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* Dr. Weaver (foreshadowing her recruitment as Agent L) finishing off the giant cockroach.
--> '''Dr. Weaver:''' Interesting job you guys have.
* Agent J's got a couple, mostly for the quotes given by WillSmith afterward:
** Before he joins the MIB, he chases after an alien on foot and tackles him to the ground, while saying:
---> '''J''': "You see this [badge]?! Huh?! [[PunctuatedForEmphasis N! Y! P! D!]] Means I will k'''N'''ock '''Y'''our '''P'''unk-ass '''D'''own!"\\
'''Alien!Perp''': ''(out of breath, panting)'' [[VaguenessIsComing He's coming... he's coming...]]\\
'''J''': Yeah, and when he gets here, I'll arrest his ass too!
*** J being able to chase the alien down on foot -- an alien capable of running up walls -- was what convinced K that he would make a good [[spoiler:replacement]].
** During the MIB session at the shooting range, there's J's rebuttal in defense of him shooting [[CreepyChild an eight-year-old girl]] instead of the "obviously" vicious-looking aliens. His explanation? The aliens were simply minding their own business, but there was Tiffany, a little white girl in the middle of the ghetto in the middle of night, carrying a handful of quantum physics textbooks way too advanced for a kid her age, so she ''had'' to be starting something.
*** The animated series reveals that the little girl guise is the preferred disguise of the Bug Queen. The little girl really is the most dangerous thing in that alley.
*** In the novelization dialogue between K and Z reveals that J actually did pick the right target. The "monsters" were depictions of ugly but totally harmless alien species!
---> "Or do I owe her an apology?"
*** Enjoy your new threads, Mr. Smith. You won't need any others.
** After he dons his MIB gear for the first time:
--> "You know the difference between you and me? I make this look ''good''."
* Agent K's got some good moments, but his [=CMoA=]:
--> "I'm going to get my gun back."
** [[EatMe Deliberately getting eaten]] by the giant alien who ate his gun, then blowing him up from the inside.
--> '''J:''' "You need to ease up out my face 'fore something bad happen to you."
--> The sound of the Series 4 De-Atomizer charges ''[[OhCrap from the inside of the cockroach alien]]''.
--> '''J:''' Too late. *BLAM!*
* How Agents K and J shoot down a UFO which promptly crashes and skids towards them while very slowly slowing down. The best part is how [[UnflinchingFaithInTheBrakes the two agents don't so much as budge as it inches closer towards them]].
** It also should be noted that J obviously wants to move out of the way of the crashing spaceship, but holds his ground because K just isn't fazed.
* TheReveal at the end of the film that the entire Milky Way galaxy was, just like [[MacGuffin The Galaxy]], a marble. In this case, one of many in an alien's collection.
* The tow truck driver was particularly ballsy when he faced "Edgar".
-->'''"Edgar":''' Hey, this is my truck!
-->'''Tow Truck Driver:''' Yeah, and make sure you tell 'em that at the impound!
-->(''"Edgar" goes into the truck and grabs his shotgun'')
-->'''Tow Truck Driver:''' (''revealing his own pistol'') [[DidYouJustFlipOffCthulhu Please...]]
* Meta Example - Especially considering the plot of the film, combined with the title, it really was cool that they got Creator/TommyLeeJones and Creator/WillSmith into the top two roles, which allowed the top billings in a lot of promotional posters to literally be "Mr Smith and Mr Jones" - a truly awesome allusion to the idea of Men In Black. It's so cool that it's hard to believe they ''weren't even the director's first choices.''


[[folder: The Animated Series ]]

* The most obvious moment is the climax of "The Endgame Syndrome", [[spoiler:when K prepares to fire on the missile headed for Earth.]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Agent J:''' Aren't we a little... close?]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Agent K:''' This isn't about us, Ace. (to anyone on Earth who might be listening) Duck and cover, people. (to his mentor and nemesis, who is riding the bomb) Goodbye, Alpha.]]