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* Sub-Zero and Scorpion's introduction.
* Johnny Cage, Sonya and Liu Kang versus a gang of mooks, and what happened afterward:
-->'''Raiden''': ''(after a [[SlowClap slow]], [[SarcasticClapping sarcastic]] clapping)'' Brilliant! Just brilliant. Now what are you going to do about...''(points behind the three of them)'' them?
-->''(Sonya, Johnny and Liu see a small battalion of {{Mook}}s behind them, armed, ready, and advancing on them.)''
-->'''Raiden''': Uh-uh! ''(Mooks stop; lightning sparks on the tip of Raiden's finger)'' I don't think so.
-->''(Raiden lead the three out, as the Mooks clear a path for them.)''
-->'''Johnny Cage''': ''(tosses his bo to another Mook)'' You guys are lucky he stopped us.
* Sonya Blade gets her legs around Kano's head into a scissor lock:
-->'''Shang Tsung:''' Finish him!
-->'''Kano''': No, Sonya, don't! Please! Come on, give me a break!
-->'''Sonya''' (pause): OK...
-->(slight twist of hips)
-->([[NeckSnap sound of Kano's neck breaking...]])
* A moment of silence for Johnny Cage...
-->'''Cage''': Those were $500 sunglasses, [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch asshole!]] ''(Cue asskicking of Goro)''
** Note that this was ''after'' he literally stunned the crowd (and Goro) by preempting their battle with his signature GroinAttack, which also doubles as a CrowningMomentOfFunny.
** "[[ThisIsThePartWhere This is]] [[CallBack where you]] [[IronicEcho fall down.]]"
* Liu Kang vs Reptile near the end of the first film.
* Liu Kang's utter trouncing of Shang Tsung in the climax. "Flawless victory."
* Right the very end, [[spoiler:when the Emperor shows up]] but the heroes aren't fazed for even. one. second.