!!General Tyria, dungeons and expanded universe:
* When Anet finally decided to nerf the champion train in Queensdale - meaning players would finally be able to explore the zone without being run over various bots, farmers, and power levelers in the neverending ZergRush.
* Some of the elite abilities that the player can pull off are in their own way pretty awe-inspiring and definitely worth the hero points if anything for the spectacle alone.
** For the Elementalists, maxing out the Cantrip skill tree will result in the [[BlowYouAway Tornado]] ability. After a quick twirl, the player vanishes and is replaced by a huge... well, [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin tornado]]. Anything within the area of effect will get hurled backwards, and all the while the player can shoot lightning bolts, stone debris or dust devils from themselves.
** If an Elementalist chooses to max out the Conjuration skill tree, they'll get the [[PlayingWithFire Fiery]] [[{{BFS}} Greatsword]] ability. A huge burning blade is summoned forth from the heavens and planted in the ground, along with one being formed in the user's hands. Not only is it flashy, it's practical, too. In order, its five attacks are chucking gobs of flame at the enemy, causing an eruption at a target's feet, whirling forwards with the blade outstretched, leaping at your target and smashing them with it and calling down a firestorm on the target area.
** The elite racial abilities are nothing to sneeze at, either. A level 31 Charr, for example, will have access to the [[{{BFG}} Charrzooka]]. It does [[StuffBlowingUp precisely what you'd expect it to]], and it even comes with the ability to perform a RocketJump backwards and [[MacrossMissileMassacre rain down rockets on a target location]].

!!Living World Season 1 & History Lesson
* The final confrontation against Scarlett Briar. After she uses an explosive that leaves Marjory out cold and burned with Braham limping from injury. Rox can only tend to them due to the severity of Marjory's injuries..leaving the player and an enraged Kasmeer to team up against her. Kasmeer puts her illusionary magic to best use screaming death on Scarlett, allowing you to get in and strike her down before dealing the final blow and putting an end to one of the most notorious villains in player mind considering what she did to the main player hub, Lion's Arch (Which still hasn't been fully repaired nearly a year later).

!!Living World Season 2
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDpzAUWmklA The Dragon's Reach: Part 1]]. Not only are things finally heating up, but the final scene definently showcases something that has the potential to be a CrowningMomentOfAwesome if executed well.
* The end of Dragon's Reach: Part 2 involves the PlayerCharacter going up against the Shadow of Mordremoth and driving it away. Alone. In other words, you beat Mordremoth's equivalent to the Shatterer, Tequatl the Sunless, and the Claw of Jormag all by yourself and live to tell the tale.
** To make it even better, your character explicitly compares it to Blightghast, the champion of Zhaitan that took over Claw Island and required the combined efforts of all three Orders to take down. This time, you're stranded alone with the dragon. And you ''win''. But the real kicker? Blightghast also [[spoiler:killed your mentor]]. In a roundabout way, ItsPersonal.

!!Heart of Thorns
* [[spoiler: Rytlock]] makes one hell of a return entrance [[spoiler: from the Mists]] in Heart of Thorns.
--> "Sharpen your blades and guard your vitals! I'm back!"
* The fact that if you're playing as a Sylvari Commander in Heart of Thorns is very admirable. Despite that they had lost trust in their troops for the simple fact they are a Sylvari and the idea that a terrifying voice of Modremoth is constantly [[MindRape messing up their head]], they continue to soldier on through the entire story mostly normally, [[spoiler:save for a few hiccups on the handle on control]], as the other races can. They finally break after [[spoiler:getting too close into proximity to Modremoth]] in the last chapter, but man, they shouldered the entire story the whole way through.
** If you talk to one of the Sylvari Pact Soldiers resting at Tarir, they confess to the Commander that they're being plagued by [[spoiler:Modremoth's influence. The Commander assures them that they're doing fine and reveals to the said soldier that they were also affected. By the dialogue, it actually reveals that the Commander appeared so resilient that it appeared to others that they were unaffected by Modremoth's control.]] The fact that they're setting such a strong example is amazing in itself.

