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* When you hear the theme song(s) start to play, chances are a CrowningMomentOfAwesome is going to happen.
* Whenever the playmaker (Kidou in the original, Shindou in GO) notices the opposing team's strategy.
* Every single time you score a goal. Extra points if you did it with a special tactic.
** Likewise, every time your goalie blocks a powerful shot technique from the other team.
! General
* Pretty much anytime anyone uses a special move to score the final goal. At all.
* In ''Galaxy'', you can evolve a hissatsu into an ultimate hissatsu; and it will be able to compete with some of the strongest hissatsus in the game in their own way, at the price of having the move cost 99 TP or 85 TP if it's a defense hissatsu. So imagine if you were to evolve [[JokeWeapon a joke of a move such as Perfect Course]], [[LethalJokeWeapon and seeing it reach a power of 1600]].
! Football Frontier
* For anyone who's starting out on the first series/game, Gouenji's first Fire Tornado is this.
! Aliea Academy
* Reize's first shot with Astro Break. It had litteraly destroyed the [[MadeOfIndestructium ball]].
* Gouenji's new move against [[spoiler: Epsilon Remastered, [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQLEieFvhAo Bakuretsu Storm]]]]. [[spoiler: The demon that helps him fire the move is what makes this move so badass.]]
** Later, the demon in here becomes a [[FightingSpirit keshin]] called Enma Gazard. [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vuJejDts2M Everything about it is badass in so much level.]]
! Football Frontier International
* [[spoiler:Ijigen the Hand is a pretty awesome move. It's the only move that purposely makes a ball miss so the opponent doesn't get a point. The rest of the keeper moves involves catching a ball or punching them away.]]
! Ogre
* Omega the Hand takes the concept of God Hand and cranks it UpToEleven. The hand is so big that you can see it outside the stadium, and catching a ball makes it glow in a very bright light, as it shrinks back to show Endou with the ball. You can just experience how awesome it is for yourself [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5h4Udkis_tI here]] (Minor Ogre spoilers).
! Holy Road
* God Hand V is another cool variation of God Hand. For the most part, it's basically just God Hand, until you get to the part where Endou gets a golden V-shaped wing. [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSJGqRZhyJo You have to see it for yourself.]]
* White King's goalkeeper Hissatsu, Crown Fire. It doesn't just block the ball, it ''burns it to ash.'' Considering the ball is usually MadeOfIndestructium... [[spoiler: Not so awesome when the FinalBoss uses it though. As if that weren't enough, he also has the regular skill Shot Stopper, which lets him to the same thing ''without an Avatar''.]]
* Evolution is a move that is in here less so for the move, and moreso for the context of the move. Tenma, Tsurugi, and Shindou's character arc in GO was one that was filled with a lot of conflict, at the beginning of GO; it was hard to see those three actually working together in harmony. Eventually they got over their issues and they were able to actually do it, and this move was when you know they've started to truly accept each other.
[[folder:Episodes & Matches]]
! Football Frontier
* Endou creating God Hand for the first time in episode 2.
* In episode 06, Kabeyama gets over his fears and uses Inazuma Drop with Gouenji to score. Also, Endou gets credit for his arms going through so much abuse and yet refusing the Jungle team to score.
* In episode 8, during a Corner Kick, Mikage Senrou’s striker tries to use Patriot Shoot again to score a goal, but Endou jumps out of the goal box and gets Gouenji to kick the ball with him as its descending before the striker can reach it, creating Inazuma Otoshi! The move is strong enough to reach the entire field without losing power, earning the team their first goal.
* Near the end of the match between Mikage Sennou vs Inazuma Eleven, Gouenji is about to score a final goal with Fire Tornado when Arata clashes it, which implodes and knocks them both out.
