!!The Film

* Bond manages to survive getting thrown out of a plane without a parachute by fighting the villain in mid-air and stealing his. And note that this was 1979, meaning you're actually seeing a pair of stuntmen fighting in freefall with a cameraman falling beside them. It reportedly took almost 100 jumps to get everything.
* Bond, M and the Minister of Defence walk in to Draxs' laboratory wearing gas masks and find it has been entirely refurbished with a "surprised" Drax waiting for them, utterly humiliating Bond in front of his bosses. MagnificentBastard indeed.
* Drax's NewEraSpeech.
* SpaceMarines. Before it was cool!
* Jaws biting the cable to the cable cars.
* The pheasant hunting scene. Hugo Drax hands Bond a rifle to take a shot at some pheasants, all while one of his snipers is sitting in a tree and aiming for Bond. Bond fires... and misses.
-->'''Drax''': You missed, Mr. Bond.
-->(Drax's sniper falls out of the tree, dead)
-->'''Bond''': Did I? ({{Beat}}) [[CallBack As you said... such good sport.]]
* The effects. ''Holy shit'', the effects. Even nowadays, on the Blu-Ray version, those model shots and laser guns look damn good. If they're going to steal from ''Film/StarWars'', they at least stole one of the things ''Star Wars'' did right.

!!The Novel
* From the book, the entire Blades scene, with Bond successfully cheating Drax out of a colossal sum.