!!Season One
* "A Seeker Is Born": The moment things get bad, Sophie proves herself to be quite skilled, despite what her mouth might indicate. First she instantly shields Lok + herself from flying glass shards with a nearby blanket, pushes Lok hard enough that he slides between the legs of an Organization Suit, and after a chase where she tells Lok to go on without her, proceeds to kick the StandardFemaleGrabArea trope in the balls.
-->'''Sophie:''' (struggling against two Suits, who are holding both her arms with both of theirs) When I said I could handle myself-\\
''Kicks the shin of one Suit, then grabs his shirt and flings him into the other one''\\
'''Sophie:''' -''I meant it!''
** Then while on the roof, surrounded by two Titans + Suits, she's pretty much unafraid, even when one blasts the roof tiles near her feet (without flinching on her part). Sophie proceeds to state that she's a Casterwill, [[PreAssKickingOneLiner and this should be a great warm-up.]]
** Dante's EstablishingCharacterMoment where, with a little help from Lok, [[LightningBruiser he and his signature Titans proceed to drive away the Organization Suits.]]
* "The Casterwill Client": Continued from previous episode, Sophie shows herself to have some skills, including the athletic abilities to jump down from a ''two-story building roof'' without much trouble.
** During a battle, everyone save Sophie (who's reading to find out their next important clue) gets a chance to show what they can do. Highlights include Caliban throwing a bookshelf at Breaker, Cherit's Energy Blast OHKO-ing an enemy Titan, and Lok summoning Freelancer at the last moment despite his Seeker spells being currently lackluster.
* "Words of Truth, Heart of Lies": Dante's status as TheAce is in full force here, not just in battle, but in his instincts as well. After Zhalia enters the picture, he displays a certain amount of wary caution, asking her to join them on their next mission while at the same time subtly leaving motion sensors on said mission, suspecting the Organization were following them. In retrospect, [[spoiler: he was wise to do so, regarding Zhalia's mole status]].
** Then of course, when the Organization left the hidden room too soon, Dante uses checks it more thoroughly. The result? He finds the 'golem's' true location before the Organization, and summons [[TheBigGuy Metagolem]], who proceeds to crush the opposition. And adding onto it, Lok's learning of Everfight (heals injuries) and bonding with Kipperin helped turn the tides, drawing attention away so that Dante could do his job.
* "Into The River of Secrets": Though they lost the chance to get Gar-Ghoul, Lok's perchance for solving puzzles allows him to spot clues a mile away, opening up a secret passage.
* "Divide And Conquer": Faced with a curse that can only be suppressed for thirty minutes, the team has to find a way out with Suits covering every exit, having three fake rings to distract from the real one, which one of them holds. At the end, [=DeFoe=] just manages to corner Zhalia, the last one who wouldn't have a fake ring... until Dante enters the picture, telling her to give it to him. It's a fake too, so where's the real one? [[spoiler:Long gone, via Gareon, who slipped right past everyone with his invisibility.]] As Dante put it: "You've lost before you've even started."
* "Two Powers Become One": Dante and Montahue combine their strengths on the Hammer of Thor, spinning it at such high speed that once they let go, it one-shots the colossal Frost Giant Titan (creating a shockwave of wind that knocks everyone down), destroys a large section of a wall, ''and'' continues speeding through the air for at least several miles like a comet - their double-spelled [[PowerFist Dragonfist]] probably helped in that regard.
* "The Treasure of the Argonauts": Combining their Seeker powers, their heavyweight Titans, and a counter-balancing system of rocks, the Huntik team manage to lift a hundred-foot long shipwreck off it's seabed. The initial push anyway, as Metagolem almost single-handedly finishes the job, proving how strong he is.
** The latter fight also has a number of smaller moments: Dante's little smirk at [=DeFoe=]'s pathetic falling-for-an-obvious-ruse moment, before proceeding to turn the tables; Lok stating his intention to take on four Suits at once, showing his growth in confidence as a Seeker (plus living up to the claim); Grier proving himself to be a man of honor even when his boss breaks down over this 'betrayal'.
* "Like Father, Unlike Son": Dante and Grier go head-to-head, and are quite evenly matched, driving each other to their limits and having them come to an understanding. Considering Dante's Ace status, this says a lot about Grier's abilities.
* "The Scepter Deception": As part of his plan, Dante intentionally gives the eponymous sceptre to Klaus, ''just'' so his hidden tracking device could tail him to his secret base. [[spoiler:Not to mention, he only reveals the latter detail to Lok and Sophie, not Zhalia, just to make sure it'd work perfectly]].
* "The Bookshop Hunter": Continued from last episode, Dante's fakeout plan continues, where he says the Scepter was never the real goal. [[spoiler: And neither was the Bottle of Djinn he said ''was'', not until he was within inches of the real prize]]. Zhalia's even shocked that he outsmarted Klaus, even as Lok, Sophie, and Cherit are impressed.
* "Coming of Age": Thinking his father is dead, Lok has a bone to pick with the Organization. Making thorough use of his Titans, his own determination, and Atlantis' trap barrier, he goes toe-to-toe with [[TheDragon Rassimov]], starting with Lindorm tail-slapping him across the area, powering through several spells, and ending with throwing him into solid stone (despite having been injured), thanks to an assist from Cherit. With their leader having been knocked unconscious, and their Suits having been trounced by the others, the Organization is forced to retreat - and for Sophie, it was probably the final proof of how she feels about him.
-->'''Lok:''' [[BringIt Go ahead; invoke something. The more you throw at me, the more we'll throw at you!]]
* "To Be Together": Thanks in part, Zhalia manages to barely avert The Professor's mind control, and at the last moment basically sucker-punches him and his Suits.
** While fighting the three Colossi Titans, the group gets another save from Montahue (and Tersly) - and with their help, proceed to wipe the floor with them, helped by the former's weakening by being away from their guarded location. One goes down from Montahue + Dante using Dragonfist on it's back, followed by King Basilisk disemboweling it; another gets stabbed InTheBack from above by Caliban and Venedak; and the third goes down from Lok, using Boltflare through it's skull.
* "The Mission": While falling through the air, Cherit, a Titan no bigger than a human torso, manages to catch a falling Lok and lift him up at least fifty feet into the air, through a nearby window. The effort exhausted him, but it's quite a show of strength for the little guy... and then later, still has enough strength to [[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu blast the Professor in the face]], right in the middle of his wish-granting attempt.
** With a little help, Dante makes it impossible for the Professor to control Overlos - at the same time, Lok has Dendras use his control abilities on the Legendary Titan, who despite some struggle ''achieves it.'' In one fell swoop, Lok's command has Overlos ''tear open a dimensional portal to the Titan World'', dragging all Legendary Titans in the room inside, without any effort at all... including, via a vengeful Araknos, the Professor himself.

!!Season Two
* "Doorway To Huntik": When waylaid by the Organization, the team fights back of course, but particular mention goes to Sophie and Zhalia, who've turned into BackToBackBadasses using combination attacks on the Suits. A far cry from two women who were at each other's throats most of the time before.
-->'''Lok:''' [[LampshadeHanging Is it just me, or have Sophie and Zhalia been getting along a lot better lately?]]\\
''Dante mildly shrugs''
** As he proves, Lok has come far from the guy who used to struggle with a simple Boltflare - thanks to his bond with his Titans, he [[TookALevelInBadass Powerbonds]] not just with one, but two in the space of several hours.
* "Knight of the Willblade": Facing Wilder alone, Sophie unconscious and Cherit's energy blasts risky due to Wilder's 'Divine Mirror' Titan, Lok desperately pulls the Willblade from it's resting place. This projects a vision of Lord Casterwill himself, who's presence alone makes all present Titans bow to him (including Wilder's), who knights Lok with the Willblade - and just when he's surrounded, turns the tides by summoning [[OlympusMons Pendragon]], who one-shots Wilder's Titans in a single move.
** And then one for the Willblade itself, when Lok throws it at Wilder - the latter throws up a shield, but the weapon ignores his spell entirely, slamming into his face for an insta-knockout.
* "Chasing Void": First off, the group facing the unknown Casterwills, who defeat them. [[ISurrenderSuckers Except not really,]] [[spoiler:as they're not that easy to surprise; Zhalia had three of her Titans hidden under Thoughtspectre, and let themselves put up a substandard fight just so their opponents would let their guard down]].
** Second, when Sophie's prove-herself test is underway, Zhalia would have a word with their onlooking testers:
-->'''Lucas:''' You set them up, didn't you!? You traitor!\\
'''Zhalia:''' (coolly) It's part of the plan; did you really think the Organization would just leave the information laying around?\\
'''Lucas:''' (incredulous) You ''allowed'' them to get captured?\\
'''Zhalia:''' Sophie's clever, and she'll get the information out of them.\\
'''Lucas:''' That's not the point-!\\
'''Zhalia:''' The ''point'' is that she's got the guts to pull it off, ''unlike'' the three Seekers up here watching and doing nothing. (over protest) Save it. Now, are the three of you about ready to help us rescue Sophie and Lok?
* "Den vs Harrison": Den's EstablishingCharacterMoment? Wiping the floor with ''anything'' that happens to threaten his brother, even manifesting Seeker powers through sheer fury - and from the start, recognizes that while the Blood Spirals may be a way out of the orphanage (what they've wanted for years), they're dangerous and he won't be a part of it, showing he's got heart, guts, and potential.
* "The Casterwill Connection": The Huntik Foundation has a new toy, which amplifies the power of normal Seeker spells in a given area. The real awesome comes when Sophie, who the device is focused upon + at full power, uses this to devastate the entire room, blasting back all Blood Spirals plus their Titans with relatively weak magic. One can only imagine how strong this AmplifierArtifact could make a person when they fully cut loose.