* Megane calling out the Otaku team for cheating in the soccer match in episode 9, something their anime idols would ''not approve off'' when he’s the only one to realize that the team is moving the net, so he jumps in Someoka’s Dragon Shot with '''his face''' to redirect the ball into the goal, even at the cost of him not being able to play for a while. "Megane Crash” ended up becoming an actual hissatsu. Endou wasn’t even sure what was going on and even he thought it was cool.
* With help from Domon, Natsumi gets Fuyukai fired for trying to sabotage Raimon’s bus.
* Endou and Hibiki have a challenge in episode 11 where Endou has to stop all three of Hibiki’s shots so he could be Raimon’s coach. Hibachi even uses a Hissatsu Shot, and Endou’s God Hand proves to Hibiki and he accepts.
* In episode 12, Kidou and the Detective FINALLY GET KAGEYAMA ARRESTED and prevented the support beams from killing Raimon.
** In the actual match between Royal and Raimon itself:
*** Genda improved Power Shield to block even Dragon Tornado, so Gouenji and Someoka use it again to but no avail. But when the ball flies back, Gouenji jumps again in the air and STRIKES the Shield with Fire Tornado to score Raimon a point.
*** Kidou created Emperor Penguin #2 to break God Hand and it works! However, the rest of Raimon breaks Endou out of the shock, and uses two hands with God Hand the next time to beat it.
*** Endou then runs up to Gouenji and Kabeyama as they’re about to use Inazuma Drop, and adds his power to the shot to break Genda’s Full Power Shield. Yes, after 13 hard episodes, Raimon finally beat Royal Academy.
* Episode 16: Inazuma Eleven meets Manga/Naruto. And Kazemaru’s ADayInTheLimelight does not dissapoint as he saves the goal to help Endou, then goes with Gouenji to score a goal with Honoo No Kazamidori.
* Everyone talks about how Reize destroyed a ball for the first time, but Goeunji did it first, burning the ball to a crisp to convince Kidou to get revenge against Zeus.
* Episode 18. The Inazuma Break. That is all that must be said.
** As a epic CallBack later when Inazuma Japan faces Neo Japan who was taught Mugen No Kabe a.k.a. Infinite Wall in episode 77, Endou, Gouenji and Kidou break through its upgraded version with Inazuma Break V2!
* Endou, Domon, Ichinose, and Gouenji BreakTheHaughty on the Mukata triplets and Tri-Pegasus evolves into THE PHOENIX!
* Endou finally mastering Majin The Hand in episode 26, blocking God Knows and boosting Raimons morale to stand up again, getting 3 goals in a row! And Endou, Domon, and Ichinose uses The Phoenix and Gouenji ''powers it up'' with Fire Tornado, creating a shuriken bird of flames, where Raimon FINALLY wins the Football Frontier!
! Aliea Academy
* [[spoiler: Fubuki]] gets out of the Inazuma Caravan, and kills a f*cking bear with a soccer ball. No wonder he was called the "bear killer".
* The whole Raimon vs. Hakuren match which is basically Fubuki [[OneManArmy single-handedly]] [[CurbStompBattle massacring]] Raimon (especially Someoka).
* After two humiliating losses, Raimon takes down Gemini Storm in episode 34. Credit to Someoka busting out his evolved version of Dragon Crash to Wyvern Blizzard as well as Endou’s training allowing Majin The Hand to finally block most of Gemini Storm’s hissatsu shots, including Universal Blast! And Fubuki’s Eternal Blizzard freezes the entire net and Gemini Storm’s goalkeeper with no sweat.
* To stop Genda and Sakuma from using the forbidden techniques in the Shin Teikoku two parter, Someoka & Fubuki combine their two hissatsu into Wyvern Blizzard to score before Genda can even react! [[spoiler: Shame they never do it again after episode 39.]]
** In the same episode, we got a love DBZ like clash between Kidou & Fudou for the ball.
* The second match against Epsilon in season two, Fubuki's [[OneManArmy one-man play]] and persistence is the sole reason Raimon was able to score with [[https://youtu.be/agLuRMhI1o0?t=7m14s Eternal freakin' Blizzard!]] Cue [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hz7NU_9GOa0 Kesshi no Kogeki]] and everybody cheering for Fubuki.
* Gouenji's [[spoiler: return]] in season two is badass incarnate. First, he easily [[CurbStompBattle dodges]] Epsilon [[spoiler: Remastered]]'s members, then proceeds to [[strike: annihilate]] score with Fire Tornado. Lastly, he proceeds to shoot [[spoiler: Bakuretsu Storm]], casually looks away as Desarm is decimated by the move. The picture above is just a taste.
** Detective Onigawara disguising himself as Gouenji so he can arrest the members of Alieas Academy with his team and save Yuuka from being used as leverage so Gouenji could play.
* Episode #57, Nepper becomes the EnsembleDarkhorse of Alieas Academy and breaks through everything Raimon can throw at him, including Ichinose’s Flame Dance AND he breaks through HEAVEN’S TIME! The episode ends with Prominence already at 0-10.
** In episode #58, Tachimukai finally understands how to use Mugen the Hand and stops Burn’s Atomic Flare. Then Kidou uses the rhythm beat from Oumihara’s reserve captain Gakuya, and counters Prominence’s team efforts. Then Aphrodi, Kidou, Gouenji, Domon, Tsunami, and Endou bring the score from 0-10 to 7-10.
** However, Burn and Gazelle get pissed and rationale that their combined efforts were working, so the two use their combined efforts to create FIRE BLIZZARD, and decimate Mugen The Hand. The team starts working together again and leave no opening for Raimon at all.
** Aphrodi sacrifices himself to not only get through Prominences’ defensives, and everyone ends up worried for him, and [[{{Determinator}} yet he continues to fight through until Hiroto drops in, ending the match]]. Luckily, Aphrodi’s message ends up inspiring Fubuki to fight back.
! Football Frontier International
* Without Garshield’s influence, Inazuma Japan and The Kingdom finally have a proper match.
** Gouenji and Someoka performing a chain shoot with Shin Bakunetsu Screw and Dragon Slayer, totally making up for them not having a combination hissatsu.
** Fubuki and Raiden upgrading Thunder Beast to its Kai version and scoring a goal to send Roniejo a message, “Play the way you want!”
* Here’s one people who haven’t seen the anime don’t know about. According to the video games, during the Football Frontier International, The Kingdom and Little Gigant ''TIED''. Considering how much effort Inazuma Japan had to go through to beat both teams, its a shame it was an OffscreenMomentOfAwesome
* Episode 88 of the original anime, especially, the final minutes of the match against Knights of Queen. Someoka tries to score with his Dragon Slayer move, but its sent back towards Inazuma Japan's goal thanks to Edgar and his Excalibur! So what does Endou do? [[spoiler: Thanks to the discussion he had with Mr. Araya during the half-time, he develops his new hissatsu, Ijigen the Hand and stops the ball from going to the goal.]]
* In Episode 93, Kidou, Sakuma, and Fudou created Emperor Penguin No. 9 and Demonio actually tries to counter it with Emperor Penguin X. It fails, but its a '''clash''' of Penguin hissatsus!
* After several episodes of Teres’ arrogance in 95, Gouenji, Hiroto, and Toramaru unleash Grand Fire and not only smashes through Teres, but finally scores Inazuma Japan a goal against The Empire.
** Kabeyama, Kogure, Tsunami, and Kurimatsu managed to blindside The Empire’s hissatsu tactics, allowing the forwards to get the ball. And Kurimatsu injures his left leg, but continues to fight through the pain.
** Hell, Tachimukai finally breaks out of TheWorfEffect and completes Maou The Hand.
* In the beginning of the match between Unicorn and Inazuma Eleven, ''ICHINOSE DOMINATES''!
** He breezes through Gouenji, Hiroto, Tsunami, FLIPS OVER Fubuki with the soccer ball, sideswipes through Kageyama, and scores against Ijigen The Hand with his brand new special move, Pegasus Shot!
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DP8Z9fOIzCI When Endou levels up Megaton Head to score the final goal against Dark Angels.]] The whole thing is just awesome from beginning to end.
* In #109, we have Edgar using Excalibur to take advantage of Sein’s Heaven Drive before the latter can use it to increase its power and break through Holy Drive in the match against the Tenkuu So Shito angel team just [[DamselInDistress to save Rika]]. Doubles as a heartwarming moment as he’s grown past his arrogance to be an ally to Inazuma Japan and sacrificed his leg for them (Luckily the injury wasn’t severe.)
* The final battle between Little Gigant and Inazuma Japan is not in the latter’s favor and Endou can’t seem to master God Catch, so the entire team goes back to help him defend the goal! Once Endou sees that as the leader and the captain, he should be the one protecting the goal and finally musters the power to perfect God Catch. And it is beautiful!
** Now that the defense is secure, Endou gets the ball to Hiroto, and he makes his ultimate shot, TENKUU OTOSHI, which is basically shooting down space itself and finally scores the first goal against Little Gigant.
*** Not only is this the first time on screen someone’s broken through Rocco’s God Hand X, this also means that Hiroto has the strongest individual shoot hissatsu on the Inazuma Japan team.
** And how does Inazuma Japan get the second point? WITH A FREAKING BIG BANG! This inspires Rocco to create a new hissatsu, Tamashii The Hand the next time he tried it. When it put it in layman’s terms, Rocco’s heart and passion allowed him to stop the CREATION OF THE UNIVERSE!
** Rocco also decides to get out of the net and uses X Blast to defeat God Catch, but Endou one upped him later by evolving it to G3!
** The final move Inazuma Japan uses to win, JET STREAM, a tornado that increases its strength with lightning the stronger the bonds with the players are.
* The graduation match. Perfect way to end off the series.
! Holy Road
* In episode 6, Tenma has had enough of Fifth Sector controlling the rules of the game, so after a brief HeroicBSOD, he immediately challenges the rules alongside Shinsuke. After several attempts to pass to Shindou resulted in failure, he finally breaks through Shindou’s shell. Once Shindou responds, he fires back with a shot powerful enough to break Eito’s goalkeeper’s hissatsu!
* In episode 7, Endou casually dodges Tsurugi’s Death Sword by barely moving his forehead to test his strength! The whole episode is basically Endou reigniting the passion for soccer within the other members with Shinsuke and Tenma just giving their all.
* Tenma develops his first hissatsu Sokayze Step, and finally makes it past Shindou in episode 8.
* In episode 9, Shindou delivers a huge “screw that” to Fifth Sector’s rules and uses God Hand to trick his teammates while orchestrating Shinsuke and Tenma to get the ball to the front lines. Then he scores the first goal in the Holy Road preliminaries.
** One of the guys on the opposing team actually wants to fight Raimon at their best, proving the not everyone is compliant to the rules.
* In episode 12, Tsurugi switches sides HeelFaceTurn, and delivers a Death Sword to the othe
* In episode 13, despite having 3 SEEDS WITH AVATARS, Raimon manages to prevail against Mannozuka!
** First, Seto [[WhatTheHellHero calls out the rest of the team not for following Fifth Sector’s rules, but for not helping out their friends and teammates after the years they’ve been through.]] As Mitsuyoshi is about to use his Avatar, Kuramada shocks everyone with his defense hissatsu: Dash Train to steal the ball in time and issue a counter attack!
** Then Amagi, Hamano, Hayami, and later Kurama each take turns working with the rest of Raimon. Special notes to Amagi who summons THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA ITSELF as a defensive hissatsu.
