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!!''Patriot Games''
* Jack Ryan's foiling of the assassination attempt in the beginning of the book is acknowledged in-universe.
* Later, he scares the piss out of the psychopath who's been gunning for him in the whole book, and Sergeant Major Breckenridge gets a CMOA for making sure Jack doesn't cross the MoralEventHorizon.

!!''The Cardinal of The Kremlin''
* Jack pulling off a [[MagnificentBastard magnificent]] {{plan}} to screw over the KGB chairman, rescue the titular Cardinal, and prevent a Russian power struggle.

!!''Debt of Honor''
* Clark and Chavez's rescue of Koga from CorruptCorporateExecutive Yamata's penthouse suite. Bonus points for visiting death on the man who coldbloodedly murdered an American woman earlier.

!!''Executive Orders''
* Special Agent Patrick O'Day takes down some terrorists trying to kidnap Jack Ryan's daughter, and the Secret Service get theirs by killing the rest of them in platoon-level numbers. When the terrorists attack Giant Steps, Agent Don Russell has less than a second of warning. Armed with a 9mm pistol, he takes down three AK-toting assassins in seconds, and nails a fourth in the knee as he goes down. O'Day, caught inside with a horde of kids, manages to convince the hostiles of his harmlessness and then take them down with no collateral damage. His real CMOA? A "See you around, champ" to the deceased Russell[[note]]They'd been discussing setting up a shooting competition to see who was a better shot. O'Day acknowledged that Russell was his superior after reflecting on the crime scene[[/note]].
* Jack himself gets one for his RousingSpeech, in which he calls out the nutcase who tried to use biowar on his country and rats out his evil scheme to the world. He also manages to make the SmugSnake Indian Prime Minster realize she pissed off the wrong guy. And it would be wrong not to mention the conclusion of the book.
* The 15,000 National Guardsmen ripping apart 2 UIR army corps. The National Guardsmen are reservists, while the Army Corps are professionals who've been training pretty hard. They also outnumber the Guardsmen by almost 6 to 1. The UIR doesn't stand a chance.

!!''The Bear and the Dragon''
* BadassGrandpa Senior Sergeant Gogol taking out a Chinese General with the same gun he sniped Germans with in WWII.
* The CIA causing the PRC to terminate a war by simply broadcasting the truth via the Web.
* Jack, who does not want a retaliatory nuclear strike (and the resulting blood on his hands) on his conscience, so he voluntarily elects to stay at Ground Zero for the projected nuclear assault, which is successfully averted in a CMOA for the United States Navy.

!!''The Teeth Of The Tiger''
* Dominic Caruso deliberately provoking a child rapist, after having found a missing little girl dead in the man's bathtub, into picking up a knife. The guy is less than [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tueller_Drill 21 feet]] away from Dom, a crack-shot FBIAgent. [[TooDumbToLive Big mistake.]]
* [[BadassFamily Brian and Dominic]] taking down a terrorist assault at a mall by themselves.
* Jack Ryan's son taking down a high-level terrorist operative with a death laden in {{Irony}}.

!!''Dead Or Alive''
* Jack Ryan Sr giving [[SmugSnake President Kealty]] a VillainousBreakdown with a brutally honest TheReasonYouSuckSpeech. On national television!

!!''Locked On''
* Jack Ryan being reelected to the presidency of the United States. This makes him the second president after Grover Cleveland to serve two non-consecutive terms in office and the second longest serving president after FDR.