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* The flashback showing Korg's backstory, turns out he and his brothers stumbled upon a seemingly harmless little blue planet. Thinking it would be easy pickings they kidnap one of the locals to examine, not knowing the local in question was [[spoiler: Thor]]. What happened to them next is best described as the most epic CurbStompBattle ever.
* And who is the guest hero of the movie? Why it's [[spoiler: ComicBook/BetaRayBill]].
--> "[[ApologeticAttacker I act by the will of others, Hulk]]. The disk in my chest and in yours demand that one of us must die. [[BadassBoast You have my sympathy because it will not be me!]]"
* Miek is pretty much a PluckyComicRelief character for most of the film. Then he discovers their host is [[spoiler:a traitor]] and upgrades to full badass. The dude even lost an ''arm'' and ''that'' didn't stop him!
* [[spoiler:Caiera giving the [[TheCaligula Red King]] a very satisfying KarmicDeath by setting a Spike (which in the film were bioweapons created by the Red King himself) loose on him, which proceeds to infect him and make him undergo a BodyHorror filled PainfulTransformation, and as he rolls about, his robot EliteMooks show up, which override his order to kill everyone once they see he's been infected and to his horror, then turn their flamethrowers on him and [[KillItWithFire burn his ass alive.]]]] [[HumiliationConga All that shit]] couldn't have happened to a [[AssholeVictim nicer person.]]
* Caiera gets into a fight with Hulk, since he's unarmed she throws away her weapon. Instead of a straight up CurbStompBattle, Caiera actually holds her own fairly well.