The story of Rokugan has been going on for almost 20 years. You bet there have been more than a few awesome moments in all that time.

!The Crab Clan
* An often-overlooked one: Hida Kisada's youngest and least favorite child, Hida Sukune, was the only one who opposed the Crab Clan's near-literal DealWithTheDevil. When given as a blood sacrifice to Fu Leng, his soul was damned to the hellish dimension of Jigoku for eternity... [[EscapedFromHell only for his soul to overpower Jigoku due to his raw virtue, and leave of its own accord.]]

!The Dragon Clan
* Hitomi challenged Onnotangu, ''the moon himself'' and one of the gods who created the world, to a duel, slew him and took his place.

!The Scorpion Clan
* ''"I can swim."''
* After being framed for an assassination attempt on the Emperor, the Scorpion were declared traitors to the empire, exiled on pain of death, and their children kept as hostages. At a tournament to win a favor from the Emperor, the Scorpion began by brazenly bribing another clan into helping them (using [[DeusExNukina the sword that created the Burning Sands]], no less), and winning the tournament with their candidate pretending to be a ronin just long enough to secure the prize. As the Emperor was honor bound to fulfill the wish of the victor, they then openly used this to blackmail the Emperor into restoring their holdings and station, while pointedly not needing to swear fealty in so doing.
* The tale of the Scorpion Daimyo Bayushi Ujiro as recorded in the in-universe novel "Winter" ''defines'' the Scorpion. The author, hosting a party for the most powerful people in Rokugan at her winter court, asked the assembled guests what must be the most important virtue a samurai can possess. Four clan champions take their turn to answer, each expounding on their clan's primary philosophy with a single line:
-->'''Hida Junuro:''' Strength! For a weak man is not a man at all.
-->'''Akodo Kyuinjin:''' Courage. For even if a man is strong, should he be a coward, his strength will serve nothing but his flight.
-->'''Shinjo Yuni:''' Resourcefulness, I think. Strength and courage are good and well, but if a man cannot think, he cannot make use of any of his virtues.
-->'''Bayushi Ujiro:''' [[ArmorPiercingResponse Loyalty. For if a man is not loyal, all of his virtues serve your enemy.]]
** It gets better. The Scorpion having won the debate hands-down, the Crab provokes him by asking [[TemptingFate "What does a Scorpion know of loyalty?"]] Ujiro smiles and challenges him and the other assembled daimyos to a test of loyalty to see which clan's samurai best embody the virtue. Each would call their yojimbo into the room one after another and give him a command, the same order for each man. If any man hesitated or questioned the command, he would be disqualified. To demonstrate, Ujiro went first and had his own bodyguard Shunsen called in.
--->'''Bayushi Ujiro:''' Shunsen.
--->'''Shunsen:''' My lord?
--->'''Bayushi Ujiro:''' [[spoiler:[[WhamLine Kill me]].]]
--->'''Shunsen:''' [[DissonantSerenity Yes, my lord.]]
--->''Shunsen [[spoiler:instantly draws his katana, cuts Ujiro down, drops his katana, draws his wakizashi and commits seppuku]].''
*** It is not recorded whether any of the other lords continue with the test, or whether they just judge the Scorpion the winner on the spot.

* At the close of the Second Day Of Thunder. One sentence capped off [[GambitRoulette a thousand years of planning]].
-->"That's right, Fu Leng. [[spoiler:[[OhCrap You are mortal]].]]"
* Just as Daigotsu is ready to conquer all of Rokugan while Fu Leng simultaneously leads an attack on Heaven itself, and all those who could hope to stop them have already been defeated, MagnificentBastard Naseru, the ''courtier'' among Toturi's children, steps up to the plate and mindscrews the God of Evil himself with a few well-chosen words, leading Fu Leng to ruin his own plan in its very moment of triumph by doubting the loyalty of his servants, and thus cutting himself off from the power that their faith granted him.
-->'''Daigotsu:''' You should have remained in Ryoko Owari. Your battle is already lost. Even should I die here, I will become a martyr to the Lost. Their faith in Fu Leng will increase a thousand fold, and his conquest of Tengoku will be assured.
-->'''Naseru:''' Their faith in Fu Leng? I see no such thing. Your people do not believe in Fu Leng. They believe in you. You, in turn, believe in him. You are the focus of Fu Leng's power. I wonder what will become of you once Fu Leng realizes that he relies so heavily upon you. I hope he is a trusting god.
* The original Seven Thunders marched into the Shadowlands and fought an immortal GodOfEvil on his home ground. Fu Leng can demonstrably defeat another kami one on one but seven mortals triumphed where seven kami could not.

* As mentioned on the main page under 'LongRunners', there is only ONE CCG that has managed to survive everything that has been thrown at it over the years, starting from the initial wave of the CCG boom (1993-1996 or so) through the "anime invasion" (the ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}'' CCG, ''TabletopGame/YuGiOh'') and has managed to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the god-game of the industry, ''TabletopGame/MagicTheGathering''. That game is ''TabletopGame/LegendOfTheFiveRings''. Now coming nearly 20 years old and still telling the same, single, continuous story that it started in Imperial Edition, a feat that not even ''Magic'' can boast!
** While it didn't survive the 20th anniversary as a TCG, it's looking like it'll do so as a controlled release game.