[[folder:Medal of Honor]]
* The Dachsmag Port level, where you have to scuttle a giant U-Boat. The Nazis launch the thing early because Jimmy was causing so much havoc that [[OneManArmy they thought he was an entire Allied battalion!]]
* The ending of the first game. Reprogramming a V2 rocket and firing it at its own launch facility was pretty tight.

[[folder:Medal of Honor: Underground]]
* The ending of the second game tops the first one. [[OneManArmy One]]-[[ActionGirl Woman]]-[[OneManArmy Army]] Manon single-handedly fights her way out of an ambush involving ''an entire armoured column'', then saves Paris by causing two German trains carrying explosives to crash into each other!
** Bonus points: Manon is [[TheDogBitesBack Parisian]] herself.

[[folder:Medal of Honor: Allied Assault]]
* At the beginning of the second mission, Major Grillo is killed. So what do you do? You infiltrate the German naval base on your own, steal a disguise and sink one of their U-Boats from the inside after destroying the [[NoPlansNoPrototypeNoBackup only prototype radar]] they had, and then you single-handedly escape the base - Now on high alert - and rendezvous with allied forces at the train station.
* Driving the King Tiger in Allied Assault counts more as a Crowning Level of Awesome, especially after the ''maddeningly hard'' [[ThatOneLevel Sniper's Last Stand]] level. After stealing a King Tiger tank from a sniper-infested ruined town, you get to drive it all the way to Brest, steamrolling through the German army along the way. They send Panzerschrek teams, Panzer IV and Tiger I tanks and Flak 88mm cannons, and you just destroy them all.
* The final section of "Return to Fort Schmerzen" is called "[[MeaningfulName Final Run]]". Essentially, you're running through Schmerzen as it's [[CollapsingLair collapsing above you]] through waves of German soldiers just standing there as the base explodes. While it can be frustrating, the ending has you jump on a train and escape as you watch Schmerzen crumble away to nothing.

[[folder:Medal of Honor: Frontline]]
* Frontline's first level: [[MeaningfulName Your Finest Hour.]] StormingTheBeaches of D-Day. To date, this is the closest gaming equivalent to the Omaha beach scene in ''Film/SavingPrivateRyan''. It helps that the series was produced and overseen by Creator/StevenSpielberg after all...
** The crowner of that crowning moment is when you finally fight your way up an defence emplacement, kill the gunners on top and turn a machine gun against the other emplacement and let the Germans there see how they like being mowed down!
-->And when he gets to heaven
-->To Saint Peter he will tell
-->"[[TearJerker One more soldier reporting in]]
-->[[WarIsHell I've served my time in hell]]"

[[folder:Medal of Honor: Rising Sun]]
* "Midnight Raid on the Guadalcanal" had [[BashBrothers you and Gunny]] capture an airfield, destory an ammo depot and rub out multiple Japanese soldiers in the jungle with nothing but your [[CoolGuns Springfield, M1911]] and [[ShotgunsAreJustBetter Gunny's Winchester.]]
* Bromley's BigDamnHeroes moment in "Singapore Sling". After the German officer (who was in his [[GoofyPrintUnderwear undies]]) exposes you for stealing his uniform, [[MajorlyAwesome Bromley]] crashes down the roof (having first kicked ''[[DestinationDefenestration the rooftop guard through the glass ceiling]]'') and then proceeds to flush out all the pistol brandishing officers [[GunsAkimbo with a Sten machine gun in each hand!]]
-->'''Phillip Bromley''': Didn't think I would leave you with the sticky wicket, did you mate?

[[folder:Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault]]
* ''Guadalcanal: Flyboys'': You get to pilot a plane, shooting down enemy Japanese fighters before your pilot [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere decides to bail out on you]]. Then, you have to leave the gunner position and crawl atop the plane ''mid-flight'' to reach the cockpit. You then proceed to fly a plane ''with no prior experience'' through countless enemy fighters as you fly towards your fleet, but then you run into an enemy fleet and Japanese aircraft carrier who spotted you, which you destroy. At the end of the mission, you manage to land the plane on your carrier just inches away from the edge of the ship.

[[folder:Medal of Honor: European Assault]]
* The opening cinematic of the first mission of European Assault. A battalion of British commandos aboard a captured German boat trying to sneak into the St. Nazaire harbor at night, the tension the men are feeling so thick it's almost visible. Then suddenly, the Germans open fire and in the midst of the shooting, the commando leader orders the Union Jack hoisted and declares [[BadAssBoast We'll ram it down their throats!!"]] right before the [[TruthInTelevision boat rams the docks at full speed.]] Now THAT is how you start a game.