[[folder: ''Red'' ]]

* A rather understated one for [[ActionSurvivor Sarah,]] as she calmly and successfully pulls a BavarianFireDrill on a roomful of armed soldiers.
-->'''Sarah:''' *annoyed* The general has dropped his contact lens. Perhaps you could ''help us?''
* Frank strolling into Cooper's office and beating the shit out of him. Not that Cooper didn't put up a decent fight.
** He even takes time to hang up his jacket beforehand.
** Also, this exchange:
--->'''Frank:''' Kordenski trained you?
--->'''Cooper:''' Yeah.
--->'''Frank:''' I trained Kordenski. *dislocates Cooper's shoulder*
* {{Mook}}, meet grenade launcher.
** Twice. Once the usual way, and once by using the launcher as a ''baseball bat'' to [[GrenadeHotPotato knock the grenade back right in the thrower's face.]] [[FlippingTheBird Boop to that,]] [[SpySatellite satellites!]]
* Frank casually stepping out of the speeding -- ''violently spinning'' -- police car, as Cooper's trying to shoot him.
* Frank vs the first hit team sent to kill him. He gets up in the middle of the night, strolls into the kitchen, with the bad guys behind him the whole way. They come bursting in only to find no sign of him. Cue Frank coming up behind and taking them out in the blink of an eye. This would be rather typical if it weren't for the fact that he doesn't even look half-awake while doing it. A first rate hit squad comes gunning for the guy and he takes them out on autopilot.
* Victoria and the .50 cal. machine gun. Creator/HelenMirren firing ''automatic weapons''. If that's not the ''definition'' of '''AWESOME'''...
* This shows in the trailer, but the trailer does not convey the sheer awesomeness of the scene. John Malkovich's character, Marvin, has been established many times over as a CrazyAwesome character, but his best moment has to be towards the end of the film, where his part in the assassination attempt [[spoiler: on the corrupt Vice President]] includes running, full tilt [[spoiler: at a secret service detail]] while wearing a bomb that includes a detonator made from a cheesy cartoon character clock, screaming. Is also a CrowningMomentOfFunny.
* Earlier, during the pier shootout, Marvin faces down an assassin known as "The Businesswoman". The Businesswoman has a Chinese [[StuffBlowingUp Type 69 rocket launcher]]. Marvin has an [[HandCannon S&W Model 460V]]. He ''waits until she fires the rocket'' and then shoots one bullet [[ImprobableAimingSkills right into its fuse]]; the resulting blast obliterates the rocket and the assassin. As with the above bomb scene, it showed up in the trailer, but the full awesomeness must be seen to be believed.
-->'''Marvin:''' "Old man my ass."
* Frank killing [[spoiler:Dunning.]] After seeing all of the other bad guys get shot, you'd expect the same thing for ''that'' one. But nope, Frank just crushes his windpipe.
** Counts as somewhat of an IronicEcho. [[spoiler:"Not worth a bullet"]].
*** Though Boggs doesn't agree, and at first you think [[spoiler:[[BaitAndSwitchGunshot someone's shot Frank from offscreen.]]]]
*** Completed with this exchange:
--->'''Frank:''' You feel better?
--->'''Marvin:''' Yeah. You wanna get pancakes?
* * Dunning taunting Frank and the others before Joe slaps him.
-->'''Dunning''': You can't touch me.
-->'''Joe''': Sure we can.
-->*Joe slaps him in the face.*


[[folder: ''Red 2'' ]]

* Han's brutal beatdown of several Russian cops while handcuffed to a fridge door.
* Helen Mirren. Guns akimbo. Car doing a donut. That is all.
-->'''Victoria:''' Show me something.
* Victoria first appears in this movie on the phone - at the same time she is ''destroying somebody's body in an acid bath.''

!!! Crowning Moments of Awesome for the ''{{Naruto}}'' fanfic ''[[{{FanFic.RED}} RED]]''
* Sasuke making it through morning roll call despite bleeding out from the bullet wound in his leg, forcing [[spoiler:Nagato]] to perform crude surgery on him ''with improvised blacksmiths' tools'' to extract the bullet, then searing the wound closed with a hot poker. '{{Determinator}}' is the only word you can use to describe him.
* Naruto and Hinata [[spoiler:rallying the remnants of the FOX resistance movement as soon as they hear of Konoha's surrender in order to get people out there to look for as many Reds as they can find and save them.]] Special bonus for Neji for [[spoiler:forming a network among the political prisoners during his time in jail and arranging for all 86 of them who are about to be released to all join with FOX's search group.]]