* In ''The Insurance Man Always Rings Twice'', Michael gets his revenge on Craig Spence (and gets Lisa's insurance money) in a rather fitting way after finding out that Spence was withholding his life insurance money purely out of spite, and knew full well that Michael's death wasn't a suicide:
-->[[spoiler: '''Spence:''' What was that? \\
'''Michael:''' Your suicide note. \\
'''Spence:''' Suicide note? ''(screams as Michael pulls him off the ledge and dangles him off the side of the building)'' \\
'''Michael:''' It's important that somebody find that suicide note to establish that you took your own life. I know you really didn't kill yourself but I like that it's a suicide. ''(looks down)'' Oh, hey, look. All the bigwigs from Grand Empire are arriving to lavish you with praise. Oops. They're not going in. Something's got their attention. They're looking up. You know, it's a shame that you can't wave.\\
'''Spence:''' Who are you? Why are you doing this to me?\\
'''Michael:''' Me? I'm just a really strong guy who either saved your life or couldn't hold on. ''(pretends to let his grip slip a bit and Spence shrieks)'' What do you say we talk about Michael Wiseman's insurance policy? Huh?]]