout the first half of this episode, beginning with completely destroying two of Winter's Knights without any obvious effort, or even using his weapon. He then proceeds to fight Winter to a standstill, easily keeping up with her in a high-speed battle (just short of a SpeedBlitz even).. And the whole time, ''he's still drunk.''
** At the middle of the battle, Mercury walks nearby and initially ignores the whole thing. However, the moment he recognizes Qrow, an [[OhCrap uncharacteristic expression]] appears on his face. He immediately turns back and runs to inform Cinder of Qrow's arrival. Considering how laidback Mercury normally is, the fact that Qrow's mere presence made him react like this shows how much of a threat he can be to those he's ''hunting''.
** At the conclusion of the battle, Qrow begins the TransformationSequence for his blade, resulting in a lot of ominous ticking gears, the blade starting to fold, and a growing hum... and then he immediately [[TheUnreveal cancels the transformation]], powers it down and sheathes it, baiting Winter into attacking him. Ironwood promptly arrives and calls her out on it. When she tries to tell him Qrow started it, but he retorts that in actuality she attacked first her expression changes having realized that not only did Qrow play her, he left her with some awkward explaining to do.
* Winter's no laggard either. She manages to hold her own against Qrow, and shows herself to be extremely well-versed in using the same Glyphs Weiss does, without Dust or visibly tiring. Moreover, when Qrow's smug confidence doesn't have her raging, her own has him taking her very seriously--case in point, she manages to land four hits on Qrow, while he lands ''none'' on her. By the time she summons her final glyph and a fierce wind can be heard howling, he appears to be jarred enough to consider trying a different strategy, beginning the transformation sequence mentioned above.
** Similar to Weiss, gravity is nothing to Winter, only rather than needing to use glyphs to propel herself upward, she simply runs up the wall, then launches herself halfway across the courtyard, ''separating her weapon into its dual form in midair'' without losing momentum or needing to use her glyphs for balance.
** And right after she does that, she smashes right into Qrow, who blocks her attack, and for a {{Beat}} it seems he succeeded in stopping her cold. Nope. She then smashes him right off the rampart and into a crater as if she'd never stopped in the first place.
** She also displays a technique recognized the next episode as an extremely advanced application of the Schnee semblance, using a Glyph to summons dozens of miniature Nevermores that stop Qrow in his tracks while she prepares another attack.
** When Ironwood calls her name, Winter goes from moving at a blur to stopping in ''less than a second.'' That's just the discipline an Atlas specialist and a Schnee is capable of.
* The entire high-speed, property-destroying fight is a demonstration of exactly what the ''real'' Huntsmen and Huntresses are capable of when they go into combat. Running up bridge posts, casually wrecking the courtyard with a BladeBrake, swinging their blades faster than the eye can see -- [[SerialEscalation this is the world that Team RWBY is entering into]]. [[spoiler:However, there is the implication that [[LetsGetDangerous Qrow and Winter were not yet fighting at full capacity]], which may mean that not even this is a true demonstration of what a true, fully trained Huntsman/Huntress with years worth of experience can do.]]
* Ozpin reasoning against Ironwood's excuse for bringing an entire fleet to the Vytal Festival, electing to once again fight with his words and wisdom without things descending into a shouting match, [[DividedWeFall what with the mood of the scene]]. Considering the conclusion of Volume 2, it especially feels like a punchy response to how Ironwood effectively screwed him out of being able to work effectively.
-->'''Ozpin''': "A [[BigGood guardian]] is a [[HopeBringer symbol of comfort]]. But ''an army'' is a [[WarIsHell symbol of conflict]]. There's an energy in the air now. A question in the back of everyone's minds: if '''''[[BadassArmy this]]''''' is the size of our defenses, '''''[[ArmorPiercingQuestion what is it we're expecting to fight?]]'''''"


[[folder: Lessons Learned ]]

* Mercury:
** In a two versus two match, Emerald goes into hiding and leaves Mercury to fight against Coco and Yatsuhashi on his own. Not only does Mercury dominate the two, but it really feels like he’s mocking them during the entire fight.
** He proves once again how smart he is by using his enemies’ own movements to his advantage. This is best seen when Yatsuhashi finally manages to land a hit on Mercury. During those seconds before the strike comes, Mercury jumps and curls into a defensive position ''knowing perfectly'' that he would get hit. Yatsuhashi didn’t truly manage to reach Mercury; it was all part of Mercury’s strategy to get pushed by Yatsuhashi’s own attack so he could grab onto Coco’s minigun and shove it into her teammate's stomach. She ended up putting her gun away as a result.
** The previous outcome gives him enough time for a brief demonstration of his ranged capabilities. He first fires two projectiles from his boots which distract Coco and Yatsuhashi as they deflect them with ease. When they look back, Mercury is break dancing and surrounded by dozens of the same projectiles which can't be dodged this time. And by the time Coco and Yatsuhashi recover from those, he's casually standing behind them smirking before continuing the beat down.
** He also shows the extent of his physical strength when he catches Yatsuhashi’s {{BFS}} with the soles of his boots even though Yatsuhashi's [[ShockwaveStomp strike shatters the entire section of ground]] they're both in. Mercury doesn’t even flinch at this extreme force.
* Emerald:
** She remains hidden for the majority of the fight by using the grass and the forest biomes to the point not even the audience are able to find her. And everytime Coco manages to get a glimpse of her, she vanishes in mere seconds. It's almost impossible to target her.
** Yatsuhashi appears out of nowhere in the middle of the encounter. Coco assumes it's indeed her teammate and continues her search for Emerald while Yatuhashi is seen slowly walking up to Coco... then Port announces [[ParanoiaFuel he's been defeated by Mercury]]. Surprised, Coco turns back to look at who she thought was her teammate, only to find nobody there. Her hands begin to shake in fear.
*** The mere fact that Coco, the same girl who kept a cool and deadpan attitude even in the midst of a Grimm invasion, ends up ''terrified'' of Emerald mere seconds after their fight begins.
** At this point, Coco's Aura is still at 70 percent but Emerald manages to sneak up behind her and knock her out with a [[OneHitKill single hit]].
* Yatsuhashi:
** Tanking Mercury's kicks and even retaliating by grabbing him by the necktie and tossing him several feet away is no small feat, considering Mercury was able to take on both Yatsuhashi and Coco with little effort beforehand. He probably could've gone on a little longer if not for the geyser dazzling him.
*** [[http://40.media.tumblr.com/204ede6857bf2a53a78fed8788d7bec0/tumblr_inline_nzfdhgCUjQ1shbv29_250.jpg Here's a closeup of Mercury's face when Yatsuhashi grabbed him]]. Case in point, Qrow is ''not'' the only thing that can shake him--apparently the thought of getting shitkicked by a seven-foot monstrosity will do the trick.
* Winter:
** Winter basically encourages her sister to continue defying her father's wishes and having him control her, and showing that she detests her father just as much as her sister does and wants what's best for Weiss overall, showing that Winter loves her little sister to the point that she willing to defy her father behind his back and basically giving him the middle finger for all the trouble he's been causing them.
** Just the sight of her [[SummonMagic summoned Beowolf]]. Amazing how a simple PaletteSwap [[GoodColorsEvilColors changes things about them]].
** Winter was in a similar situation like Weiss when she joined the military, likely the Atlesian military's Special Operatives unit, so she can be free from her father's influences as well.
* Weiss:
** Near the end, after claiming she can't summon anything, Weiss manages to [[spoiler: unknowingly use her Semblance's summoning ability. Specifically, she summons a miniature version of the sword used by the Knight in the White Trailer.]]


[[folder: Never Miss A Beat ]]

* Penny:
** At the beginning we see Penny in her fight against Russell and Sky of Team CRDN. While we don't see the entire fight, explosions are happening around the ring, and she forces them both to take cover behind boulders. Then she uses her swords to lift up both boulders and smash them onto the ground.
** Pretty minor example, but her partner doesn't seem to do anything, apart from making sure that Penny doesn't waste too much time curb stomping the opposition. Penny is so badass, that she doesn't even need a partner.
** Also it seems like she's not even trying, given the fact that she has a smile the entire time and that her partner needs to remind her not to take too much time. There's also her BondOneLiner:
-->'''Penny:''' ''(Bows to her downed opponents)'' Thank you for a wonderful time.
* Yang:
** [[spoiler:In the climax of the fight, activating her Semblance and absolutely ''owning'' both Flynt and Neon all to a jazz remix of ''I Burn''. For Flynt, she literally propels herself through his Killer Quartet-powered sonic waves, using her shotguns' recoil, before crushing his weapon's barrel with her bare hands - for Neon, the moment she's airborne and helpless, she blasts her with a one-hit-KO]].
* Weiss:
** Weiss repeats her sigil-spamming, speed-blitzing trick she first used in her clash on the train in ''No Brakes'' but this time it's even more impressive.
** She also [[spoiler:[[HeroicSacrifice sacrifices herself]] to save Yang, who was about to be targeted by Flynt, by diving at him and sending the both of them into a flame-spewing vent.]]
** Using her black glyphs to stand her ground against Flynt's sonic waves and slowly advance ''through'' them.
* Flynt:
** Flynt is just made of CrazyAwesome. He's like a fighting jazz musician, and his WeaponOfChoice is a magic trumpet that can unleash massive sonic waves.
** [[spoiler:And then there's his Semblance: he creates three additional copies of himself to form a jazz quartet, combining their power to send Weiss flying.]]
** Flynt begins the fight showing his grudge toward Weiss and the Schnee family, and spends a lot of it trash-talking her and her lack of skill, even going so far as to [[spoiler: ignore her after he hits her with his Semblance and keeps her from getting to her weapon]]. Then [[spoiler: Weiss tackles him into the lava geyser, and while that doesn't take him out, it weakens him enough that Yang can finish him]]. And when he gets back up, his response?
-->'''Flynt''': That was a gutsy move, Schnee. [[WorthyOpponent I dig it.]]
** Also, the fact that he was caught by a lava jet [[spoiler: that depleted Weiss's entire aura]] ''and stood back up''
*** While he does have a higher Aura level than [[spoiler:Weiss]] when we're shown the Aura counter, that speaks to his skill even more. The only time he was hit by an actual attack ([[spoiler:except for being tackled and Yang blocking his trumpet]]) was Weiss' 360° blitz, and even that barely seemed to affect him.
* Neon:
** Neon Katt is closer to the crazy end of CrazyAwesome, but she still has her moments. She spends the entire first half of the fight running rings around Yang, mocking her and making her angry, only to thwart all of her attacks.


