[[folder: [[Recap/Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Movie The Movie ]]
* In a deleted scene Mike is slowly suffocating because the air supply has been cut off and the bots save him in the most awesome way possible. First of all Crow lifts a freaking ''ten ton molybdenum rod'' to save him, while Tom flies (not hovers, flies -- he ''hurls'' himself across the room), all ending with Gypsy giving Mike mouth to mouth.
** Only compounded by the fact that the only copies of this scene widely available were recorded off a screen at a convention. At the point Servo takes flight (screaming "I'M COMIIIING!"), the entire room explodes into wild cheering and applause.
** And some [[ExecutiveMeddling jackass movie executive]] told The Brains to cut this scene out, despite all the hard work that had been put into it.
* ''Heckling the credits'' adds a new layer of metafiction to the usual Mystery Science Theater 3000 format. No movie shall be spared... ''not even our own.''
--> '''Crow''' ''(indignantly):'' "Puppet handler"?! There weren't any puppets in this movie!


[[folder: The Series ]]

* [[Recap/MysteryScienceTheater3000S05E21SantaClaus Santa Claus]] driving Pitch out of Deep 13: "[[Film/TheyLive I came to eat candy canes and kick ass, and I'm all out of candy canes]]!"
* Bobo defeating the [[Film/InvasionOfTheBodySnatchers pod people]] in ''[[Recap/MysteryScienceTheater3000S08E10TheGiantSpiderInvasion The Giant Spider Invasion]]''.
** And then you get a villainous example from Pearl, who does something not even her ''son'' did: [[MoralEventHorizon resend the movie]].
** Earlier, Servo scaring away his Pod Clone by intimately and precisely listing the contents of his underwear collection.
* The defeat of Timmy in ''[[Recap/MysteryScienceTheater3000S04E16FireMaidensFromOuterSpace Fire Maidens from Outer Space]]''. "[[Film/{{Aliens}} Get away from him, you bitch!]]"
** Even earlier than that; exciting music is playing during a ''really'' dull part of the film... Meanwhile, Tom Servo is attacking Timmy but is getting wrestled to the ground. Sure, it's horrifying and scary, and not very nice for poor Servo, but why is this awesome? Because this scene completely destroyed ''Film/FireMaidensFromOuterSpace'''s use of PublicDomainSoundtrack [[SoundtrackDissonance Dissonance]] by having a moment in the theater that's genuinely ''exciting''.
* Tom Servo gets one in ''[[Recap/MysteryScienceTheater3000S05E15WildWorldOfBatwoman The Wild World of Batwoman]]''; during the endless sequence of so-called "dancing" before the end card drops, he screams out with a fury that would have made [[Film/RagingBull Jake LaMotta]] quiver in fear: '''''"END! EEEEENNNNNNNNND!!!"'''''
* ''[=MST3K=]'' also has a rare double-header [=CMoA=]. Mike Nelson beats Pearl in a game of three card monte, thus earning the right to choose the movie they watch. Mike picks ''Theatre/{{Hamlet}}'' - and Pearl promptly turns the tables, sending him ''[[Recap/MysteryScienceTheater3000S10E09Hamlet one of the worst screen adaptions of the Bard's work ever]].''
** Heck, the mere fact that they were able to make ''Hamlet'' work with their show's format. This is one of their earliest efforts in riffing a work classically considered great. They continued to riff on classics when they moved to Podcast/{{Rifftrax}}.
* One truly great moment comes after the short ''[[Recap/MysteryScienceTheater3000S03E15TeenageCaveman Catching Trouble]]''. The short is about a man named Ross Allen who catches animals for zoos and to sell as exotic pets, and it's one of the most uncomfortable shorts featured on [=MST3K=] thanks to all the scenes of animals crying in fear, being manhandled, tossed into a bag, and stolen away from their families and homes. So what do Joel and the Bots decide to do after watching this display of animal cruelty? They get out their dolls and film a skit called "Catching Ross" involving nature taking revenge on Ross Allen.
** A sign of just how great this is: the volume of shorts that included "Film/CatchingTrouble" received complaints that it's no fun to watch without being followed by the cathartic "Catching Ross" skit.
** In the same episode, the narrator of "Aquatic Wizards" refers to a Hispanic skier as a "Mexican jumping bean." The bots leap to rip him a new one, with Crow calling the narrator a "white fascist" and Tom making him seem pathetic.
