!Comic Book
* Todd gets an EPIC moment on the 45th volume, when he, after having to put up with a whole lot of abuse from 3 bullies in the cooking academy he attended, and a teacher who did nothing about it, only telling Todd to put up with it, he literally gives the bullies their just desserts. And when he's being belitted by the teacher, he gives an awesome ReasonWhyYouSuckSpeech to the teacher, for only caring about status, and the academy's policy to deal with bullying, and quits the academy.
* Monica does TheUnexpected in #68: After participating of a ''Franchise/{{Saw}}''-themed Reality Show, having Jim act like a complete SmugSnake JerkJock to [[CommanderContrarian Nick Nope]] and treating Monica like a DistressedDamsel and trolling Monica when she needed him the most, she finally snaps when Jim starts poking at Nick Nope saying Monica'll never kiss him like he wanted to if he won, tells him where to shove it and kisses Nick Nope ''in front of everyone''. And Monica tops it by saying "Monica and Jim? Promised couple? Today, that cliché ends as well!", thus adressing ''many'' readers' dissatisfaction to the WillTheyOrWontThey between Monica and Jim and giving Jim a ''much'' needed serving of HumblePie.