[[folder: Fall ]]

* Pyrrha, despite being terrified and having absolutely no prior knowledge of what's going on around her, knowing what kind of danger she's [[LossOfIdentity exposing]] herself to, and knowing that agreeing to it would attract more special attention to her (a.k.a. the very thing she resents about her life) agrees to [[spoiler:have the Fall Maiden's power transferred to her]], simply because she cares about the good of humanity that much.
** There's a particular shot during this scene where Pyrrha touches Amber's life support pod and [[https://youtu.be/moxtu3AuA4s?t=12m32s the shot overlays the two's faces]] that can be marveled at just for the cinematography alone.
* Yang vs Mercury is another spectacular fast paced fight in which both combatants give it their all. The crowning moment is when Mercury creates a huge vortex of homing missiles that comes crashing down on Yang with a huge explosion. Mercury seems to think he's won and brushes himself off, and then immediately [[HellYesMoment flames rise behind him]] as Yang comes out swinging with her Semblance.
** Remember the Yang Dempsey Roll from the ''Yellow'' trailer? Yep. She does it again.
* Mercury willingly [[spoiler:let Yang shoot him in the kneecap]], despite having no Aura left, thus getting genuinely injured, took some serious guts. This turns out to be subverted in the next episode, knowing that [[spoiler:that was actually a prosthetic leg, and he was acting as if he was in pain]].
** One for Cinder too: [[spoiler:with just a simple illusion, she's demoralized RWBY (taking out their powerhouse to boot), spreading enough fear and panic to get the Grimm's attention, and (unless substitutes are picked) reduced the remaining matches in the finals, giving Pyrrha even less time to decide to become the new fall maiden- accelerating her plans. As people have noted on the Fridge page, pitting RWBY against FNKI gave the public a chance to see Yang's temper early, making the attack more credible, and Yang's own uncle has shown a love of fighting too when he started a fight over personal disdain. Yang is screwed at this point.]]


[[folder: The Beginning of the End ]]

* During her fight against Cinder, Mercury, and Emerald, Amber shows off the power of the Fall Maiden, floating in mid-air while she throws around localized lightning storms, bursts of fire, as well as freezing leaves to make a storm of knives. When blasted down to the ground, she goes against all three in melee, and proves herself more than a match for them - even when wounded afterward, out of Aura, she gets back up and blasts them all back with wind, hits Mercury with lightning so fast he couldn't dodge in time, then hits Emerald's illusion ''and'' her real self only a second after that. If Cinder had been a few hairs slower with her arrow shot, she probably could have killed them all. [[spoiler:And as later revealed in Vol. 4, this was while she was still ''inexperienced''.]]
** Even before the fight, Amber is very aware of her surroundings. She became suspicious when she saw dirt move behind the illusion, and the second it disappeared, she jumped back and prepared herself for a fight.
* Cinder deserves some credit for repeatedly landing serious, damaging hits against someone pretty much described as a goddess. Sure she relied on her team a lot for cover, but one shudders to think that she's even ''more'' powerful now.
* Mercury's dad was an assassin so feared that Cinder sought to recruit him, but Mercury ''killed'' him before she got the chance. The fight itself ruined his legs and was so fierce that somehow their house caught fire. That's one epic origin story!
* The OneDegreeOfSeparation between Cinder and Qrow. Cinder was this close to stealing the entirety of Amber's power, when lo and behold Qrow comes sprinting in. [[DidntSeeThatComing Cinder doesn't even see him]]. It's likely that Qrow's singular moment of being [[BigDamnHeroes a Big Damn Hero]] caused the entire plot of RWBY's first three volumes, [[SpannerInTheWorks and has so far been the only wrench to end up in Cinder's otherwise flawless plan]].


[[folder: Destiny ]]

* The rest of Team RWBY one by one standing up to Ironwood in Yang's defense. Special mention goes to Weiss, who sounds outright ''pissed'' at how her teammate is being treated.
-->'''Weiss''': You're hotheaded, but not ''ruthless''.
* Jaune showing his growth both as a leader and partner. [[spoiler:He's the only one who notices Pyrrha's distress and instantly takes control of the situation at JNPR's dormroom when it starts to get out of hand. Later, he gives Nora a brief glance that just speaks ''I must take care of this'' to earn himself some time alone with Pyrrha to confront her about what's bothering her and hopefully help her to overcome it.]]
* [[spoiler: [[SpannerInTheWorks Ruby discovering the truth about Mercury]].]] Now it's a race against time AND safety.
** Ruby [[spoiler: connecting the dots between Yang's word, Coco's account, and Emerald's appearance at the arena. Even before running into Mercury, she figured out something's up before anyone else did.]]


[[folder: [=Pv P= ]]
* Cinder's plan begins to unfold with horrific brilliance. [[spoiler: Emerald uses her semblance to get Pyrrha to believe she is being attacked by a gigantic number of Penny's swords, when there's actually far less, causing Pyrrha to use her own semblance to send them back at Penny. Unfortunately they are reflected with such force that the strings attached to the swords literally ''tear Penny apart'' all while the fight is broadcasted to the entire world. Cinder then highjacks the communications network and delivers a [[ReasonYouSuckSpeech scathing]] [[BreakingSpeech speech]] to Ozpin, Ironwood, and anyone else involved in the maiden secret creating even more public unrest. While this is going on the Grimm, previously riled up from Yang's attack on Mercury, start arriving in force and begin attacking the coliseum, Neo kills the entire crew of an Atlesian ship and breaks Torchwick out of prison allowing him to turn the ship's weapons against the other battleships in the air, and finally Adam arrives not only with the White Fang, but also a ship full of ''Grimm''.]] This could essentially be called [[FromBadToWorse From Bad To Worse]]: The Episode.
* Some credit to Penny, please. She [[spoiler: flawlessly holds off Pyrrha even with Pyrrha manipulating her strikes with magnetism, and disarms her, before speeding back into the fray right as Pyrrha thinks she's been knocked off the platform.]]
* Credit to Ruby in this episode, even though she was weapon less and outclassed by Mercury, she actually manages to hold her own for a while and escape from him. Considering that the last time Ruby lost Crescent Rose she ended up getting [[OneHitKO KO'ed]] instantly by a {{mook}}, holding her own against Mercury is a pretty big accomplishment. [[spoiler: It's just a shame that she ultimately couldn't stop Cinder's plans or save Penny]].
** Ruby [[spoiler: dodged a kick from Mercury. On its own, not impressive. However, the last person to do that was Pyrrha, and she had to use her Semblance to achieve it.]] She also [[spoiler: leaves him failing to catch up when she speeds the other way.]]
** Speaking of Mercury, the first time Ruby uses her speed to try and get past, he manages to ''hit her'' while she's going that fast.
* The two [[{{Redshirt}} nameless Atlesian soldiers]] patrolling in the wilderness when the Grimm begin to attack. They turn around to see a massive wave of Beowolves coming at them, and they [[LastStand stand their ground and go down shooting]]. They even get a few kills.
* Let's not forget Ozpin's little jab at Ironwood, complete with TranquilFury:
--> "You brought your army to my kingdom, James. ''Use it!''"
* The return of [[spoiler:Torchwick]], immediately followed by him [[spoiler:commandeering the airship he's in to shoot down two ally ships]].
-->"Ooohhh, it is ''good'' to be back!"


[[folder: Battle of Beacon ]]

* When the Nevermore breaks into the stadium and attacks Pyrrha, teams JNPR, ABRN, FNKI, SSSN, and CFVY call their lockers, which pins it down, and then they work together to bring the creature down for good.
** Before this, Ruby used her speed to plunge one of Penny's swords right into it, and was fully intent on taking the thing on ''alone'' [[CrazyAwesome armed with just that.]] But even more badass was what she said right afterwards:
-->"''Leave her '''ALONE!'''''"
** From the start of the series, Ruby had NoSocialSkills and Weiss [[JerkassHasAPoint wasn't wrong when she said she was implusive.]] This moment shows how far she's come from the former and how the latter is a strength. Instead of staying in a HeroicBSOD at the sight of [[spoiler: Penny in pieces]], she realizes that another of her friends is about to die, snaps out of it and wastes no time in making sure that doesn't happen [[spoiler: again]]. After they kill the Grimm, the students head into battle at Ruby's command, raises Penny's sword in the direction they move... Except Velvet, who took a picture of Ruby in her pose before following them.
* Port and Oobleck hold off a horde of Griffin Grimm to let the students escape, going full BackToBackBadasses and casually joking about taking bets on the fight.
* Ironwood [[spoiler: {{curbstomp|Battle}}s an Alpha Beowolf. He starts off by charging head-on at it with a challenging shout to hold its attention on him and off the students, casually dodges its swipes, and then catches one with his hand, swings the damn thing around like a ragdoll, and finally finishes it off with a headshot at point blank!]] FourStarBadass is in full effect.
** The kicker, [[spoiler: [[SimpleYetAwesome he does this all with a gun]]. As far as we know it doesn't [[BoringButPractical transform into anything else]]. It's just a good [[RevolversAreJustBetter old]] [[HandCannon fashioned revolver.]]]]
* Ironwood tells the students to either stay and fight to defend Vale and Beacon or run away like everyone else, including other students, have already done as no one could blame them for choosing the same. It takes a few seconds of reflection before Sun casually shrugs off the second option followed by Jaune leading everyone to a ship to reach Beacon.
* [[BackToBackBadasses Weiss and Blake working together]] and speed-blitzing the hell out of the attacking White Fang, the Grimm [[spoiler:and Ironwood's hijacked security robots]]. The two girls are a blur as whole ranks of baddies are sent flying.
* Ruby uses her Semblance to jump from a ship back to the stadium in midair, and then uses a rocket locker to fly toward [[spoiler:Torchwick's ship]].
* New Grimm! [[spoiler:First we're introduced to a griffin type, and the other is a ''dragon'' that can spawn lesser Grimm like Ursa on its own.]]
** The way that the [[spoiler: Dragon]] is introduced. [[spoiler: The ground starts rumbling. Ozpin's in the middle of a badass walk toward the elevator when the rumbling makes him ''stop'' in shock. Then Glynda notices it, and all she can mutter is [[OhCrap "No..."]]. Then we pan out to Mountain Glenn, and cracks begin to form in the side of the mountain. Then a massive black arm breaches the rock. Then a massive glowing eye becomes visible. Then the entire top of the mountain shatters, revealing a ''massive'' Grimm Dragon that lifts into the sky and flies toward Beacon, shedding other Grimm from its body as it flies.]] ''This'' is what everyone's completely and totally terrified of.


[[folder: Heroes and Monsters ]]

* Reese and Neon can't do much overt offense, but they help out the rest of the fighters by zooming around the battlefield, freezing Grimm limbs and robot parts in place so they can more easily be taken out by the other fighters as they pass.
* We finally see Velvet's fighting style in action. She's a [[PowerCopying Power Copier]]/DittoFighter and she uses her ''camera'' to copy those powers, weapons, and fighting techniques by taking photos of others!. Hell, when she uses Team RWBY's weapons, she strikes the same poses that were seen in each of their respective trailers.
** And what better way to have her display this power than to have her effortlessly and ''single-handedly'' take down an ''Atlesian Paladin''?
** The capstone to the whole scene is that Velvet's and Weiss' entire display of asskicking is done to "I May Fall" rocking in the background.
* Weiss finally gets to summon, even if it was only the arm and sword. But even with it just being that little bit, bisecting the mech. ''How'' that happens is an awesome moment for Weiss's character development. She angrily, desperately, ''selflessly'' rushes in to protect Velvet - a Faunus - from the Paladin. She planned on defending against the mech with only Myrtenaster. She wasn't even aware that she'd summoned the sword until she saw it; [[DieOrFly she did it purely on instinct]]. She's come ''so far'' from the haughty, self-centered princess in Volume 1.
** Weiss did with one summoned arm what even Velvet couldn't do with her summoned weaponry--she cleaved a Paladin in two with one goddamn swing.
* Ruby holding her own against Neo. Then her figuring out how to take Neo out of the equation, for now.
** Before Neo shows up, Ruby solos one of the Griffins. Sure, she's out of breath afterwards, but this is still a Huntress in training taking on one of the tougher Grimm species encountered (remember that one took hits from Coco's minigun at point blank range and barely looked scratched) and ''winning ''.
** Two Nevermores assault Ruby during her fight with Neo and Roman. Reminder, these Grimm are ''massive''. Ruby casually dodges one, and when the other tries to get at her when she's hanging off the ship, she ''kicks it in the face and sends it on its way''. That's ''it''. Not only that, but when Ruby's down and Torchwick tries to attack her, she swats ''him'' away too! Ruby Rose, everyone.
** Her ShutUpHannibal to Roman is also fantastic:
---> '''Ruby:''' I don’t care ''what'' you say! We ''will'' stop them and I ''will'' stop you! '''BET ON THAT!'''
*** Roman then counters with an impressive ShutUpKirk of his own.
---> '''Roman:''' You've got spirit Red, but this '''is the REAL WORLD!''' The real world '''is COLD!''' The real world '''DOESN'T CARE ABOUT SPIRIT!''' You wanna be a hero? Then play the part and '''DIE LIKE EVERY OTHER HUNTSMAN IN HISTORY!''' As for me, I'll do what I do best. Lie. Steal. Cheat. '''AND SURVIVE!'''
*** Unfortunately for Roman, he gets a harsh lesson in the consequences of his actions. At the end of his rant about how he always survives, a Griffon Grimm lands behind him and swallows him in a single bite.
** For the first time since Beginning of the End, we see villains working together, and not only does Ruby hold her own against Neo (and Torchwick), she stands up to Roman without her weapon.
*** Roman demonstrates a lot more creativity with his weapon in this fight than anywhere else. In one instance he slams Melodic Cudgel into the ground, and fires a round. This launches the cane square into Ruby's head and bounces it back into Roman's hand who doesn't miss a beat and fires another round right into her while her guard's down. Later still, he shoots a round from Melodic Cudgel, ''grabs it by the cane's handle'', and uses it to create a wave of fire to counter Ruby's zipping in multiple directions with her Semblance. Talk about SuperReflexes. It also illustrates how much more dangerous he's become since his first appearance; rather than attempting to escape, he's completely on the offensive (although, to be fair, there isn't anywhere to escape to this time).
*** Some attention needs to be paid to Ruby vs Neo in particular. Neo holding her own against Yang is expected, with the other's powerful but short-range combat prowess. But holding her own against Ruby is ten times more awesome--what makes Ruby such a great combatant is that it's impossible to get near her without being in imminent danger of that massive scythe, and Neo knows this. But it's also for this that Ruby ''does'' deserve some credit for keeping Neo back. When Ruby's actually attacking, Neo's entirely on the defensive, not taking any hits but unable to get in close and land hits of her own. It's only when Ruby's been distracted by Roman and is getting up from the previous assault that Neo goes in and disarms her.
** Also, Ruby single-handedly stopping the ship by stomping the giant griffin through the hull, just after it ate Roman. By doing this, she shuts down all of the rogue robots, saving countless lives and unknowingly saving her friends quite a bit of lethal trouble with another Paladin.
*** For extra bonus points, every time up to this that Ruby's been forced into unarmed combat, she's been heavily on the losing side of the fight. The fact that she managed to punt a griffin through the hull of the ship goes to show that she's no slouch even without her scythe. She might only be losing fights unarmed because other humans are better than her in terms of raw unarmed combat skill, whereas the more bestial grimm ''aren't''.
** Roman and Neo deserve a mention as well. Their teamwork is absolutely flawless. At one point Neo sends one of her illusions on to distract Ruby while she circles around and Roman is so in tune with her that he doesn't even flinch when Ruby shoots at Illusion!Neo but waits until it shatters and sends Ruby flying. The only reasons they lost were because, yes Neo, a parasol on top of an airship [[RealityEnsues is a bad idea]] and that Roman had let his guard down in a sky full of Grimm.
*** And the kicker? Roman's entire RoaringRampageOfRevenge is sparked by Neo's possible death. Which makes it something of an evil [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming heartwarming moment]] that he's doing this for HER. Puts his KarmicDeath in a whole new light, doesn't it?
* Though he may be a prejudiced brute, Cardin taking out an ''Ursa Major'' with one swing of his [[CarryABigStick mace]] shows he's improved a bit since cowering from one in Volume 1.
* We see Ironwood's survival when he walks into battle calmly shooting down his own rogue robots. Not only that, but the reveal that not just his right arm (as theorized by much of the fandom), but the entire right side of his body from the neck down is robotic.
* Qrow finally unveiling his scythe and using it to save Ironwood from a Griffon.
* Adam shows just why the White Fang listens to him as he effortlessly defeats Blake and then cripples an enraged, powered-up Yang by cutting off her arm mid-punch with a single strike moments later.
* [[TheChessmaster Cinder]] succeeds in yet another major goal of her plan, [[spoiler: killing Amber and becoming the Fall Maiden]].
* Even after Blake gets stabbed in the abdomen, she manages to not only run while carrying an injured Yang over her shoulder [[note]] For the record, Yang is 5'7 inches/1.73 meters tall, and given her physique, her body weight is probably somewhere between 150-165 pounds or 68-75 kilograms... although she probably weighed a little less sans one arm.[[/note]], but creates the advanced illusions to trick Adam so they can escape.. To say she's tough would be an understatement.
** Not only that, but she also manages to recover her own weapon.
* Ozpin standing off against Cinder, after she has attained the full power of the Fall Maiden.
* While we've seen some of what a full-fledged adult Huntsman/Huntress is capable of, there are a few subtle instances that make it even more apparent.
** Ironwood is half robot. That means at some point, he survived losing half his body before being treated. Also, he survived his robots turning on him. Which means he either killed an entire dropship full of Atlas robots before they could react, or he survived being inside of an exploding airship. Or both.
** [[MeaningfulBackgroundEvent Looking closely]] at the airship crash in the previous episode shows a lot of gunfire flashing in the cockpit. He was fighting them off the whole way down.
** Qrow takes a Huntsman's usual SuperSpeed and SuperReflexes UpToEleven. When he uses his scythe to save Ironwood, the scene goes into slow-motion. Qrow then bifurcates the Grimm so fast the viewer can barely see the movement, ''while still in slow-mo''.
*** He didn't even cut the whole thing in half, his scythe only reached the Griffon's flank. The rest of the bisection was accomplished with RazorWind.


[[folder: End of the Beginning ]]

