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!!In general
* Sol's VA, DaisukeIshiwatari, screaming a '''[[CallingYourAttacks GUN FLAME]]''' at the Anime Expo 2009. [[ See it by yourself.]]

!!Guilty Gear 2:Overture
* The RTS/hack n' slash hybrid ''Guilty Gear 2 Overture'' has Mission 13, where you get to play as the then-unavailable-to-players fan favorite Ky Kiske, with Dr. Paradigm as your AI partner. You must defend your castle's gate while freeing Paradigm's servants from Valentine's control. All to the tune of a rearranged version of "Holy Orders (Be Just or Be Dead)," Ky's {{Leitmotif}}. '''''HELL. YES.''''' And it still plays if you do it in Free Mission mode, where you get to play as any character.
* Overture mission 19: Sol charges towards Valentine's fortress while [[SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic the awesome boss theme "Diva"]] plays at the background. It gets more intense as Valentine is going through a VillainousBreakdown and is screaming psychotically while Sol is fighting her.
-->'''Valentine:''' "I don't care about mother anymore! Disappear! [[UnstoppableRage OBLITERATE]]!"

!!Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-
* TheReveal of this new game is truly an epic moment in ''Guilty Gear'' history. After almost five years of nothing but UpdatedRerelease and ASW's attention to ''{{Blazblue}}'', the surprise [[ trailer at the Arc Festival]] made grown men cry.
** There's so much hype that the trailer had 600,000+ views in four days, never had any ASW video generated such traffic
* The character entrances are crowning moments and graphics of awesome
** Sol lights a bullet he is biting like cigarette and tosses it to the air. He loads it to his sword then taunts his opponent.
** Ky walks in like a king, removes his blue cape, charges his electric sword and prepares for battle.
** Never had a pool cue more badass than movie stars until Venom shows up with his buckled up case, takes the stick out and does a fabulous hair flip!
** Potemkin gets dropped from altitude in a metal box that opens with retro-rockets to slow its fall. Suddenly, he ejects and slams onto the ground, skidding to a stop before rearing to his full height, ready for battle.
** May enters the stage riding a dolphin.
* When Sol wins when he's in [[DeadlyUpgrade Dragon Install]] he roars and [[BattleAura engulf himself in flames.]]
** Dragon Install also gives Sol a new outro, Instant Kill animation, and theme song.
* If you manage to [[SlipknotPonytail undo Ky's hair]], Holy Orders III from ''Overture'' will play through the round.
* Can we just give it up for the new Instant Kills in Xrd in general? Thanks to the new graphics engine and dynamic camera angles, they've managed to reach a ''mind-blowing'' new level of ''[[BadAss bad-ass.]]''
** Sol's updated Instant Kill kicks off with his new weapon; Bullet Heaven shifting and transforming in a blatant case of TechnologyPorn, after which he dashes at the opponent and slams Bullet Heaven into their gut so hard that a ''gigantic stream of fire'' '''''explodes out of their back.''''' And it's topped off with one final explosion which engulfs the opponent.
** Ky's Rising Force is back, but instead of a single stab, Ky [[SingleStrokeBattle slices through his opponent]], [[ShockAndAwe while his sword is being trailed by lightning.]] Made even better when Ky's BadassCape randomly spawns on his shoulders in the middle of the attack.
** May's Instant Kill is both awesome [[Funny/GuiltyGear and hilarious]]. She lays a smackdown on the opponent [[StreetFighter Shun-Goku-Satsu]] style, and when they wake up they find that they've been [[HumanCannonball stuffed into a cannon]]; after which they are promptly [[TwinkleInTheSky blasted into the clouds.]]