! First Chapter
* The [[BigDamnHeroes introduction]] to the [[CoolAirship Arseille]] in Chapter 2.
* The [[StormingTheCastle rescue sequence]] at the end of the game, followed by the arrival in [[spoiler:the Sealed Area]] which provides the players with their first good look at [[spoiler:the marvels of the pre-Collapse civilization]]
! Second Chapter
* Doubling as a CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming, Tita gets one of these in SC when she [[spoiler:stands in Loewe's way as he's about to kill Agate. The fact that she's facing the most dangerous person in the trilogy and an ''enormous dragon'' doesn't faze her and she tells Loewe in no uncertain terms that she will not move no matter what.]]
* Estelle subverting DistressedDamsel and [[DamselOutOfDistress breaking herself out of confinement]] on the Glorious, then fighting her way through two decks of security [[spoiler:before she's finally reunited with Joshua.]]
* The [[spoiler:return of Aureole]] in SC is pretty awesome, even if it is immediately followed by one of the biggest MassOhCrap moments in the series.
* The one-on-one battle between [[spoiler:Joshua and Loewe]] at the end of the game.
! The 3rd
* The BigDamnHeroes moment [[spoiler:at the top of Axis Pillar]] in SC is worthy in its own right but it's completely dwarfed by the corresponding scene in The 3rd: [[spoiler:Kevin, Ries [[AndZoidberg and Gilbert]] are trapped in Gehenna, surrounded by demons in sight of the gate to safety that they can't open. Just as things look grim, the gate opens and the remaining fourteen characters all show up and distract the demons long enough for everyone to escape. Yes, the characters effectively ''stormed Hell'' and lived to tell about it]]
* The Arseille activation sequence at the end of The 3rd [[spoiler:as the combined will of all the characters makes the ship not only move but exceed its normal limitations. The icing on the cake is that the following scene is ''Gilbert's'' personal [=CMoA=]]]
** [[spoiler:Gilbert]] pulling a YouShallNotPass by declaring that it's time for him to show the cast what he's really made of. Normally this would be something of a joke since the last three or four times he's said it he's been a pushover. [[spoiler:He then directly manipulates Phantasma in order to summon his G-Apache and launches to hold off a [[ClimaxBoss Traumerei Dragion]] pursuing the Arseille. In the end it shades into Crowning Moment of Funny when another two Dragion units show up to leave him hopelessly outmatched but he still manages to get all three pursuing him rather than the Arseille and that has to be worth something.]]