[[folder: In General ]]

* DualWielding. To compensate for the fact that two people are playing, the game pumps up the difficulty for two player. Grabbing both guns and going GunsAkimbo in the Arcade solo and finishing the game? Brilliance.


[[folder: The House of the Dead ]]

* Ladies and gentlemen, introducing [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCWpLNqMv-E The Magician's Theme]], arguable THE single most pulse-poundingly HotBlooded and ferocious boss-fight music ever composed for a RailShooter game.
* Getting knocked nearly off the rooftop by Hanged Man and finishing him while dangling one-handed from the ledge was and still is a pretty cool moment.


[[folder: The House of the Dead III ]]

* Lisa's BondOneLiner when [[ImplacableMan Dea]][[RecurringBoss th]] is finally destroyed.
--> "When a lady says 'no', ''she means it!''"
* After defeating the FinalBoss, [[spoiler:[[BigBad Dr. Curien]]]]:
--> '''Daniel:''' "[[spoiler:[[IHaveNoSon You're not]] [[InvertedTrope my father!]]]]" ''(BANG)''
* Playing ''House of the Dead 2'' for the first time and [[spoiler:reaching the Stage 5 boss, provided that you played ''House of the Dead 1'' in its entirety beforehand]].
** [[spoiler:Even better once you realize that his lines aren't as {{Narm}}-filled as the dialogue for the other characters.]]


[[folder: The House of the Dead 4 ]]

* The G ending, naturally obtained only by means of performing well throughout the game.
--> '''G:''' "[[spoiler:James]], it's not over yet. [[BadassBoast We'll fight this]] [[CallForward back to the source.]] [[spoiler:[[DueToTheDead It's time for you to rest now]], [[HeroicSacrifice James]]]]."


[[folder: The House of the Dead: Overkill ]]

* At the end of the game, while G and Isaac are on their way out via helicopter, [[spoiler:they find out that their pilot is a mutant. Without flinching, the two heroes draw their guns and the screen cuts to black. [[OffscreenMomentOfAwesome You can most likely guess what happened next.]]]]