!! ''Predator''
* A minor one but while the team is preparing to drop Poncho gives a smirk and prepares to toss something at Hawkins who is reading a map, Poncho gives a good toss but Hawkins catches it without his eyes never leaving the map demonstrating BadAssBookworm.
* Dutch calling the Predator out, right before lighting the bonfire.
* The unveiling of [[{{BFG}} Ol']] [[GatlingGood Painless]], and the havoc that Blain unleashes with it.
--> '''Jesse Ventura''': I'm the first person in film history to shoot this weapon handheld. Not even {{Rambo}} can say that.
* The MoreDakka scene after [[spoiler:Blain's]] death, which has the surviving team members unloading their weapons into the Guatemala jungle after the Predator.
** Counts as a CrowningMomentOfAwesome for director John [=McTiernan=] as well, for making a AnAesop about gun violence that was, dare we say it, ''subtle?!''
* [[spoiler:Billy]], after spending most of the movie terrified of the Predator, pulls a YouShallNotPass moment to buy time for the few remaining team members. It turns out to be a SenselessSacrifice, but it's still unbelievably {{Badass}}.
* Dutch destroying the Predator's cloaking device with exploding spears and arrows.
* The final showdown between Dutch and the Predator, where the Predator [[WorthyOpponent takes off its armour to beat Dutch in a fair one-on-one fight]]... and [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown beats the everloving shit out of him]]. Then Dutch takes it out with a tree stump from a booby trap he'd made that afternoon. Bad. Ass.
* "What the hell are you?" "What the hell are ''you?''" and the EvilLaugh following it.
** Leave us not forget the EvilLaugh preceding the detonation of the Predator's wrist explosive, which sounded ''just like Billy's laugh''.

!! ''Predator 2''
* [[spoiler:Jerry's]] HeroicSacrifice may have been [[SenselessSacrifice senseless]], but that doesn't make it any less awesome.
-->'''[[spoiler:Jerry]]''': Come on, motherfucker... LET'S DANCE!!
* After [[spoiler: Jerry]] is killed, the obnoxious reporter (Morton Downey, Jr.) who was been following Harrigan around finally gets what's coming to him:
-->'''Pope''': Hey Harrigan! More victims! More mutilations!\\
'''Harrigan''': ''[punching him right in the face]'' '''[[PrecisionFStrike FUCK YOU!!!]]'''
** [[CrowningMomentOfFunny His camera shows him unconscious, and his co-worker is calling for him.]]
* Harrigan single-handedly takes down the AUG-and-grenade launcher-armed Colombians with his car and some old shotgun. The Predator itself was impressed enough after it witnessed this.
* [[spoiler:When the Predator switches its vision over to ultraviolet]].
* The ending certainly qualifies.
-->'''Harrigan''': Okay, who's next?
** Harrigan's trophy almost qualifies as a CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming.

!! ''Predators''
* Katana vs. Predator Claw. Doubly so because it makes up for the [[OffscreenMomentOfAwesome unseen]] blade duels in the first two films. When that scene ended, people in the theater started clapping (though it was more of when [[spoiler:the Predator died]] than [[spoiler:when Hanzo did]]). It becomes especially awesome when you consider that [[spoiler:this is the first time EVER that someone fought a peak condition Predator (all others in the series were worn down by the time it got to that stage) 1v1 in melee and beat them, all with two fingers missing]].
* [[spoiler: Royce's final fight with the leader of the Black Predators. Made up of many little Crowning Moments of Awesome. Stopping Edwin, then boobytrapping his body with grenades to hurt the Predator. Using mud ""plus"" surrounding the camp with fire to avoid being detected, and then beating the hell out of the Predator with a bone axe. A combination of DangerouslyGenreSavvy and sheer {{badass}}]].
* [[spoiler: Nikolai vs. the Predators, involving a few claymores... Nikolai spitting in the Predator's eye before blowing both of them up definitely gained him {{Badass}} points]].
* Stan's showing enough cunning to [[spoiler:wear body armor under his prison outfit, playing dead after getting hit with a plasma caster, and then having the balls to leap on the lead Predator's back and shiv the hell out of him, giving his team time to escape before getting trophy killed]].
* This exchange:
-->'''Edwin''': "You came back for us. You're a good man..." [[spoiler:(Prepares to stab Royce)]]\\
'''Royce''': "No, I'm not." [[spoiler:(Intercepts the attack and ''jams the scalpel into Edwin's throat.)'' "But I'm ''fast''."]]

!! ''Predator: Concrete Jungle''
* Predator: CJ is a very YMMV game. The story may seem like somebody's bad fanfic that got lucky enough to be made into a game. Especially groan-worthy when we find out that [[spoiler: MOTHER is actually a survivor of the Scarface Predator's 1930 rampage, specifically Hunter Borgia's mother, and it turns out that she is in love with Scarface, and had been trying to attract him back to Neonopolis so she could see him again.]] However, this moment ends up redeeming itself when [[spoiler: After admitting her love to the Scarface Predator, he responds by impaling her on his combistick. The look on her face is priceless.]]
-->"I promised you a night to remember, baby! Didn't I promise?"
* In the ending, [[spoiler:before executing Hunter Borgia]], the Scarface Predator uses his voice replicator to play back [[spoiler:MOTHER's]] words back to him, repeating them over and over in the form of a TheReasonYouSuckSpeech. [[spoiler:The look on Hunter's face during this is ''[[OhCrap priceless]]'':]]
-->[[spoiler:"Mighty Bruno Borgia fathered a stunted weakling, but ''you'' (Scarface) made him strong.]]