--> '''Tom:''' "Hah, but what do I know? I'm only a fat hick announcer, mowing down pretzels and pinwheel cookies, and trying to come to grips with the tattered ends of a once promising life gone horribly wrong, God, God, why, why?!"
* Crow's acknowledgment during ''[[Recap/MysteryScienceTheater3000S09E03PumaMan Puma Man]]'' that Vadinho is the real hero of the movie. Much appreciated after all the attempts to sell the whiny, pathetic title character as the hero.
* In the opening segments of ''[[Recap/MysteryScienceTheater3000S04E15TheBeatniks The Beatniks]]'', a quite out of character Joel torment the Bots by playing rock, paper, scissors, given how their hands don't work. Finally Gypsy has enough and rams right into him, knocking him over. [[BondOneLiner "Gypsy crushes Joel!"]]
* At the end of ''[[Recap/MysteryScienceTheater3000S03E23TheCastleOfFuManchu The Castle of Fu Manchu]]'', Joel gives Dr. Forrester a ReasonYouSuckSpeech. Keep in mind, just a few seconds before, Joel and the Bots were sobbing hoarsely, and the host segment before, they looked to be on the verge of collapse. Then, as Forrester and Frank are celebrating and awaiting the official surrender from the Satellite of Love, Joel comes back with this.
-->"You haven't won, Dr. Forrester; you've lost. And I feel sorry for you. You're nothing but a sad little man in a hole in the ground [[JerkAss who can only feel power by hurting others]]. Well, we won because, we survived, and we survived because, well, [[LikeASonToMe we're Robinsons, roughly]]. That's what Robinsons do is survive, basically, and well, if you think it's so easy, well, [[DareToBeBadass YOU should try and watch a movie sometime!]]"
** Forrester actually takes up on the idea to watch the movie. He can't even make it a full '''two minutes'''. Hell, the fact that Joel and the Bots, despite sitting through this movie and crying through the host segments, did not surrender, much less kill themselves, is awesome in itself.
* Tom Servo delivers ''the longest riff in ''[=MST3K=]'' history'' at the end of ''[[Recap/MysteryScienceTheater3000S04E24ManosTheHandsOfFate Manos: The Hands of Fate]]''--a solid ''minute and five seconds'' without shutting up, over almost the entirety of the two next victims' car ride. He also manages to name, rapid-fire, celebrity look-alikes for all 30+ people in a crowd shot at the end of ''[[Recap/MysteryScienceTheater3000S05E01WarriorOfTheLostWorld Warrior of the Lost World]]''.
* Crow's ClusterBleepBomb in ''[[Recap/MysteryScienceTheater3000S08E15AgentForHARM Agent for HARM]]''.
** From the same episode, when Mike Nelson is on trial for [[MikeNelsonDestroyerOfWorlds accidentally blowing up multiple planets]]. Observer is testifying against him and Professor Bobo, acting as Mike's defense attorney, utterly obliterates Observer's testimony thanks to [[ItMakesSenseInContext his encyclopedic knowledge of pies]].
* The end of ''[[Recap/MysteryScienceTheater3000S05E09TheGirlInLoversLane The Girl in Lover's Lane]]'', when Joel and the 'bots [[FanonDiscontinuity reject the screenwriters' pointlessly cruel murder of a likeable female character]] and [[FixFic make up their own ending]]. With aliens. And pygmies. And dinosaurs. The ''[=MST3K=]'' staff were just as pissed off as their puppet alter-egos and got some catharsis from the sketch.
* The "United Servo Academy Men's Chorus Hymn" from ''[[Recap/MysteryScienceTheater3000S06E12TheStarfighters The Starfighters]]'', in which Kevin Murphy as Tom Servo harmonizes with ''himself '''nine times over.'''''
* In one of the host segments during ''Film/TheMadMonster'', Joel pays tribute to the movie's mad science by switching Tom and Crow's heads. At first they complain, then, out of frikkin' ''nowhere...''
-->'''Tom and Crow:''' [[SpeakInUnison Hey... are you thinking what I'm thinking?]]
-->'''Tom:''' Do you like long walks in the rain?
-->'''Crow:''' Chinese food?
-->'''Tom:''' Mushing up your ice cream?
-->'''Tom and Crow:''' [[SpeakInUnison Oh, yes! We LOVE us! Our collective brains are more powerful than Joel! There is nothing that can stand in our way! We have seen the future and it is us! Massage us into your scalp!]] ''[[SpeakInUnison We are all one! All one! All-powerful! Yes!]]'' [[SpeakInUnison WE ARE SERVO-CROW-ATION! AND WE SHALL RULE THE WOR-]]
-->''[Joel shuts off the 'bots.]''