* "The Spiral War": When the Casterwill Rune Guardians complete their spell, unleashing the previously-bound Titans hidden with their stronghold by the dozens (and not stopping there), the Blood Spirals - which are still ''thousands strong'' - promptly retreat, showing that despite the Casterwill's reclusive tendencies and their reduced numbers, [[AwakeningTheSleepingGiant they truly aren't a force to be reckoned with once roused.]]
** On the enemy side, Kiel's most powerful Titan proves to be too much a match for [[OlympusMons Mythras]], which is really saying something considering it's ''not'' a Legendary Titan. One can argue Sophie being unconscious made him overall weaker, but the fact remains.
* "Gremlow Infestation": Gremlow is a rat-based Titan that can create copies of itself. Doesn't sound all that impressive, until you see ''hundreds of them'' swarming you from the get-go - and with each one defeated, ''two more appear in it's place''. [[KillerRabbit By itself, it can easily overwhelm even powerful Titans, along with their Seekers, seemingly with no end to it's ability.]] [[AchillesHeel The only thing that can stop it is a certain song played on a flute]], but without that you have no chance.
* "The Dead Magic Island": While dealing an AntiMagic barrier, the team has to deal with rock creatures of a sort, which is a problem without spells or Titans. Montahue's solution? [[CharlesAtlasSuperpower Physically tear them apart with his axes, and whenever possible, rip them apart with his bare hands]]- without him, they probably wouldn't have fared as well as they did.
* "Words From Eathon": One for the Blood Spirals, in which a soldier's Psikofen uses it's chains to ''tear off a plane wing'', and then systematically destroy the entire plane with ease, trying to hurt the Huntik Team. A good reminder that even common Titans hold great power, and most people wouldn't stand a chance against these guys, with/without Titans.
* "The Spiral Mark": Thanks to assimilating other Titans for thousands of years, [[OlympusMons Legion]] is too dangerous to face in open combat. Just when it looks like he's absorbed yet more Titans, they realize that's not the case, as if he's absorbed too many... and only one thing is regulating that; his amulet. Once it's destroyed, [[HoistByHisOwnPetard all that power destroys him from the inside-out.]]
** Yet again for the Blood Spirals, the Betrayer reveals that he's played the Huntik team for fools this entire time. [[spoiler:Just about everything 'Eathon' has said to them, was in fact orchestrated by him, in order to release the seal on the Spiral Mark]].
** One of the Tearjerker kind: in order to stop the Red Comet from killing them all, and unleashing the [[EldritchAbomination Nullifiers]] upon the Earth, Dante [[HeroicSacrifice sacrifices himself.]] You knew it was coming, yet that doesn't diminish things.
* "Lok and the Betrayer": It's all-out war, and everyone joins in on the fighting - ''everyone'', be they Huntik or Casterwill, scientists or those on the Councils. Specifics include (but aren't limited to) Den Powerbonding with Vigilante against Harrison, those on the Scramjets blasting the area with Power Amplified spells, Viviane summoning Mythras despite her obvious fear, Zhalia (and then later Den/Harrison) directly assaulting the Betrayer himself, etc.
* "Dante's Return": The awesomeness continues this episode, in several ways.
** Montahue [[ChekhovsGun re-gets the Hammer of Thor, which he then uses to one-shot Wind's Shakrit in one blow.]]
** On the villainous side, The Betrayer mostly dominates the early fight, with Demigorgan being able to subvert Titan bonds completely, taking away their basis of power. The former even has his own powerful spells, [[AndIMustScream one of which can stop a person from moving entirely just by touching them, almost permanently]].
** Just when he's about to hit Lok, the Willblade acts on it's own and blasts it backward, allowing Lok to summon Powerbonded Pendragon. Yes, that's right; Lok [[TookALevelInBadass Powerbonded]] [[UpToEleven with a Legendary Titan...]] and Pendragon then proceeds to literally rain destruction upon Demigorgan, nullifying it's subversion of the other's. The Betrayer then uses Pendragon's weakness against him, but Lok is ready, recalling the ''other'' Legendary Titan at his disposal, who's energy destroys Demigorgan along with permanently destroying his amulet - cementing his status as the Champion of Casterwill.
--->'''Lok:''' ''[[PreAssKickingOneLiner Awaken, Legendary Titan of Summons, Quetzalcoatl!]]''
** Just when everything seems lost, Umbra appears from outta nowhere, for his final transport; bringing Dante's ashes. And then, just as the episode title suggests, [[spoiler:he comes back from the dead thanks to Phoenix]], ready to kick ass and take names.
--->'''Betrayer:''' I cannot be stopped by something as fleeting as mortal man!\\
'''Dante:''' [[BadassBoast Good thing I don't fit that description today.]]