!!''Home Alone''
* Kevin's traps, ''all'' of them. Adding to awesomeness is the "Setting the Trap" song, which makes it sound like Kevin is setting up for a Christmas-themed war.
* Harry's leg, Marv's face, meet BB gun.
* Old Man Marley [[BigDamnHeroes comes to Kevin's rescue]] literally ''JustInTime'' and hits Marv and Harry with a shovel.

!!''Home Alone 2''
* Again, the traps. "Setting the Trap" returns as well.
* The pigeon lady pulls off an awesome BigDamnHeroes moment by throwing pigeon food on Marv and Harry.
* Kevin's mom slapping the Concierge.
* Kevin telling off Uncle Frank, calling him a cheapskate.
** What makes this even better is the look his mom and dad exchange afterward--it's less one of anger or indignance and more "How did he ''peg'' him so well?!"