''Roleplay/MarvelsRPG'' have so, so many crowning moments of awesome. Please split the examples across individual teams/characters.

* Mika holding up the entire Golden Gate bridge with her telekinesis to allow the rest of the Crusaders to evacuate the civilians.

!!Generation X
* Generation X defeating Scarlan and [[EldritchAbomination Nyx]], saving the world in the process.
* Generation X defeating the Chaos Swarm in the middle of the Conquest war in New York.
* Spider-Man overcoming his possession by Venom with the help of his friends.

* Black Knight and Alanah fighting to a tie in the first Contest of Champions final.
* The Hulk has had several.
** Tearing apart a good part of France.
** Destroying just about half of Hong Kong.
** Destroying the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada.