!!Super Mario Strikers

* The opening has Mario score a goal by kicking the ball hard enough for it to set on fire and push the Kritter goalie to the back of the net. Every character can do this as long as you make a "perfect" Super Strike.

!!Mario Strikers Charged

* The Mega Strikes in general. It says a lot of the main cast that to score a goal they can [[InASingleBound jump to ridiculous heights]] (except Petey Piranha) and kick or otherwise strike the ball [[SuperStrength hard enough for it to physically split into 3-6 equal balls]]. At least half of which with GlowingEyesOfDoom to boot.
** The trail of fire following his jump notwithstanding, Mario's is a variation of his [[ExtraOreDinary Metal Mario]] form from VideoGame/SuperMario64 that, in a rare aversion of ClothesMakeTheSuperman, doesn't require a PowerUp.
** The Mega Strikes are put together in [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zip4qJqhpzQ this video.]] Combined with the Starman theme, these really show what kind of [[PowerGlows power]] the Mario characters are truly capable of.
** Special mentions go to:
*** Mario kicking the ball with ThePowerOfTheSun!
*** Peach becoming a [[AngelicBeauty pure and winged deity.]]
*** Luigi utilizing [[ShockAndAwe electric powers]] to [[MindOverMatter move the ball]] around him, before forcing it forward without even touching it.
*** Wario inhaling the ball and subsequently [[ActionBomb self-destructing]] while launching the ball.
*** Bowser looking [[OneWingedAngel absolutely monstrous]] as his claws and spikes grow insanely larger.
*** Diddy Kong [[MeditationPowerup meditates]] and never even touches the ball once!
*** Daisy doesn't kick the ball.... she freaking [[MegatonPunch punches it!]]
*** Donkey Kong is now a thunder god.
* The Home entrances consist of the characters free falling from about the same heights they're capable of jumping to and landing flawlessly ([[Funny/MarioStrikers except Wario]]) into an AssKickingPose.