* We finally get to see Ozpin in action, and it's glorious. Even though he's facing the full power of the Fall Maiden, he puts up the best fight against Cinder yet, matching her speed for speed and blow for blow. It apparently doesn't end in his favor, but he stood a better chance than anyone else did previously. Yes, the fight may have been short, but they made every second count.
** Ozpin demonstrates [[UpToEleven superhuman speed, even by this series standards]], [[https://45.media.tumblr.com/0d1f7364a122411baf013fc24ffb288b/tumblr_o2hy2fy6Ux1tjtzvlo6_400.gif calmly shattering a huge barrage of glass shards Cinder throws at him. We barely even see him move, he just flickers between positions almost instantly]]. And then he strikes back at Cinder at the same speed, and gets in what seems like ''hundreds'' of blows before she can even react. It needs to be seen to be believed.
* Pyrrha finally growing a spine and confessing her feelings to Jaune through a BigDamnKiss. It's both a RelationshipUpgrade and a damn good reason for Arkos shippers to celebrate [[spoiler:[[TearJerker (for the time being)]]]].
* Pyrrha using her Semblance to move the Tower's elevator upwards to the top of the building so she could fight Cinder.
** The Grimm Dragon coming to Cinder's rescue backfires horribly, as Pyrrha can now wham on Cinder with the massive gears from the clock tower, after knocking her off guard by taking her legs out from under her with her shield. Seeing the usually implacable Cinder beaten around with giant gears is nothing short of awesome.
** Pyrrha's actual skill level needs to be commented on. Cinder may have the full power of the Fall Maiden at her disposal, but Pyrrha's had years and years of training and practice controlling her magnetic power with subtlety and skill in combination with her formidable physical prowess. She gets the drop on Cinder twice not without overt power, but with intuition, creativity, quick reflexes, and powerful strikes, even with Cinder hurling waves of fire at her.
** Pyrrha ''striking Cinder's arrow mid-air with her shield''. Now, to reiterate, she did this '''without her Semblance'''. Unlike Maiden's powers, Semblances are a direct extension of Aura and can't be used without it. So since Pyrrha's Aura was already drained, that means she struck down an arrow flying at her with nothing but her own skill.
* Cinder using both brute force and precision strikes to overwhelm Pyrrha, from blocking every attack with her bare hands and blasting her way through and out of Pyrrha's polarity attacks, to shattering Miló with sheer heat while keeping Pyrrha from choking her. Finally, when Pyrrha attempts one final shield toss when her aura is depleted, Cinder stopping the shield with an arrow, before using her powers to shatter said arrow, move the fragments around the shield, and then reform it to continue its course- straight into Pyrrha's ankle. She then puts an arrow straight through Pyrrha's chest and seemingly vaporises her. Keep in mind, this is ''after'' she fights against Ozpin. Yes, Cinder defeated two of the most powerful characters shown yet in the series back-to-back by herself and didn't even have her aura break.
** The fact that Cinder only used regular flames and hand-to-hand combat. Her massive flames, [[DeathOfAThousandCuts waves of projectiles]], inhuman speed and weapons are all missing here. Cinder wasn't giving her best in that fight. Either because she was tired from her fight against Ozpin or because [[JustToyingWithThem she never considered Pyrrha a threat]].
** Cinder's extremely badass slow-motion dodge of Pyrrha's sword, which is what started the fight. Her face just reads "effortlessness".
* Pyrrha's last words facing Cinder certainly qualify, both as a call back and for being defiant to the end. And for a few moments Cinder seems almost surprised by them.
-->'''Pyrrha:''' Do you believe in destiny?
** It's easy to miss, but right after Ruby arrives and right before Cinder shoots her Pyrrha calmly closes her eyes and waits, [[FaceDeathWithDignity perfectly serene in the face of her death]]. It doesn't last when the arrow pierces her, obviously, but that was an involuntary response. After all that happened to her this volume, she went out with grace.
* Cinder's OhCrap face as everything goes white is nothing but satisfying. Doubly so thanks to this being the first time she's really lost her cool. After months, possibly years of planning, it's the same simple, honest soul who got in her way at the beginning who now undoes her plan at the end.
-->'''[[BigWhat WHAT?!]]'''
* Oobleck and Port did indeed survive, and are organizing an evacuation to a safer spot in Vale.
** Not only did they survive holding off the Griffons, but the two of them look like they haven't even been touched, nor are they worn out in the least. Compare to how almost everyone else is either critically injured or just too worn out to do anything more. Easy to see how these two ended up as teachers.
* Ren, Nora, Blake, and Yang are all injured. Sun is the only one nearby to guard them, and his team is nowhere to be seen. Blake can't even stand, but her wounds and Yang's are both bandaged. Did Sun get them back past all the Grimm himself?
* Upon seeing Pyrrha's death, Ruby [[SayMyName screams out her friend's name]] [[RoaringRampageOfRevenge at the top of her lungs]] and manifests her Silver-Eyed Warrior's power for the first time. We later learn that the Grimm Dragon was frozen as a result as well as that Ruby's mother, Summer, also possessed this power.
** Based on what Qrow says, the Silver-Eyed Warriors predate Huntsmen and the kingdoms. The ''Grimm themselves'' feared them, which seems to put this power on par with that of the Seasonal Maidens. Amber might have been strong with her Fall Maiden powers, but she was overwhelmed by three people, while Ruby pretty much one-shot the Grimm Dragon. And Ruby had never even heard of the Silver-Eyed Warrior legend, much less the fact that both she and her mother had the power itself; she only unlocked this power after seeing a close friend get shot and then turned to ash right in front of her. If Pyrrha hadn't gone back to fight Cinder and Cinder hadn't gone so far as to kill Pyrrha in such a brutal fashion, then it's likely Ruby's power would've remained dormant. So ''[[NiceJobFixingItVillain it's completely Cinder's fault that Ruby awakened a power that rivals her own and threw a wrench in the whole plan]].'' Pyrrha's death wasn't for nothing.
* Qrow making it out of the school with an unconscious Ruby means he couldn't use his shapeshifting Semblance to fly his way out. [[OffscreenMomentOfAwesome He had to make it through waves of creatures of Grimm while keeping her safe.]]
* Ruby had some heavy shit thrown at her in a very short space of time. Her sister Yang was framed for attacking a downed opponent and was later mutilated. Her friend Pyrrha was tricked into killing Penny, another friend. The school was overrun by a tidal wave of Grimm. Ruby herself fought for her life on an airship, watched a man get ''eaten alive'', and despite her best efforts, arrived moments too late to prevent Pyrrha's death. Qrow then lays some blunt information on her, telling her that she possesses a strange power, and also that Ozpin is missing and now Qrow himself has to pick up where Ozpin left off. Ruby's response to all of this is to say: "And what can I do? If I'm so special, then I can help!" Ladies and gentlemen, '''this''' is our heroine. Knock her down as hard as you like; ''she will get back up''.
* The narrator closing off the episode... and then her speech takes a dark turn as she reveals herself to have been a key character all along. Then we get to ''see'' her: she has a strange, inhuman appearance, and is standing in a mysterious land of fog and crystals. She delivers some chilling last words:
-->'''Salem:''' This is the beginning of the end, Ozpin. And I can't ''wait'' to watch you burn.
** Also who voices this mysterious narrator? Jen Taylor, Cortana herself. The fact that Creator/RoosterTeeth managed to get such a prolific voice actress since the very beginning of the series before it became as big as it is now is a CrowningMomentOfAwesome.
** Also in TheStinger we learn that Qrow has the power of VoluntaryShapeshifting.
* Props must be given to the animators: "The End of the Beginning" is the longest RWBY episode yet, clocking in at 28 minutes and 5 seconds.
** Even better; the crew confirmed on the season finale hype marathon stream that they were working down to the wire to get the season finished, sending out the finished project to the dvd/blu-ray production companies ''that very morning''. It really goes to show how hard the team has to work to get each episode out there, much less an extra-long season finale.

[[folder:Volume 4]]
[[caption-width-right:350:''[[TakeThat I will not surrender]]; [[PunctuatedForEmphasis this life. is. MINE!]]'']]
* While the fandom was very positive about the new outfits that Ruby, Blake, and Weiss were sporting in the promotional material for Volume 4, the reaction to [[https://twitter.com/RoosterTeeth/status/781508877758009345 Yang's outfit]] was overwhelming enthusiasm. After being put through the wringer throughout Volume 3, [[HesBack Yang is back and ready to wreck someone.]]
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0WeiG2-HRQ The first trailer for Volume 4]]. Both Ruby and the Grimm she fights have [[TookALevelInBadass taken several levels in badass]], plus an AnimationBump to show it off. Oh boy, where do we start.
** Ruby rides in to a flaming village, on the back of a giant Nevermore. Not only that but, to dismount, she ''rips its wing off'' with her weapon.
** To emphasize her development, Ruby used to need to shoot [[SinisterScythe Crescent Rose]] to gain enough power to slice through an unarmored Beowolf. Here, however, she slices through them like nobody's business. However, this may be [[JustifiedTrope justified]]. Since RNJR has been exploring for over six months, they likely don't have easy access to Dust.
** Ruby fighting an enormous, previously unseen Grimm called the Beringel. She wins.
** Ruby has become so fast with her Semblance, that she can split in to three pieces, spring in to the air, and ''create tornadoes''.
** Remember how it took all of Team RWBY working together to take down one [[BossInMooksClothing Nevermore]]? Well, Ruby is now able to OffhandBackhand two over the course of the fight, and she barely even acknowledged the second one.
* The AnimationBump caused by switching from Poser to Maya, and the improvements it opened up. From the lighting effects seen on the Grimm in the Character Short, to things like Sun's necklace is no longer glued to his chest, and Blake's ears move and help show expression.


[[folder: The Next Step ]]

* In an understated way, Salem's scene at the episode's beginning. Without actually displaying her powers, it establishes just how terrifying and dangerous she is. Her entrance alone has even LaughingMad Tyrian immediately rising to attention in silent deference. Despite perfect serenity and an [[AffablyEvil affable tone]], she radiates regal authority and an eldritch menace, underscored by a ''chilling'' [[OminousMusicBoxTune music box]] version of her {{Leitmotif}}, "Divide".
* A belated one from Volume 3: [[spoiler:Ruby unleashing her powers for the first time ''wrecked'' Cinder: possibly missing an eye, a scar over said eye and it physically hurts to talk. [[LaserGuidedKarma In fact, given her scar almost exactly mirrors the one she inflicted on Amber in her first murder attempt, the result is almost karmic]]]]
* Special mention goes to Josh Grelle's ''chilling'' performance as [[AxCrazy Tyr]][[LaughingMad ian]].
* Salem reveals that Tyrian is hunting the Spring Maiden by himself. Fall Maiden Amber needed Cinder and ''both'' of her cohorts to be taken down.
* In the fight against the Geist, the members of Team RNJR have all clearly [[TookALevelInBadass taken levels in badass]].
** It's unclear whether Ruby really knows what her "Silver-Eyed Warrior" powers can do, but certainly she's gotten a lot more powerful. For starters, her Semblance is revealed to not be just speed, but ''flight''. Or at least, [[NotQuiteFlight mid-air movement]].
** Nora has apparently received a large upgrade in the intervening months. Magnhild is now able to create an electrical discharge on its own.
** Ren is nimbler than ever, pulling off acrobatics that would make [[Franchise/AssassinsCreed Altaïr]] proud. Or, as the comments put it, he's not getting constantly knocked around anymore.
** Even Jaune is doing noticeably better, despite not actually fighting. He takes several hits that would probably have killed him before, and is able to identify and counter the Geist's abilities within minutes.


[[folder: Remembrance ]]

* A subtle one for the slain Huntsman. His wound was obviously human-inflicted, which means that he was fatally injured by the bandits when they attacked. But the Grimm who invaded the town did so after the bandit raid. The fact that there's no Grimm in the village and he's still alive means that, after taking a lethal injury, the Huntsman still managed to [[LastStand kill every single one of the Grimm attacking the town.]] [[DyingMomentOfAwesome He might not have been able to save the village, but]] [[Film/TheAvengers2012 he damn well avenged it.]]
* A small moment, but it seems that Weiss now sees through her father's manipulation. When she asks if he's "''asking'' her if she wants to sing or ''telling'' her", it shows that she has grown from her experience at Beacon. Doubles as a TearJerker, since she caves in to his demands.
* Given the song she sings and her reactions at the party, it's very likely she did it out of a genuine desire to, as her father said, "Make a lot of people happy".

** Equally small (and earlier), but Ironwood does much the same thing in regards to Jacques, reminding him that there are other points-of-views equally-important to - and even more than - his own.
--->'''Ironwood:''' You forget [that] I hold two seats on the council.\\
'''Ironwood:''' So this ''is'' about ''you''.
* Jaune showing the results of his training over the past months. He's become so physically strong and skilled with his sword that his swings create {{Razor Wind}}s.


[[folder: Of Runaways And Stowaways ]]

* The entire battle against the drake-like Grimm: from Blake's skillful use of her clones, to Sun making his grand debut in Volume 4 by saving Blake, to their teamwork in taking down the Grimm, to the Grimm's wing reveal and BreathWeapon, to the Grimm finally dying by being point-blank blasted in half by the ship's biggest cannon... AFTER being speared prow-first by the ship itself.
** The ship's [[BadassNormal captain]]. As far as we know, he doesn't have any Semblance or special abilities. What he does have is a loyal crew, a CoolShip, and a lot of determination.
* Minor, yet Sun has improved his [[MesACrowd Semblance from 2 to 3 clones]] - and moreover, seeming has them able to last a bit longer, actually able to take a hit (or give a leg-up) instead of instantly 'exploding' upon contact with anything real.
* The Captain addressing Blake and Sun as "Huntsmen" in the middle of the battle. It's a recognition that they aren't cadets anymore, but qualified adults in their own right.
* The execution of the entire battle is actually quite brilliant. While Blake and Sun are leaping around and fighting the sea-dragon, the entire battle still takes issues like gravity, momentum, and propulsion into account. Blake bounces and kicks off both her and Sun's clones to reach the heights she needs, and she uses her ribbon's elastic nature to propel her through the air more quickly than her legs would allow. Conservation of momentum is maintained when Sun first jumps at the dragon, as he keeps flying upward from his leap even after he releases his clones. When Sun catches Blake, the impact on the ground is enough to crater the rock around them. Even when Blake is dropping down toward the sea-dragon, the maneuvers she uses to dodge the beams from its breath weapon are identical to how skydivers maneuver and change direction in mid-air.


[[folder: Family ]]

* Ozpin is alive...somehow.
* Team RNJR have noticed a distinct lack of Grimm on their journey, and put it down to luck. Cut to Qrow nearby stabbing a Beowolf. Turns out, he's the reason RNJR have been having so little trouble. And then we see just how ''many'' Grimm he's killed recently.
-->'''Qrow:''' Huh, luck...
* Qrow's barbed speech to Raven over her treatment of Yang doubtlessly got a cheer out of a lot of viewers.
* On the opposite end of that spectrum, Taiyang's small speech to Yang is this for him actually leaving Yang speechless as well as showing just how good of a dad he is.
* Yang putting on the robotic arm. You go girl!


[[folder: Menagerie ]]

* Blake and Sun telling Blake's father about the White Fang's role in the fall of Beacon, right in front of two representatives and his {{tranquil fury}} upon learning the news.
* Blake, this entire time, was essentially a princess.
* In a way, the existence of Menagerie. The island itself is essentially the {{fantasy counterpart| culture}} to [[LandDownunder Australia]]. Not only is it two thirds desert, the wildlife are apparently ''even more'' dangerous than elsewhere. And given [[DeathWorld what type of world]] Remnant is...


[[folder: Tipping Point ]]

* Weiss' song during the charity event is one not-so-subtle "fuck you" to her father and indicative that her royal test is about to reach its breaking point. A song saying that her life is hers and that not his money or his influence have any hold of her anymore.
* Weiss [[ShamingTheMob telling off all the elite party-goers]] for their arrogance and lack of genuine concern for Vale was an extremely satisfying sight (though it doesn't seem to get through to them), as well as her being able to fully summon Grimm that she's killed before, like a Boarbatusk.
--->'''Weiss''': You don't have a clue! None of you do!\\
'''Trophy Wife''': Excuse me?!\\
'''Weiss''': You're all just standing around talking about nothing! Worrying about your hair, your money, your stupid problems that don't mean '''''ANYTHING'''''!
** Weiss's Boarbatusk goes out of control and tries to attack one of the guests that she was arguing with, only for Ironwood to blast it out of the air. When the guest accuses Weiss of [[YoureInsane going mad]] and demands she be arrested, he bluntly tells her (along with everyone else in the room) off, before casually walking out of the party.
--->'''Ironwood''': ''She's'' [[OnlySaneMan the only one making sense]] around here. [[SarcasmMode Thanks for the party, Jacques.]]
** Ironwood's single line is also awesome in the fact that it was ''his'' defense the lady was making fun of.
* As in Volume 1 Ren has shown his ability to apparently sense his enemies. Only back then the King Taijitu was right behind him, whereas Tyrian was still quite a ways off. It shows how much he's improved AND what an extremely useful skill it is to have. Just imagine how bad things could've gotten if Team RNJR ''hadn't'' been prepared for a fight.
** Even the moment of mobilization is pretty cool: As soon as Ren puts his hand on his weapon, the other three prepare theirs.
** A excellent piece of FridgeBrilliance kicks in with this after the finale. In that episode, Ren touches the ground and [[spoiler:casts his tranquility cloak Semblance]] to Jaune and Qrow. Given how [[spoiler:it works by calming emotions]], it's clear that Ren's Semblance gave him the passive ability to [[spoiler:detect a creature's emotions through the ground]], whether they be Grimm or not. It's also why he was able to [[spoiler:spot the Nuckelavee's arrival]] before it was so much as heard, let alone seen, by the rest of team RNJR at the end of ''Taking Control''.
* Villainous example: Tyrian wiping the floor with RNJR, until Ruby charges Nora with an electric shot. Though it initially looks like one strike should be enough to send this madman scurrying, if not outright dead, the dust clears and we see him effortlessly blocking Nora's super-charged strike with a stinger. He's revealed as a scorpion faunus and proceeds to utterly obliterate the team in a terrifying display of speed, agility, and power with all five of his limbs. Had Qrow not intervened, things would have ended right then and there.
** A big complaint with Volume 3's ending was that Pyrrha's death at the hands of Cinder and Ruby's Silver Eyes meant that skill meant nothing in RWBY anymore. Here, Tyrian completely disproves that. Since he is neither a Grimm nor a Maiden, he cannot be affected by the Silver Eyes, making Ruby no more to him than a Huntress-in-Training. And to show how little that means, he utterly thrashes team RNJR by himself. To repeat, he beat three of the strongest Hunters at Beacon (and Jaune) whose skills have improved greatly since Volume 3 and Nora even received a power boost from her Semblance. Tyrian was outnumbered and under-powered and not only did he win but he won effortlessly.
** The moment when Ruby charges Nora with an electric shot. At first, it looks like Ruby fired a shot intended for Tyrian which he ''just barely'' dodged that hit an oblivious Nora instead. Tyrian laughs maniacally and triumphantly, calling the situation ironic and thinking he got out lucky. However, we see Nora wreathed with lightning standing behind him as Tyrian slowly realizes what's just happened. The badass smirk Nora does before charging forward is the icing on the cake.
** Qrow [[BigDamnHeroes dropping in at the last second to save the day]]. Right when it looks like Tyrian is going to [[EyeScream take out Ruby's eye]] with his stinger, all of a sudden Qrow swoops in, sword in hand, and blocks the strike with his back turned toward Tyrian, in an echo of how he casually blocked Winter's attacks during their duel in Volume 3.


[[folder: World of Remnant: Schnee Dust Company ]]

* Weiss's grandfather, Nicholas Schnee, was a true RenaissanceMan. He studied in combat school, worked in his father's dust mine, and learned "everything he didn't know" in the spare time he had. When he inherited everything his father owned, Nicholas led an expedition into an untapped dust vein that saved Atlas from dependence on the other kingdoms for resources. He ''personally'' led every business venture for his company with his huntsman training to ensure his team's success and wellbeing.


[[folder: Punished ]]

* Even though the rest of her situation is hopeless, Weiss manages to retain Myrtenaster. This means that she will definitely return to the field.
** While the consequences are severe, Weiss hits Jacques where it hurts by telling him the Schnee name is her legacy, not his, because she was born a Schnee while he married into it.
* Tyrian is an awesome villain, but none of the other villains in the series are as athletic and as flexible as him. The guy can jump in the air and do a 180 split, with his ability to fight Qrow head-on also commendable.
* The whole fight sequence between Qrow and Tyrian is ''easily'' the best one this season.
** Special mention has to be made of when Tyrian manages to disarm Qrow, his response is to simply start ''beating the shit out of Tyrian with his bare hands'' before casually walking over to retrieve his sword. The best part is how Tyrian is completely taken off-guard by it and has no real defense.
** Yet another villainous one for Tyrian when Ruby tries to snipe him from afar, he simply ''[[OffhandBackhand blocks all her shots without looking in her direction]]'', all with a smile on his face.
** Worth noting is that Tyrian managed to break Qrow's Aura... and Qrow kept fighting without missing a beat.
** Qrow also broke Tyrian's Aura, allowing Ruby to cripple him (as explained below).
** Qrow tricks Tyrian into jumping onto a cracked roof beam, causing him to fall into the house. Tyrian promptly turns the tables right back by dragging Qrow down with him.
** When Qrow was sent bouncing out of the collapsing building by Tyrian, he makes a ''awesome'' comeback by throwing his weapon which lands with its blade in the ground, using it to stop his momentum and then perch himself on top of it in a badass pose.
** Also worth noting that Qrow didn't bring his scythe out during the fight, he fought Tyrian to a stand still without using the weapon he specializes in.
** A subtle one, but during most of the fight, neither Qrow nor Tyrian can land a blow on each other, until Tyrian gets Qrow's sword. Despite this, by the time Qrow bursts through the wall, Tyrian's managed to destroy his aura in an incredibly short amount of time. Faster than it took for him to knock Ruby's out.

* Ruby inflicts a ''[[GameBreakingInjury devastating]]'' handicap on Tyrian, by means of slicing off his tail.
** Of particular note is how exactly she did it. Tyrian gets in a wound with his stinger while Qrow is distracted saving Ruby. While allies are caught in a state of shock and Tyrian is grinning about his victory, Ruby calmly and reflexively puts her blade around his tail and pulls the trigger. Yang's been shown to be capable of serious brutality when angered; Ruby can do it without so much as a growl.
** This is also the second time Ruby takes a body part from Salem's group: Cinder's eye and Tyrian's tail.
** Some people have pointed out that a scorpion's tail is directly connected to their anus. If this holds true for Tyrian, then Ruby literally cut him a new one. OUCH!


[[folder: A Much Needed Talk ]]

* The reveal that Amber was inexperienced makes two moments more awesome in hindsight. 1) Amber was able to fight Cinder and co. for quite a while even though she was inexperienced. 2) The Spring Maiden which Tyrian was hunting is most likely experienced, and he was still hunting her ''alone''.
* The entire CreationStory of Remnant, told in simple yet gorgeous animation and giving a whole new perspective on everything we've seen so far.
* Although the result is horrifying, you ''have'' to give credit to a God of Destruction managing to ''create'' something.
* Ghira acknowledges Blake's leaving the White Fang and setting herself back on the right path as her crowning moment of awesome, noting that few would have the courage to do the same. In light of knowing that Blake's relationship with Adam was an abusive one, and knowing that the White Fang would likely come after her for revenge, Blake having the moral strength to do what she felt was right and try to face her own problems really is awesome.
* Sun's love for (and sense of protective duty towards) Blake qualifies. Even after she slaps him around for his bad timing, throws away his scroll, and generally acts coldly towards him, he still runs after her when she unwisely decides to chase a White Fang scout. And even though her parents aren't much better at tolerating him, Sun still has the presence of mind to warn Kali about the Fang's activities and promise to bring Blake back to her.


