!!Season 1:
* When Mahiro was about to be eaten by a Nightgaunt, [[BigDamnHeroes here comes Nyaruko]] and kicking ass.
* Nyarko's fight with Cuuko. Cuuko takes the fight into a dimension Cuuko is more powerful and easily overpowers her, but after losing Nyarko is as defiant to her advances as ever while saying she loves Mahiro. Cuuko has enough actually decides to kill Mahiro. Hearing that prompts Nyarko to fight back and dons her [[SuperMode Full Force Form]] easily defeats her. Never threaten Mahiro in front of Nyarko.
* Nyaruko-san becoming a HenshinHero herself with the henshin pose sequence from the Franchise/KamenRider Series.
* [[BadassNormal Mahiro]] with his fork technique.
** [[MamaBear Mahiro's mom]] too qualifies as she singlehandedly beats a horde of monsters.

!!Season 2:
* Nyaruko, Cthuko and Hastur doing a final attack altogether.