-->'''Joel:''' My robots. I think I'll keep 'em... turned off.


[[folder: Meta ]]

* Creator/ShoutFactory declaring, in their press release regarding getting the release rights, that they will release ''every single one of the 198 episodes on DVD'', legal difficulties getting the rights to the films be damned. Sure, it seemed like it's all talk--and then ''[[http://www.mst3kinfo.com/?p=8126 they secured the rights to and subsequently released all of the Gamera episodes on DVD.]]'' '''''AWESOME.''''' [[note]]Sadly, the Gamera movies are out of print right now, but Shout is working on the rights issues.[[/note]]
** For those not in the know, the ''Franchise/{{Gamera}}'' episodes and in fact most of the show's Japanese-import based episodes have been unavailable for years because the guy in charge of importing them, Sandy Frank, pushed the rights fees through the roof in order to get a bigger paycheck, which no one was both willing and able to pay[[note]](although he may also have been motivated by the repeated insults aimed at him on the show, including at least one song declaring him "the source of all our pain" and accusing him of harboring repulsive hygiene habits and being too lazy to make his own movies)[[/note]]. For years the prominent fansite [=MST3KInfo=] had these films and the other season 3 Japanese films released categorized as "Extremely Unlikely" on [[http://www.mst3kinfo.com/ward_e/listlikely.html this list of potential DVD releases.]]
** Then they one-upped themselves and got rights to some of the Creator/{{Universal}} and Creator/{{MGM}} films, which many [=MSTies=] thought would also never be released and are also listed as "Extremely Unlikely".
*** And in September 2013, Shout Factory released a long-awaited special edition Blu-ray/DVD of [[Recap/MysteryScienceTheater3000TheMovie MST3K: The Movie]] which not only included the legendary deleted scenes, but also ''deleted riffs from the theater segments''! '''''DOUBLE AWESOME!'''''
** They've done it again for Vol. 29, finally tracking down the rights to ''Film/PumaMan'' after years of the run-around.
* Thanksgiving 2013. Shout! Factory does an [=MST3K=] Turkey Day marathon on YouTube showing six episodes that fan consensus agreed were an awesome selection: ''Space Mutiny, I Accuse My Parents, Werewolf, Cave Dwellers, The Final Sacrifice,'' and ''Mitchell.''
** One of the bumpers was also one for Joel wherein he talked about how much he admired Mike and what a great job he did as host.
** At various points during the night, #mst3k, #rowsdower and #mitchell were some of the highest-trending tags on Twitter.
** One bumper had Joel hoping Joe Don Baker-a man famed for hating this show-was having a happy Thanksgiving.
* It was announced on Monday, November 3, 2014 that Shout! Factory will once again stream a Turkey Day marathon, this time on November 27, 2014. MORE AWESOME!
** With Trace Beaulieu reprising Crow and Josh Weinstein voicing for the first time in [[LongBusTrip something approaching 25 years]] Tom Servo, allowing them both to be more than quick cameos this time.
* Joel recently launched a Kickstarter for a reboot of the show. Within a week, it went $500,000 past its original $2 million minimum,meaning we get to see three brand new feature length episodes!!
** With less than three hours left in the Kickstarter, the fandom rallied together and made ''$5.9 million dollars'', allowing Season 11 to have a ''full thirteen episode season''. It made more money than ''Series/ReadingRainbow'' did and it didn't need Creator/SethMacFarlane to do so!
*** ''MST3K''[='=]s success in reaching this goal should not understated. After the first week, the total stalled around below 3 million. It didn't push past 3 million until after Turkey Day '15. It was only during the last week that the money came pouring in like clockwork.
*** They also got a 14th episode at 9:58:55PM Pacific Time on the last day of the campaign, meaning we will get to have a 13-episode regular season AND a Christmas Special on top of that! ''DownToTheLastPlay'' Certified!
*** Toward the end of the campaign, the Kickstarter reached 6 million. Which means that instead of a 13-episode season with a Christmas special, we will get a ''14-episode season'' plus the Christmas Special. '''VERY AWESOME!!!'''
*** The campaign's final total, for those interested, was $6,364,229($5,764,229 from KickStarter alone + $600,000 from the add-ons)! This makes the Kickstarter the most successful crowdsourced video project ''of all time'' (for now)