!!Super Mario Strikers

* The opening has Mario score a goal by kicking the ball hard enough for it to set on fire and push the Kritter goalie to the back of the net.

!!Mario Strikers Charged

* The Mega Strikes in general. It says a lot of the main cast that to score a goal they can [[InASingleBound jump to ridiculous heights]] (except Petey Piranha) and kick or otherwise strike the ball [[SuperStrength hard enough for it to physically split into 3-6 equal balls]]. At least half of which with GlowingEyesOfDoom to boot.
** The trail of fire following his jump notwithstanding, Mario's is a variation of his [[ExtraOreDinary Metal Mario]] form from VideoGame/SuperMario64 that, in a rare aversion of ClothesMakeTheSuperman, doesn't require a PowerUp.
** The Mega Strikes are put together in [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_un7fv8JW04 this video.]] Combined with the Starman theme, these really show what kind of [[PowerGlows power]] the Mario characters are truly capable of.
** Special mentions go to:
*** Mario kicking the ball with ThePowerOfTheSun!
*** Peach becoming a [[AngelicBeauty pure and winged deity.]]
*** Luigi utilizing [[MindOverMatter telekinetic powers]] to move the ball around him.
*** Wario inhaling the ball and subsequently [[ActionBomb self-destructing]] while launching the ball.
*** Bowser looking [[OneWingedAngel absolutely monstrous]] as his claws and spikes grow insanely larger.
*** Diddy Kong [[MeditationPowerup meditates]] and never even touches the ball once!
*** Daisy doesn't kick the ball.... she freaking [[MegatonPunch punches it!]]
* The Home entrances consist of the characters free falling from about the same heights they're capable of jumping to and landing flawlessly ([[Funny/MarioStrikers except Wario]]) into an AssKickingPose.