!!The books

* Brian shoots a full-grown moose with his "war bow" and only pisses the moose off. She charges at him and he thrusts his spear at her at the same time and ends up taking her out.

!!The films
* At the end of ''Hatchet 2'', Marybeth [[spoiler: drenched in blood, hacking Victor's face to a bloody pulp ]] and then [[spoiler: blasting it to smithereens with a shotgun.]]
-->[[spoiler:'''"FUCK YOU!"''']]
* What, no mention of Andrew, the medic from the third film [[spoiler: being the ''only'' survivor of the Crowley killings, along with being the only one not harmed. Granted, he [[TheLoad didn't do much to help out against Crowley]], but considering that he was in ''Victor-fucking-Crowley's swamp and survived'', you gotta give props to him. Not even Marybeth managed to make it out alive... Maybe.]]