** Tsurugi uses his Avatar against Mannozuka’s Shinoyama’s Avatar in a clash of hissatsu that becomes a battle between the strongest sword (Lost Angel) and the strongest shield (Guardian Shield) and the former prevails, tying the score 2-2. It also tired out Shinoyama’s Avatar, leading him open for Shindou’s Fortissimo!
* In episode 14, Shinsuke works his butt off to compete his new hissatsu without rest while Tsurugi’s brother starts physical therapy in order to start walking and play soccer like his brother.
* In episode 23, Kariya figures out how to use the tornadoes to his advantage, kicking the ball into it to reach to Tenma, and he jumps in to improve his Mach Wind. As Tsukasa is about to use a hissatsu block, Kurama performs a shoot chain with Sidewinder before the Avatar can even react, gaining his first goal!
* With Kirino’s guidance, him and Kariya breakthrough Tactics Cyclone to reach Tenma.
* The opening for episode 24 has the clash between Tenma’s and Tsukasa’s Avatar with Majin Pegasus defeating Gigantic Bomb after an intense clash, tying the score to 2-2. The rest of the team also stick to Minamisawa and proving their soccer is worth the battle. As a result, Gassan Kunimitsu’s players all struggle now that their administrative soccer has failed them.
** However, Minamisawa goes completely OneManArmy against Raimon in order to prove that his strength and Fifth Sector justified leaving Raimon. That inspires the rest of the team to win at all costs against their usual practice, including the coach!
** Kariya dodges two defenders with the ball by jumping over one and somersaulting over the other to connect a double pass with Kirino to pass to Tsurugi. And he and Lancelot finish the game with Lost Angel.
* Episode 30: With [[spoiler: Someoka’s guidance]] Nishiki scores two goals on Kidokawa Seishuu through regaining his self-confidence.
** Kidokawa and [[spoiler: Aphrodi]] get a mention. Not only was the couch able to understand the flow of the changing stadium, he gave the team the confidence to use God’s Triangle. Then Taki breaks through Sangoku’s Fence of Gaia, followed by an upgraded version of Triangle Z!
* Raimon's match against Arakumo in GO, specifically the sheer number of on-the-fly tactics they come up with against such an intimidating opponent. Firstly, [[spoiler: Tenma musters enough HeroicResolve to ''evolve'' his Avatar, something that's extremely rare.]] Then they find out the other team are channeling their combined energy into Taiyo's Avatar so he can use in indefinately. Not only do Tenma, Shindou and Tsurugi manage to immidiately reverse-engineer this, they ''improve'' on it: [[spoiler: [[FusionDance fusing all three of their Avatars together to make one combined super Avatar]] that turns Tenma into a OneManArmy.]]
! Chrono Stone
* [[spoiler: Kirino]]'s big comeback in the Jeanne d'Arc mini-arc. While he wasn't really the strongest during Holy Road, he finally gets a lot going in this mini-arc. First he gets a Keshin, then he Mixi-Maxes with Jeanne which at that point made him one of Raimon's strongest defenders. After a whole lot of CantCatchUp moments, it's nice to see him as a worthy member for the ultimate eleven.
! Galaxy
* Episode 38 of GO Galaxy: [[spoiler: While the whole episode is an example as a whole of this, Zanarkurou really nails the spot home as he gets near the net, when suddenly, the strongest defender of Faramobius, Bargas, appears. So, how does Zanarkurou react? By releasing so much power that he sends Bargas flying while having the same eyes as Super Zanark, and to score, he unleashed nothing less than Great Max Na Ore, which viewers of Chrono Stone may remember as the hissatsu waza that completely destroyed the goalkeepers of the opposing teams of the Second Stage Children, and it truly lives up to that, by not even allowing the opposing goalkeeper to even finish his hissatsu! What makes this even more awesome is that Zanark needed mixitrans to use this hissatsu: Zanarkurou just unleashed his potential without need of mixitrans or possibly not even his Soul]]. Coming from the backup striker, this is one awesome feat.