[[folder: Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back ]]

* The first scene shows something the fandom have been waiting for since the end of Volume Three: Yang is back on her feet and training to fight again!
** The fight has a few minor but important moments of awesome: Yang blowing back her father, Taiyang tripping her up and Yang then doing the same.
** Taiyang's deconstruction of Yang's reliance on her Semblance and his advice to his daughter is both this and a CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming: The man knows how to help his child.
* Weiss manages to ''completely'' summon the Knight. You go, girl! And it kneels before her. This one is completely under her command, unlike the wild summoning at the party. Weiss' smile as Klein comes in to see what happened sells it, as if she'd just acquired exactly what she needed.
* Weiss glyphing the door shut on Whitley.
* The chase scene between Blake, Sun and the White Fang spy Ilia has Sun pinning the spy down with a dogpile of ''four'' of his own Semblance clones. Not bad for such a trickster.


[[folder: World of Remnant: The Great War ]]

* The alliance between Mantle and Mistral was so powerful they were able to settle all of Anima and even part of Sanus safely. They also almost defeated Vale and Vacuo.
* The invasion of Vacuo failed because the [[RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething King of Vale]] during the Great War personally led the defense force at Vacuo. Nobody knows exactly what happened, but apparently he was so awe-inspiring some historians have attributed his actions to ''freak storms'', and by the end of the battle the rulers of the other Kingdoms were prepared to let him rule the entire world. Even better, he refused and opted to found the Huntsman Academies.


[[folder: Kuroyuri ]]

* The first thing we see is [[spoiler:Oscar walking to a train station to go to Mistral, having finally [[ResignedToTheCall resigned himself to Ozpin's direction]]]]. After being refused a ticket for lack of lien, [[spoiler:Oscar is told to be on his guard by Ozpin]]. The camera pans around to show [[spoiler:Hazel]] walking up behind him. As terrifying as it is to know he's there, he doesn't know [[spoiler:Oscar]] and doesn't realize he's just steps away from Salem's opponent. He thinks he's just some kid unable to pay for a ticket. So what does he do? [[PercussiveMaintenance Punches the machine]] so that a ticket flies out and gives him advice on overcoming obstacles.
** There's also an alternative way of looking at this; perhaps [[spoiler:Hazel]] ''did'' recognise [[spoiler:Ozpin's vessel]], but had earlier [[spoiler:been defied off-screen by Sienna Khan when meeting with him on Salem's orders]], and he therefore decided to cut his losses and throw a spanner in the works while running away. With the revelation next episode that [[spoiler:Adam plans to overthrow Khan before destroying Haven Academy]], this theory has gained some traction ...
* [[spoiler:Ren's father's [[DyingMomentOfAwesome death]]: fending off a Nuckelavee Grimm with a bow and arrow. Although we know his attempts were futile, you have to admire his bravery [[PapaWolf and his willingness to protect his son]].]]
** [[spoiler:To his credit, at least one of his arrows found its mark since we find it years later in the Nuckelavee's den.]]
* After nearly four volumes of speculation, the audience ''finally'' learns Ren's Semblance; [[spoiler:the ability to hide himself and those he chooses from the Grimm]]. This not only explains how he and Nora [[spoiler:survived in the lead up to their arrival at Beacon]], but it provides much more hope for their survival without Ruby or Jaune around in the present day.
* Consider [[spoiler:young Ren's situation for a moment]]. [[spoiler:His hometown attacked and destroyed, his parents dead in the chaos and now all alone. And yet, he finds the courage to run over to little Nora while Nevermores are flying in the sky, and one having just landed on top of the building Nora was hiding under, who could easily fly down and swallow him whole, and both protect and comfort her. Is it any wonder why Nora is in love with him, and likely has been since that very moment?]]


[[folder: Taking Control ]]

* Cinder [[spoiler:wipes the floor with some Grimm with her newfound powers and even kills the very same Grimm that Ruby had a hard time fighting in her Volume 4 trailer in one shot. And according to Salem, that's her ''holding back''.]]
* Tyrian [[spoiler: is still plenty dangerous without his stinger, even in the middle of a full-blown VillainousBreakdown. Just ask that poor Beowulf. Oh wait, you can't, because he BUTCHERED it.]]
* With Klein's assistance, Weiss [[spoiler:has escaped the mansion]], and is on the way to [[spoiler:Mistral, acting on Ironwood's information by finding Winter]].
** Speaking of, [[spoiler:Ironwood ''finally'' puts Jacques in his place by closing all borders on Atlas and forbidding people from leaving or entering without the Council's approval, effective in the following week. Since Ironwood owns ''two'' seats at said council, that basically means Jacques has to get on Ironwood's good side and ''stay'' on it in order to actually conduct his business now. And considering [[TheSociopath what kind of person]] Jacques is, it's going to be difficult at best. In short, he's now going through what he put Weiss through.]] LaserGuidedKarma at it's finest.
*** It's also one for the people of Atlas. [[spoiler:They're {{ungrateful bastard}}s who pretty much created a social bubble to hide in while the rest of Remnant suffers, even laughing at their misfortune as seen with the trophy wife. Ironwood pretty much enforces said bubble by turning it into a GildedCage.]]
** A subtle one, but when Weiss [[spoiler:bars the office door with a black glyph]], it managed to [[spoiler:hold out on Ironwood's PercussiveMaintenance long enough for Weiss to enter the library before Ironwood and Jacques broke out]]. That's an encouraging sign for her skill set going into [[spoiler:an unsafe Mistral]].
* Yang paints her arm to match her outfit, gets ready to [[spoiler:leave on Bumblebee and (as we later learn) is hellbent on finding Ruby in Mistral]].
* Sun [[spoiler:has managed to recover somewhat from his wound]]. Given how close he came to dying ''instantly'' last time we saw him, that's impressive.
** When Blake rants again about how she "needs" to keep her friends distant to avoid Adam's wrath, Sun shows a ''huge'' amount of backbone and calls Blake out for alienating those same friends, even stating outright that he'd get injured all over again if it meant protecting her. And Blake, for once, listens to Sun's words and reconciles with him.
-->'''Sun:''' You think you're being selfless, but you're not. Yeah, that chameleon friend of yours got me pretty good, [[ThePowerOfFriendship but I'd do it all again if it meant protecting you]]. And I could promise Yang would say the same. You get to make your own choices, sure. But you don't get to make ours. When your friends fight for you, [[TrueCompanions it's because we want to]]. So STOP pushing us out! [[YouAreNotAlone It hurts more than anything the bad guys could ever do to us]].
** And when Ghira tells her about [[spoiler:Adam's plot to overthrow Sienna Khan and destroy Haven]], Sun talks about [[spoiler:destroying the White Fang.]] Blake will have none of that, and instead [[spoiler:vows to take the White Fang ''[[HeelFaceTurn back]]''.]]
*** A subtle one; when Ghira and Kali enter the office, Kali mentions that Ghira wanted to talk to both Blake and Sun. The first thing we hear Ghira say is "I'm afraid you were right to be suspicious." and we see him turning his head towards Blake after she asks why. That means that he was acknowledging that Sun was right about the Albain brothers, and indirectly apologising for mistrusting him.
*** A small one for the villains; the Albain twins were [[spoiler:''actually'' telling the truth when they called Adam a renegade]]. [[spoiler:This made their false loyalty to Sienna Khan even harder to detect]]. Of course, [[spoiler:it's pretty likely that Ilia's scroll spilled the beans to the Belladonnas and Sun about the Albain's allegiances]].
* And then there's Ren. What does he do after spotting the Nuckleavee moving for Kuroyuri? [[spoiler:He puts his well-founded fears aside and runs to Ruby and Jaune's aid with Nora alongside him]], and the pair managed to ''outrun the Nuckelavee'' by almost a minute. Also, the sight of Team RNJR [[spoiler:reuniting at full fighting strength]] qualifies. [[OhCrap Heaven knows they'll need it]] ...


[[folder: No Safe Haven ]]

* The fight between RNJR and the Nuckelavee. It's the first fight they've been in since the one with Tyrian and it's worth the wait.
** Ren using his semblance to [[spoiler: mask Jaune and Qrow from the Grimm so they can get Qrow out of the line of fire.]]
** Two for Jaune, the first for [[spoiler: unveiling Crocea Mors' new two-handed form]] and using it to deliver massive damage on the Nuckelavee, forcing it to get serious. And the second for stopping the Nuckelavee's charge dead, even though the creature is enormous. That must've taken a ''lot'' of physical strength; clearly, he's come a long way from the boy who faked his way into Beacon.
*** And another very subtle for Jaune. Back then he nearly vomited all over the airship, earning him an EmbarrassingNickname. Now, him casually standing by the open hatch of a moving airship and admiring the view without even holding on anything shows that he got over his motion sickness completely.
** Nora's Aura is depleted, so she leaps off a tower and lets gravity do the work. All while giving a happy grin and laughing because despite the horror they're facing and the emotional trauma it's caused to her personally, she's about to ''seriously'' wreck its shit.
** How RNJR finally brings down the Nuckelavee. [[spoiler: Ruby and Jaune impale its arms, Nora smashes the horse head to immobilize it, and Ren cuts its arms and head off, [[AndThisIsFor listing off all the people it killed with each cut.]]]]
*** This also a Meta Awesome moment for Rooster Teeth. The Nuckelavee is meant to unnerve and scare the viewer with its inhuman, jerky movements, sheer strength and intelligence with its screeching sending chills down the viewer's spine. But as Team RNJR turn the tides, the Grimm becomes less and less scary. This comes to a point where Ren is ready to give the final blow and the Nuckelavee screeches again. This time, nothing is felt but triumph. All of this as accomplished without a single word, just visuals. Bravo.
** The Nuckelavee itself was so dangerous that Mistral's air patrols never got near the region it lived in, since no one could survive in the area. The fact that someone was ''actually fighting it'' was strange enough that they came to investigate.
** The Nuckelavee itself is incredibly powerful and awesomely terrifying. Between its mobility and the amount of reach and power in its arms, there's little doubt that it would have destroyed or at least driven off anyone short of Ozpin or a Maiden in a one-on-one fight. This was something that only a well-trained and coordinated team could have hoped to kill. No wonder that the region was left abandoned.
* Coco nonchalantly facing down a beowolf at the end of Season 2 is rightly considered awesome, but Ren easily tops it, coldly staring down the most hideous Grimm yet seen in the series, the creature that has killed countless people including his family and is responsible for annihilating multiple settlements, [[spoiler: as the abomination is screaming at ''deafening'' volume inches away from his face. And he takes it down, not with fancy or elaborate weapons, but with a simple knife his father gave him.]]
* Credit where credit is due, Salem continues to prove her cunning even in an episode without a single line of dialogue for her. [[spoiler: She's turned the Headmaster of Haven Academy to her side, a man well trusted by Ozpin and Qrow.]]
* The SurprisinglyHappyEnding. [[spoiler: Qrow is alive, and Oscar finds him and gets Ozpin's cane back,]] Weiss [[spoiler: is able to get on a ship out of Atlas ([[BittersweetEnding though she pretty much burned her bridges with both her family and Klein]] and [[YouCantGoHomeAgain Ironwood's strict policy will make it hard for her to return if she even feels like it]])]], Blake [[spoiler: is on her way to restore the White Fang to what it once was,]] and Yang [[spoiler: is on her way to meet Ruby, saying she's "in sooo much trouble" when they meet again.]]
** It's unclear whether Yang's parting words are directed towards her sister or her mother, but it's awesome either way.
* [[spoiler: Qrow giving Oscar Ozpin's cane.]]

