!!!The Movie
* The entire confrontation in the boiler room.
* J.D. scaring the shit out of Ram and Kurt in the cafeteria. Nasty and sort of psychotic? Yes. But did they deserve it? Yes.
* Veronica telling off the hippie teacher in the final act for saying an incredibly insensitive speech ("Whether or not to commit suicide is a big choice every teenager must face") was awesome.

!!!The Musical
* The boiler room scene actually manages to be ''more'' awesome in the musical. In the movie, Veronica holds a gun to J.D., which was pretty badass. However, in the musical, he pulls the gun on ''her'', and what does she do? She calmly keeps walking towards him, even as the thing's barely an inch from her head, still trying to talk J.D. down! Girl's got guts.
* The live performance of "Meant to Be Yours." In the hands of a less skilled actor, it would be {{Narm}}, but in the hands of Ryan [=McCartan=] and/or Dave Thomas Brown, it's absolutely chilling.
* "Lick it up, baby. LICK. IT. ''UP''."
* Martha [[spoiler:piecing together that Ram's death was a murder, the suicide note was faked, and that J.D. is the killer.]] The only thing she didn't figure out was a motive and that Veronica was involved. Granted, [[spoiler:Veronica lies to cover her ass and gets Martha to think she was wrong]], but you still have to hand it to her! [[spoiler:Even Heather Chandler's ghost seems impressed.]]
* The ending of "Beautiful," with the result of TheMakeover being revealed. It's minor compared to all the others in the show, but it's impossible not to cheer when Veronica walks in, looking like a complete knockout, with a whole load of new self-confidence.
-->''Ask me how it feels,''\\
''lookin' like Hell on wheels!''\\
''My God, it's beautiful.''\\
''[[BeautifulAllAlong I might be beautiful]]!''\\
''And when you're beautiful,''\\
''it's a beautiful frickin' day!''
* "And there's your final bell; it's one more dance and then farewell! [[SeeYouInHell Cheek to cheek in Hell]], with a dead girl walking!" BadassBoast, thy name is Veronica!
** Made exponentially more awesome by Barrett Weed and her alt-rock pipes - never has a D-to-F transition rocked harder.
* Veronica crowdsurfing at the end of "Big Fun."