* During the final game, Blake keeps getting thrashed by Flat-top, the rival team's star linebacker. Before Blake goes for his final Hail Mary pass at the end of the game, Manu promises him that Flat-top won't get to him again. As Blake prepares to throw, Flat-Top moves in for the kill - only to have Manu crash into him with what can only be called a BOOM! HEADSHOT! of a block.

!!TV Series
* Not a normal one, but TK is called to be a witness in his shooter's trial. His shooter's attorney proceeds to rip into him and attempts to pull on his (publicly claimed) hair trigger temper and aggression to goad him into an outburst. TK ends up keeping his cool despite the insinuating insults that, rightfully, he has good reason to be angry about if he wanted to be. It's both a CMOA for TK for the composure in general but also a CMOA for how far and how much TK has grown. Good for you, TK. Good for you.
* TK's speech in support of his gay teammate and said teammate then going forward with coming out. Forget the results of the game itself (Hawks win in dramatic fashion), TK and teammate really step up to the plate together.