[[folder:Volume 5]]

[[folder: Welcome to Haven ]]

* Once again, the animation quality has jumped upwards. And we get to see this in the first scene, where Qrow [[spoiler:takes team RNJR on the scenic route towards Haven Academy, capped by a ''stunning'' vista of the city of Mistral]].
* Qrow [[spoiler:managed to work out that the Spring Maiden teamed up with Raven, and the location of their main base]], whilst recovering from Tyrian's poison. It also counts as one for [[spoiler:Raven, having managed to gain many followers as a result of the Spring Maiden's recruitment]].
* Another bombshell got delivered about the [[spoiler:Maidens]]; they are [[spoiler:the only beings capable of opening the hidden chambers of the Relics (Winter for Creation, Spring for Knowledge, Summer for Destruction, and Fall for Choice)]]. That's right; they [[spoiler:are ''living, breathing links'' to the Two Brothers]].
* When the lecherous thug at the gas station tries to [[BerserkButton touch Yang's hair]], her response is to [[TranquilFury calmly]] punch him so hard that he bounces off the floor and ceiling and flies out of the building like a pinball.
* The opening sequence is likely the closest the series has gotten to full-blooded Japanese anime. The theme song, Triumph, adds to the awesome. Specific Highlights include:
** [[spoiler:Oscar wielding Ozpin's cane looking ready to start training.]]
** [[spoiler:Ren and Nora taking on Hazel, as he fights barehanded.]]
** [[spoiler:Blake swiftly maneuvering around Ilia's whip.]]
** [[spoiler:Yang having a Rematch with Mercury.]]
** [[spoiler:Weiss showing off the Arma Gigas in its original size, then riding it's ''sword''.]]
** [[spoiler:Team RWBY together again, charging at Salem.]]
** The lyrics hint that Team RWBY, after two volumes of failures and separations, are going to reunite and strike back against the villains.


[[folder: Dread in the Air ]]

* When Weiss [[spoiler:discovers a host of Lancer Grimm (wasp-like creatures with grappling-hook tails) chasing her ship through an archipelago of floating islands]], she and the pilot put up one ''hell'' of a fight. We get to see a ''marked'' improvement in [[spoiler:Weiss's ability to use glyphs]], some ''gorgeous'' shots of [[spoiler:aerial maneuvers and combat]], and Weiss pulling off [[spoiler:the best use of summoning ever seen ... which involved her Arma Gigas ghost replicating one of her signature fighting techniques to take out a Queen Lancer]].
* We get to see [[spoiler:Sienna Khan chew Adam Taurus out for his actions in the Battle of Beacon, along with her flat-out denying his goals for Haven and his involvement with Salem]].
* An especially evil example occurs when [[spoiler:Adam murders Sienna Khan and claims leadership of the White Fang]], with [[spoiler:Hazel calmly voicing his disapproval at Adam's actions]].
** It gives some tiny insight into Hazel's character; he didn't want anyone to die, which is odd when he works alongside people who have no qualms about killing. If this is his base personality, then he may be the only pacifistic member of an organization that seeks to bring ruin to the world.

* The music that's played [[http://rwby.wikia.com/wiki/RWBY_Soundtrack/Red_Like_Roses in]] [[http://rwby.wikia.com/wiki/RWBY_Soundtrack/Mirror_Mirror all]] [[http://rwby.wikia.com/wiki/RWBY_Soundtrack/From_Shadows four]] [[http://rwby.wikia.com/wiki/RWBY_Soundtrack/I_Burn trailers]] has been ''[[SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic absolutely gorgeous.]]''
* In a situation of ImprobableAge, most new fans of the series are shocked when they discover that Casey Lee Williams(daughter of series composer Jeff Williams and lead singer for the RWBY soundtrack) is only 17 years old. Made even more jaw-dropping when you realize she was at most ''14 years old'' when she recorded "This Will Be The Day".
* During the premiere at RTX, everyone in the crowd gave the episode a standing ovation.
** All three screenings of the first episode played to a full house.
* Rooster Teeth held a contest for best RWBY poster. The resulting AwesomeArt has to be seen to be believed. Normally in a situation like this the admissions are subject to SturgeonsLaw, but in this instance it's a complete [[InvertedTrope inversion]] with most of the artwork being of the kind of quality that is only found in top ten's in other circles.
** And the results are in. Due to the massive number of awesome entries Rooster Teeth decided to do ten winners instead of the original five. [[http://roosterteeth.com/news/entry.php?id=2365856 Here are the winners.]] ([[http://imgur.com/a/fPjra imgur.com mirror]])
* Due to the influx of people clamoring to see the awesome episode 8, Creator/RoosterTeeth.com had to shut down. The influx was so much that THEY BROKE ROOSTER TEETH!!! Not the video but the whole site!
** Quite nearly occurred again for the Volume 3 finale. Over [[https://twitter.com/grufftech/status/698546984358051840 31Gb/s]].
* Episode 8 proved to be so awesome that it caused the series to rank #3 on Crunchyroll, ahead of ''Anime/{{Free}}'' and ''Manga/HunterXHunter'', on the day it was released.
** When ''Best Day Ever'' was released, this was repeated.
** A special mention to "Red Like Roses Part II", the song that plays when team RWBY takes out the Nevermore. Jeff received a huge outpouring of support on his page on Rooster Teeth's official website. However, he stated that the full version of the song was not complete and that it would not be fair to make people pay for it twice, since he wanted it to also be available on the RWBY CD, which he announced to be released in October. However, the outpouring of support [[http://roosterteeth.com/members/journal/entry.php?id=3081203 convinced him to announce that the version of the song heard in the episode would hit iTunes within the week, and that the full, completed version would be on the RWBY CD.]] Note that the demand for the song was ''not'' a group of trolls telling Jeff that he was stupid for not giving the music they wanted immediately: They were people who enjoyed his work, praised its quality, expressed a polite and reasonable level of disappointment upon hearing about the wait, and often ended their statements with even more praise.
* Episode 16 made it all the way to #2 on Crunchyroll. [[https://twitter.com/montyoum/status/399339799833632768/photo/1 Behold ye RWBY fans and rejoice!]]
* The RWBY soundtrack has taken the #2 spot on most purchased albums on iTunes for November two days after its release, and then made it to [[https://scontent-a-lga.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-frc3/s720x720/1467461_543762899040590_419841293_n.png #1]].
* The series is popular enough to have actual merchandise made by [[http://store.roosterteeth.com/products/rwby-ruby-action-figure Mcfarlane Toys.]]
** And now there will be figures from [[http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/menu.aspx?menu=3585&category=10364 Threezero]].
* Someone paid ''[[https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/lazer-team-by-rooster-teeth 5,000 dollars]]'' to make their [=OCs=] canon.
* RWBY is getting its own ''[[http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2014/07/04-1/rooster-teeth-making-rwby-video-game video game.]]''
** Even better, they hired someone who made a [[PromotedFanboy fan game]].
* Yang's Image song has the line "Kick my ass, I'm world class, I'm [[Franchise/DragonBall super saiyan]] now." ...her Semblance is to amp her power the more she gets hit. They were telling us all along.
* RWBY is going to be [[http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2014/08/15/video-warner-bros-to-release-rwby-in-japan marketed]] in Japan!!! Usually it's the other way round.
** What's even more amazing is the fact that ''{{WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender}}'' tried to get into Japan as well. It failed, ''massively.'' (The dub was never even aired.) With that, one would think no {{Animesque}} show could ever accomplish that if ''Avatar'' couldn't. RWBY [[BeyondTheImpossible did the impossible]] and succeeded.
* Lindsay, Kara, Arryn, and Barbara did the only logical thing they could for wardrobe at the RTX 2014 RWBY panel: [[http://youtu.be/jauy6qfN9uU?t=2m41s They came dressed as Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang!]]
-->"[[CallBack Nice combat skirts.]] They're legally required to wear this all the time now. It's part of the contract."
* On February 1st, 2015, RWBY was added to Netflix. Rooster Teeth's tweet about it [[https://twitter.com/roosterteeth/status/562013027655229442 here]]
* At RTX 2015, it was revealed they've gotten Creator/ElizabethMaxwell and Creator/VicMignogna as voice actors for the show (Winter Schnee and Qrow, respectively).
** A glance at the credits for the first episode of Volume 3 reveals that Creator/YuriLowenthal is going to be making an appearance, too, as TheOtherDarrin for Mercury. And they seem to keep flowing in, as now we have Creator/LauraBailey as the voice of Amber, along with Creator/TravisWillingham as the voice of the unnamed Altas ship captain in "PvP".
** For the fans at RTX, the RWBY panel was Friday morning and introduced Team ABRN along with images for Qrow and Winter. By Sunday morning, there were Qrow and ABRN cosplayers. They might not have had the weapons yet, but their costumes were fairly close in less than 48 hours.
* [[https://youtu.be/wfCKJlkdqKs?t=1163 Yang being announced to be the next fighter in]] ''WebAnimation/DeathBattle''. [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming Keep in mind that this is the same web show that did that big tribute to Monty Oum a couple episodes back.]]
** [[spoiler:And she won.]]
* October 08th, 2015, was a entire day dedicated to RWBY. An official premiere date for Volume 3 with a preview for the episode was announced and the premiere was noted to have ''two'' episode. Not to mention the green light for the official game, RWBY: Grimm Eclipse and also the day when RWBY took over the RT store.
** [[http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/updates/527581541 Grimm Eclipse]] was greenlit in two days. Moreover, it hit No. 1 in the UsefulNotes/{{Steam}} Greenlight leaderboards within the first hour, and stayed there until it was approved. More than 99% of votes were YES. Most of the stats were 23 times above average.
* On October 17th, 2015, [[http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2015-10-17/dogs-prelude-shirow-miwa-to-draw-rwby-manga/.94317 it was announced]] a manga adaptation of RWBY will begin next month on Ultra Jump magazine in Japan! The manga artist whose drawing the manga? None other than Shirow Miwa of Manga/DogsBulletsAndCarnage!
* The premiere of Volume 3 brought so much traffic to Rooster Teeth's servers only a few hours after it was released that the entire system crashed (similar to when Episode 8 of Vol. 1 aired)
** In the second half of Volume 3, the server crashing after a new episode airs occurs frequently enough that it's become a RunningGag among the staff and fans alike.
** And just to hammer home the point that RWBY is still incredibly popular? Following the Volume 3 premiere, Crunchyroll listed it as the third most popular anime in its lineup, beaten out only by [[Manga/{{Naruto}} the Seventh Hokage]] and [[Manga/OnePiece the Pirate King]].
* Let's talk about [[http://chickengums.tumblr.com/post/133332827350/can-we-just-take-a-minute-to-appreciate-how-far Season 3's animation quality]]. In Season One, Ruby was supposedly and accidentally creating a crater in the middle of the courtyard because she exploded with dust (hence early nickname "Crater Face"), but we never see a crater in the floor at the time. Come Season 3, we have Qrow and Winter ''absolutely devastating'' the place, slicing pillars, actually causing craters, and the such. The series have come a long way from Season One's standards.
** Even aside from the increasing small details, the lighting and colors used for volume 3 are a huge step up from volume 2, which in turn was a significant step from volume 1. And the results are utterly ''gorgeous''
** The animation in general [[TookALevelInBadass takes about a dozen levels in badass]] per volume. Every time RWBY comes back, it looks smoother, more natural and more detailed. Then there's Volume 4, where the new animation engine is a sight to behold even with some minor getting-adjusted details to take care of. Makes one wonder what good ol' Monty could have done with it.
* On 1 December 2015, ''RWBY: Grimm Eclipse'' went into early access on Steam. Within hours, it was already up in the Top Sellers alongside games such as ''VideoGame/{{Fallout 4}}''.
* Metal artist [[https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtXuWXsd7TYXwX2ZNLXfojg [=PelleK=]]] ended up doing a [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBri4PiLHls cover]] to "This Will Be The Day"
* The voice actors really have to be given a hand overall. Even with the somewhat mediocre performances in season 1, the entire cast has overall been able to shoot for the stars and beyond in terms of improvement and talent. This holds especially true for the voice actresses behind the eponymous team. To put it simply; these four ladies don't, as of yet, posses a tropes page dedicated to them, but are still able to upstage voice actors who have been working in the industry for years.
* Someone actually made [[https://soundcloud.com/the-gypsy-caravan-1/answer-to-me-taiyangs-theme-1 a theme song for Ruby and Yang's father, Taiyang]]. Taking cues from "I Burn", it's a long BadassBoast in music form interlaced with PapaWolf. The real awesome, though, is that in the comments below, [[ApprovalofGod you'll see that Jeff Williams himself praised it]]. With the release of ''Heroes and Monsters'' and ''End of the Beginning'' the lyrics have become even more relevant.
-->''[[HeroicBSOD "I've been in mourning for twelve long years]]\\
[[OverprotectiveDad I'm here to break these chains, I've come to bury the fear]]\\
[[HesBack I've woken up from the fitful sleep]]\\
This is my cross to bear, I've got a charge to keep\\
[[GoodParents I made a promise to raise them right\\
Guarded and kept them safe; I taught them how to fight]]\\
[[PapaWolf But if their shelter is blown away\\
I'll be the firewall, and there will be hell to pay"]]''

