* In the first book, Kate gets fed up with [[OurWerebeastsAreDifferent the Pack's]] scare tactics and decides she's not taking any more crap. So she responds to the Beast Lord, a were-lion, like any common housecat. Becomes a case of NeverLiveItDown, which is also funny.
--> '''Kate''': [[CrowningMomentOfFunny "Here, kitty, kitty, kitty."]]
* ''Magic Burns'': Kate, [[SuperMode supercharged by the energies of the magic flare]], causes a legion of demons to [[WordsCanBreakMyBones kneel at her feet]] with a single word.
* Kate impaling herself on the [[CoolSword sword]] that would have destroyed her team and using her blood to break it. Followed by using her blood control when captured to kill one of the rakshasas. And finally the [[BigDamnHeroes Curran and the rest of the shapeshifters]] arriving to rescue her.
* In ''Magic Slays'', the takedown of the fortified military compound held by the Lighthouse Keepers by the entire magical community of Atlanta combined definitely counts.
* Kate's fight against Hugh in ''Magic Rises''. He's older than her, bigger than her, and stronger than her. Kate still wins and nearly kills him.
* ''Magic Breaks'':
** With her friends, Robert and Christopher, being held by Roland, Kate agrees to finally meet him. Whether she's his daughter is still an open question for him and his court, and he tests her in front of an audience. If she can come and take her friends out of there, she's free to go. Two vampires come at her, and she quickly kills them with her sword. Four more rush her, and she seizes control from their navigators and makes their heads explode. Hibla, who murdered [[spoiler: Aunt B]], confronts her. Kate methodically cuts her to pieces, making Hibla suffer before finally beheading her. While she's doing this, Hibla's mage tries to intervene, and Kate coats a knife with her blood, throws it into his throat, and makes her blood form spikes inside of him. Then she comes up against Roland's blood ward, which she could break only if she was his daughter. She does, with ease.
** Roland comes to claim Atlanta, a magical event that will give him great power over it. Doing this involves planting a spear at the top of a tower and unleashing his power. Kate, who has spent her whole life hiding her power and her heritage, drops all of her barriers in front of the Pack Council and the People. She wrests control of the people's vampires with a word of power and pulls them to her side. Before all, Roland addresses her as "Daughter" and she addresses him as "Father". She squeezes the vampires' minds with hers until their heads explode, then slices her arm and combines her blood with theirs to form the blood armor, an ability specific to Roland and his family. She defies Roland in front of an audience. Before the spear can come down, she blocks it with her sword, with Curran bracing her, until it shatters. Then:
--->I tried to pull back, but I couldn't. The magic continued to rush out of me, as unstoppable as a flood, more, more, ''more''...I struggled to contain it, but it refused to stop. It ripped me out of Curran's arms and jerked me off my feet and into the air. My blood armor crumbled into dust. Words appeared on my hands and arms, strange words written in dark ink. The air around me turned red. The ceiling above me exploded. My body bent back, my arms opened wide, my back arched. The building swayed, shaking. Below me, people crouched by the walls, trying to hide from my power.\\
The magic inside me erupted. My voice rolled like the sound of an enormous bell.\\
A pulse of pure red shot out of me, spreading in a ring over Atlanta. The blast wave rolled with a sound like thunder. I felt it slide over the city all the way past the outskirts, past the Keep until finally it dissipated. The magic soaked into the ground and it responded, sending a surge of magic back to me.\\
Oh no.\\
I had claimed the city. I had marked Atlanta as my dominion.
** To put this in some context, Roland, bursting with pride, later says she shouldn't have been able to do this for another hundred years.