!!The comics
* [[http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-wOrQaK6lQ-4/TrWvBvhi2sI/AAAAAAAAFKI/n3c8NJTcUJI/s1600/Gaze+into+the+fist+of+dredd0.jpg GAZE INTO THE FIST OF DREDD!!!]]
* The conclusion of the ''Cold Deck'' StoryArc, which crosses over with TheSimpingDetective and LowLife.
** Though the lead in was pure awesome too. Special mention goes to the moment in Prog1807 where [[spoiler: Judge Dredd kicks a door down between his own strip and TheSimpingDetective, with a change in creative teams mid-kick revealing the whole thing had been linked all along]]
* The revelation that The Dead Man [[spoiler: was Dredd all along]].
* Dredd literally crawling to Mega City Two to finish his mission at the end of ''The Cursed Earth''.

!!The 1995 movie
* AwesomeMusic: "The Dredd Song" by ''TheCure'' in the end credits.
* The sentencing sequence, particularly the conclusion.
--> '''Dredd:''' And Code 3613...the first-degree murder of a street judge.
--> '''Block Warlord:''' Let me guess. Life?
--> ''The block warlord goes to pull his gun, but Dredd whirls about and shoots him.''
--> '''Dredd:''' Death. [[BondOneLiner Court's adjourned]].
* Admit it - Dredd pumping his gun as a salute to Lady Justice in the ruined High Court was pretty cool.