!!Living World Season 3
* The final cutscene of Living Story [=S3E3=]: Braham [[spoiler: cracks Jormag's tooth -- something nobody has managed for two centuries. The norn believe that the one to chip the tooth will herald the dragon's demise.]] In context, it's also an ominous moment, since [[spoiler: Braham is too bent on revenge to listen to reason and intends to go LeeroyJenkins on an EldritchAbomination]], but it's awesome all the same.
* First chapter of Living Story [=S3E4=]: Queen Jennah [[spoiler: demonstrates why she is one of the most powerful Mesmers in the world and possibly a bigger Badass than her own bodyguard, Logan. When the White Mantle bombard the Divinity's Reach with Bloodstone Cannons, she nonchalantly conjures a massive DeflectorShield over the entire city. When White Mantle soldiers attack directly, she summons a [[LaserBlade Whisperblade]] and fights them head on without hesitation. When the White Mantle Boss confront her with four mooks at her side? She casually snarks at the Boss while instantly killing three of the four mooks one at time simply by pointing at them, while the fourth mook runs away in terror, and then helps the Player Character kill the Boss, but in all likelihood, she probably could have finished off the Boss all by herself!]]
* The climax of Living Story [=S3E5=] is ''ridiculously'' epic: [[spoiler:you and Taimi descend deep into the fiery heart of a volcano to challenge the human ''God of War'', fighting against his gigantic flaming hounds, Tegon and Temar, on a platform in the middle of a vast molten chamber where Balthazar is using Taimi's machine to drain energy ''right out of Primordus' mouth in front of you!'' And if you fail, ''Tyria will be destroyed!'' Fortunately, you succeed, slaying the hounds, destroying the machine, banishing Balthazar (although who knows where, or for how long?) and putting both Primordus and Jormag back to sleep again.]] Phew!
* A few days after Flashpoint came out, there was a massive leak of information about upcoming content, revealing (among other things that Anet would later confirm) that the second full expansion was scheduled for release in late 2017. The most exciting bit of news contained in this leak? '''''[[spoiler:You're going back to [[VideoGame/GuildWars Elona]]!]]'''''
** Also, '''''[[spoiler:MOUNTS!]]'''''

!!Path of Fire
* While [[spoiler:the death of the Pact Commander]] is tragic, it's still awesome. You are such a threat that [[spoiler:the God of War himself decided to ambush you when you are alone to put you down personally. After fighting the Elder Dragons, it took a God to finally put the Commander down and it didn't take.]]
* The very fact that [[spoiler:you managed to claw back to the world of the living after being slain by Balthazar. Even Balthazar himself was surprised to see the Commander up and running once more]]. They had fought [[spoiler:the horrific abomination known as the Eater of Souls, freeing all the souls it had eaten and getting enough power to reanimate your body]]. Not only was this such an incredibly impossible task, [[spoiler:you also walk out on Joko, who had been imprisoned there by Balthazar, who was trying to get you to free him and in trade for your life back (as an Awakened, no less). You basically spit in his face and leave him groveling in the Dominion of the Lost as you return to life another way]]. Now that is epic.
* The final battle. [[spoiler: You climb to the top of a pyramid where Balthazar is using Aurene to kill Kralkatorrik. Balthazar is enraged that you came back from the dead and personally takes you on one more time, but you are ready to face him with Aurene at your side. Then, as Kralkatorrik watches, you face Balthazar in a field of fire until, finally, you kill the God of War. No mind tricks, no ancient machines. Just you, Sohothin given to you by Rytlock, and Aurene versus the fallen deity.]]
** [[spoiler: Wielding Sohothin itself, loaned to you by Rytlock. It has incredibly powerful abilities that perhaps even Rytlock didn't know of and you use them to amazing effect, cutting huge swathes through Branded and Forged to reach the final confrontation with Balthazar.]]
** [[spoiler: You don't even have to use Sohothin. There is an achievement for beating Balthazar without it. Meaning that you can defeat a god with only your own mortal might and teamwork with Aurene.]]
** The delivery of this line is particularly awesome, especially since [[spoiler:the Commander managed to claw out of death after Balthazar killed them]].
--> [[spoiler:'''Balthazar''']]: I am [[spoiler:fire! I am war!]] What are ''you''?
--> '''''': Still standing!
* Obtaining the hidden mount, aka the [[spoiler:Griffon]], especially for the players who didn't have a guide to work with! You have to use your mounts to their full extent to search the maps for well-hidden [[spoiler:griffon eggs]], spend up to ''250'' gold to get special collection items, and find Sunspears to help out. Then after that, you have to enter [[spoiler:Kormir's library]] to find certain knowledge, which turns out to have been overrun by enemies, so you will have to fight your way through. Then when you're done with that, you have to defeat one boss in an instance map. It will take a lot of time on the player's part, but it will reward the player with the ultimate mount, worth every second and gold spent on this quest. [[spoiler:Flying across every map in the game and soaring to the skies has never felt so amazing.]]

!!Living World Season 4
* While the circumstances are completely awful and nightmarish, being able to see [[spoiler: Scruffy 2.0 in action and all of the upgrades that Taimi has given to him, leading to an incredibly difficult fight against you as you try to free her from Scruffy's cockpit. She really put a lot of work into him and it shows.]]