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* When you hear the theme song(s) start to play, chances are a CrowningMomentOfAwesome is going to happen.
* Whenever the playmaker (Kidou in the original, Shindou in GO) notices the opposing team's strategy.
* Every single time you score a goal. Extra points if you did it with a special tactic.
** Likewise, every time your goalie blocks a powerful shot technique from the other team.
* Pretty much anytime anyone uses a special move to score the final goal. At all.
* For anyone who's starting out on the first series/game, Gouenji's first Fire Tornado is this.
* In ''Galaxy'', you can evolve a hissatsu into an ultimate hissatsu; and it will be able to compete with some of the strongest hissatsus in the game in their own way, at the price of having the move cost 99 TP or 85 TP if it's a defense hissatsu. So imagine if you were to evolve a joke of a move such as Perfect Course, and seeing your opponent struggling to stop it. You can also get your favourite low TP move, and make into a serious threat; so that's also a bonus.
* Reize's first shot with Astro Break. It had litteraly destroyed the [[MadeOfIndestructium ball]].
* Gouenji's new move against [[spoiler: Epsilon Remastered, [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQLEieFvhAo Bakuretsu Storm]]]]. [[spoiler: The demon that helps him fire the move is what seals the deal.]]
** Later, the demon in here becomes a [[FightingSpirit keshin]] called Enma Gazard. [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vuJejDts2M Everything about it is badass in so much level.]]
* [[spoiler:Ijigen the Hand is a pretty awesome move. It's the only move that purposely makes a ball miss so the opponent doesn't get a point. The rest of the keeper moves involves catching a ball or punching them away.]]
* Omega the Hand takes the concept of God Hand and crank it UpToEleven. The hand is so big that you can see it outside the stadium, and catching a ball makes it glow in a very bright light, as it shrinks back to show Endou with the ball. Or you can just experience how awesome it is for yourself [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5h4Udkis_tI here]] (Minor Ogre spoilers).
** God Hand V is another cool variation of God Hand. For the most part, it's basically just God Hand, until you get to the part where Endou gets a golden V-shaped wing. [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSJGqRZhyJo You have to see it for yourself.]]
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DP8Z9fOIzCI When Endou levels up Megaton Head to score the final goal against Dark Angels.]] The whole thing is just awesome from beginning to end.
* White King's goalkeeper Hissatsu, Crown Fire. It doesn't just block the ball, it ''burns it to ash.'' Considering the ball is usually MadeOfIndestructium... [[spoiler: Not so awesome when the FinalBoss uses it though. As if that weren't enough, he also has the regular skill Shot Stopper, which lets him to the same thing ''without an Avatar''.]]
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* [[spoiler: Fubuki]] gets out of the Inazuma Caravan, and kills a f*cking bear with a soccer ball. No wonder he was called the "bear killer".
* The whole Raimon vs. Hakuren match which is basically Fubuki [[OneManArmy single-handedly]] [[CurbStompBattle massacring]] Raimon (especially Someoka).
* The second match against Epsilon in season two, Fubuki's [[OneManArmy one-man play]] and persistence is the sole reason Raimon was able to score with [[https://youtu.be/agLuRMhI1o0?t=7m14s Eternal freakin' Blizzard!]] Cue [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hz7NU_9GOa0 Kesshi no Kogeki]] and everybody cheering for Fubuki.
* Gouenji's [[spoiler: return]] in season two is badass incarnate. First, he easily [[CurbStompBattle dodges]] Epsilon [[spoiler: Remastered]]'s members, then proceeds to [[strike: annihilate]] score with Fire Tornado. Lastly, he proceeds to shoot [[spoiler: Bakuretsu Storm]], casually looks away as Desarm is decimated by the move. The picture above is just a taste.
* Episode 88 of the original anime, especially, the final minutes of the match against Knights of Queen. Someoka tries to score with his Dragon Slayer move, but its sent back towards Inazuma Japan's goal thanks to Edgar and his Excalibur! So what does Endou do? [[spoiler: Thanks to the discussion he had with Mr. Araya during the half-time, he develops his new hissatsu, Ijigen the Hand and stops the ball from going to the goal.]]
* Raimon's match against New Cloud in GO, specifically the sheer number of on-the-fly tactics they come up with against such an intimidating opponent. Firstly, [[spoiler: Tenma musters enough HeroicResolve to ''evolve'' his Avatar, something that's extremely rare.]] Then they find out the other team are channeling their combined energy into Taiyo's Avatar so he can use in indefinately. Not only do Tenma, Shindou and Tsurugi manage to immidiately reverse-engineer this, they ''improve'' on it: [[spoiler: [[FusionDance fusing all three of their Avatars together to make one combined super Avatar]] that turns Tenma into a OneManArmy.]]
* Episode 38 of GO Galaxy: [[spoiler: While the whole episode is an example as a whole of this, Zanarkurou really nails the spot home as he gets near the net, when suddenly, the strongest defender of Faramobius, Bargas, appears. So, how does Zanarkurou react? By releasing so much power that he sends Bargas flying while having the same eyes as Super Zanark, and to score, he unleashed nothing less than Great Max Na Ore, which viewers of Chrono Stone may remember as the hissatsu waza that completely destroyed the goalkeepers of the opposing teams of the Second Stage Children, and it truly lives up to that, by not even allowing the opposing goalkeeper to even finish his hissatsu! What makes this even more awesome is that Zanark needed mixitrans to use this hissatsu: Zanarkurou just unleashed his potential without need of mixitrans or possibly not even his Soul]]. Coming from the backup striker, this is one awesome feat.