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!! ''Predator''
* In the beginning, when Dillon and Dutch meet up, they greet each other with ''the'' most epic, testosterone-fueled handshake in the history of cinema. The loud, audible smack when their hands connect is badass personified.
-->'''Dutch:''' Dillon! You son of a bitch!
* A minor one but while the team is preparing to drop, Poncho gives a smirk and prepares to toss something at Hawkins, who is reading a map. Poncho gives a good toss but Hawkins catches it [[BadAssBookworm without his eyes ever leaving the map.]]
* The squad's early assault on the rebel camp. Taking out a well-guarded, heavily fortified base with no casualties or even serious injuries, it positively cements Dutch and his crew as people with whom you do not wish to fuck. Which makes the Predator himself going all [[DwindlingParty ten-little-Indians]] on their ass even more awesome: You know how good these guys are, and the Predator takes almost all of them down without breaking a sweat.
* Dutch calling the Predator out, right before lighting the bonfire, by letting out a long primal roar that echoes all around the jungle. The Predator definitely got the message.
** In a wonderful piece of physical acting by Kevin Peter Hall, the Predator looks up, hears the sound, then goes back to what he was doing (heating up his wrist blades with his laser sight). Almost as if saying "Just you wait, buddy, I'm coming for you too."
* The unveiling of [[{{BFG}} Ol']] [[GatlingGood Painless]], and the havoc that Blain unleashes with it.
--> '''Jesse Ventura''': I'm the first person in film history to shoot this weapon handheld. Not even Franchise/{{Rambo}} can say that.
* This exchange:
-->'''Poncho:''' You're hit. You're bleeding, man.
-->'''Blain:''' (Not even glancing at the wound) [[TropeNamers I ain't got]] [[IAintGotTimeToBleed time to bleed.]]
* The MoreDakka scene after [[spoiler:Blain's]] death, which has the surviving team members unloading their weapons into the jungle after the Predator. [[spoiler:They only inflict one minor wound upon it.]]
** Counts as a CrowningMomentOfAwesome for director John [=McTiernan=] as well, for making a AnAesop about gun violence that was, dare we say it, ''subtle?!''
** When they're done, there's an entire new clearing in the jungle that wasn't there when they started.
** And even with [[spoiler: how little damage they did]], this is the first time [[spoiler: [[CurbStompCushion that they harm the Predator at all, proving him vulnerable.]]]]
** If you look closely, the Predator was already running and bleeding before Mac grabbed the minigun, and before anyone else showed up. Mac injured the Predator with a normal firearm.
*** Though the firearm in question was a [[CoolGuns/MachineGuns M60E3 machinegun]] firing powerful 7.62 NATO rounds usually used in sniper rifles.
* [[spoiler:Billy]], after spending most of the movie terrified of the Predator, pulls a YouShallNotPass moment to buy time for the few remaining team members. It turns out to be a SenselessSacrifice, but it's still unbelievably badass.
* Dutch destroying the Predator's cloaking device with exploding spears and arrows.
* The final showdown between Dutch and the Predator, where the Predator [[WorthyOpponent takes off its armour to beat Dutch in a fair one-on-one fight]]... and [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown beats the everloving shit out of him]]. Then Dutch tries to lure it into a trap he made, demanding the Predator finish him...only for the Predator to sense the obvious and approach from a different angle, so Dutch trips the trap anyway and takes it out with a tree stump used as the counterweight. Bad. Ass.
* "What the hell are you?" "What the hell are ''you?''" and the EvilLaugh following it.
** Leave us not forget the EvilLaugh preceding the detonation of the Predator's wrist explosive, which was ''Billy's laugh''.
* The Predator is just an awesome villain, in general. You've gotta give props to any antagonist that can scare the hell out of an Creator/ArnoldSchwarzenegger character:
-->'''Dutch:''' "Did you find Hawkins?"
-->'''Poncho:''' "I... [[{{Gorn}} I can't tell.]]"
-->''*Cue '''major''' "OhCrap" look from Dutch*''