-->''[[{{Determinator}} "You can rest assured there's nothing I will not endure\\
if it will keep my children far away from pain]]\\
I have seen the cost of all the battles I have lost\\
and I am not about to let this end the same\\
This will be the measure of devotion to my treasures\\
They're the only future I have ever known\\
[[AdultFear They are all I've got, so I will give it one more shot\\
'Cause all I really have to fear is that I might end up alone"]]''

-->''So heads up, give me your attention\\
I forgot to mention the pain in store\\
[[RoaringRampageOfRevenge I'm gonna bring down thunder like you've never seen\\
Spare me the lectures, I ain't here for justice\\
I don't care what causes you're fighting for\\
This is a showdown -- I hope you came prepared to bleed\\
'cause tonight you're gonna answer to me]]\\''

** Some fans are actually sending messages into Rooster Teeth requesting that this song becomes Taiyang's official theme. No word on if it is, but people like it enough to actually ''send in emails'' to Rooster Teeth for a fan-made song to become an official theme.
** Not only that, but the song was good enough to get [[http://chiikafu.deviantart.com/art/Commisson-Answer-To-Me-608999874 fanwork]] [[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11783100/1/Answer-To-Me based on it.]] A fan-made song is good enough to have its own mini-following.
* At RTX Australia 2016, the RWBY panel had an in character Q&A. Normally what you get is just the actors sat at the desk acting in character, or at best a screen with a picture of the character projected on it. Here? We got live motion capture animation of Ruby and Yang, letting them reply to questions and make gestures in response.[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMWLa_JTw8Q See it here ]]
** Also, judging by how 'Yang' reacts to a question concerning ''WebAnimation/DeathBattle'' and how she goes all 'big sister' on keeping Ruby out of it, Yang [[spoiler: killing Tifa]] might just be canon, considering she at least acknowledges its existence. Crosses into RuleOfFunny when the same person who asked the question then directly asked if the event was canon, causing 'Yang' to chuckle nervously and causing 'Ruby' to talk excitedly about canons. Ruby even slips this;
---> '''Question:''' Is this canon?
---> '''Ruby:''' Yeah!...Absolutely!
* The Season 3 Finale featured the new villain Salem for only a brief scene as the mysterious Narrator from the beginning of the series. Only ''3 hours'' after the episode went live cosplayer Natasha Leigh made an [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuC85od8Cxk an extremely detailed cosplay makeup for her.]]
* The reveal in the credits for ''WebAnimation/RWBYChibi'' that [[PromotedFanboy Mojojoj was hired as a concept artist for the series]].
* So many fans were expected at RTX 2016 who wanted to see the RWBY panel that they scheduled two 'identical' ones to make room for them all.
* The Volume 4 premiere was heralded with much love... and ''RWBY'' fans [[DemandOverload accidentally DDOSing Rooster Teeth]]. This is after the server upgrades RT got -- [[https://twitter.com/grufftech/status/789848689313517569 "four times the firepower"]] they had during the Volume 3 finale -- yet so many people fought to see ''The Next Step'' that it still shut the site down.
* The amount of professional voice actors Rooster Teeth has working on RWBY in Volume 4 is amazing. To name a few, they have Aaron Dismuke, Tara Platt, J. Michael Tatum, and Christopher Sabat.
* Not many shows (or indeed works of any medium) can boast that their fandom made a [[VideoGame/RWBYGrimmEclipse fan-made video game]], [[https://soundcloud.com/the-gypsy-caravan-1/answer-to-me-taiyangs-theme-1 fan]]-[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kl7-wM3ZhU made]] [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKxJnIetr-o music]], fanfictions of novel length like ''Fanfic/ProfessorArc'' or ''Fanfc/WeissReacts'', and even have a [[http://project-jpde.tumblr.com/ fan-made visual novel in production]], simply out of love.
** The Original Character Community side of RWBY should also get some props for creating breathtaking original characters. Some include, but are ''definitely'' not limited to [[http://team-kaze-hunters.tumblr.com/ Team KAZE]] [[http://teamvcta.tumblr.com/ Team VCTA]] [[http://teamdgtl.tumblr.com/ Team DGTL]] [[http://team-cist.tumblr.com Team CIST]] and [[http://team-snst.tumblr.com/ Team SNST]] on Tumblr. [[http://www.deviantart.com/art/RWBY-OCs-Team-BRKE-394719848 Team BRKE]] [[http://dcathartiq.deviantart.com/ Team BRGD and CHRL]] on Deviantart. You can also find plenty of awesome ones [[http://aminoapps.com/page/rwby/4183355/catalog-item-category-oc-teams on the RWBY Amino community.]] Monty would be so proud.
* Yang's storyline in Volume 4. When she first lost her arm, many fans figured that given the series' emphasis on RuleOfCool, she'd just slap an artificial one on and be good to go. Instead, the crew takes care to show the devastating psychological effects on her, so that even when such an arm does arrive, it takes some time to summon up the willpower to put it on. She does get close to her old self again, but it's a hard process that takes the entire season, showing a level of devotion and respect for real people who have lost limbs to not downplay the condition at all.
** In fact, a real-life amputee commented on YouTube praising how accurate Creator/RoosterTeeth was in portraying PTSD, and asked if a Rooster Teeth employee had actually suffered such an injury, because there's no other imaginable way they could have gotten the psychological details ''that'' perfect.
* The full version of ''This Life Is Mine'' on the Volume 4 soundtrack is an awe-inspiring TheReasonYouSuckSpeech directed at Weiss's [[AbusiveParents abusive]] [[TheSociopath sociopath]] of a father (Overlapping with AwesomeMusic)
* At RTX 2017, Gray Haddock announced a new mecha show called "gen:Lock". The reason why it's mentioned here? RWBY fanartist Bach Do (known as dishwasher1910 on DeviantArt) was recruited as the concept artist - due in no small measure to [[http://dishwasher1910.deviantart.com/art/RWBY-x-Nier-Automata-Pt-II-677471669 these]] [[https://dishwasher1910.deviantart.com/art/Ruby-through-crossovers-628592560 mean]] [[http://dishwasher1910.deviantart.com/art/RWBY-x-Nier-Automata-670353436 pieces]] [[http://dishwasher1910.deviantart.com/art/RWBY-Future-598254393 of]] [[http://dishwasher1910.deviantart.com/art/RWBY-Future-Grim-673900364 art]][[http://dishwasher1910.deviantart.com/art/RWBY-Military-girl-collection-Team-RWBY-556319831 work]].
* Also announced at RTX 2017: Pumpkin Pete's breakfast cereal [[PunctuatedForEmphasis IS.]] [[http://www.fye.com/s/product/4765072/Exclusive-RWBY-Pumpkin-Pete-s-Marshmallow-Crunch-Cereal REAL!!!]]
* Ladies and gentlemen, the unthinkable has happened: '''''Ruby is coming to a fighting game.''''' Specifically, [[VideoGame/BlazBlueCrossTagBattle a crossover game]] from Creator/ArcSystemWorks featuring ''Franchise/BlazBlue'', ''VideoGame/Persona4Arena'', and ''VideoGame/UnderNightInBirth''. That's right, Ruby is clashing with the likes of Yu Narukami, Hyde Kido and ''Ragna the Bloodedge''. Witness the epicness [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2Qw-ztFrK4 here]].
** You didn't think Ruby would be coming alone, did you? Brace yourselves: [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGY-JDYidlY Weiss is coming.]]
* As of September 17, 2017, it's been announced that RWBY is getting its own board game called RWBY: Combat Ready.
* ''WebVideo/ManAtArms: Reforged'' went and [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXl572TkDqc built Myrtenaster]]! Even better, while it was physically impossible to incorporate a full revolver into it, they went for the next best step and made it able to shoot different clouds of dust. Yes, it's also a gun.