* [[spoiler: Sheena's ultimate move after she merges with her sequel "twin": '''Pretty Armageddon'''. It clears out everything on the screen, and since "screen" is a relative term outside of video games, well... It's also beautifully animated.]]
* In the climax when [[spoiler:Bogey makes a HeroicSacrifice to heal Radd]]. This is also Grade A TearJerker material.
* GI Guy is pretty much a walking CrowningMomentOfAwesome. As he puts it himself, "My player spent a lot of time leveling me up."
* The entire plot of the [[TrueFinalBoss final]] [[BigBad villain]]. Even if it fails.
* Kobayashi and Gnarl taking levels in awesome and [[GondorCallsForAid joining the heroes]] in the final battle.
* Radd's decision to oppose the Moderators to begin with, and much that he does thereafter.
* The ending, which breaks the fourth wall in the most inspiring way ever.
-->'''Text Box:''' So... How about it, human?\\
'''GAME START'''\\
* Everyone managing to deal the 9999 hits required to defeat the final villain.