* In the end of "Shell Shock Sheldon", [[spoiler: when Sheldon defended himself by beating up the fox all by himself, with his bare feet and throwing the fox over a mile across the farm.]]
* Episode 6, [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold Roy]], [[PetTheDog trying to help Wade]], stand up for himself. That is all.
* At the end of "Goody-Go-Round" when Wade manages to pull a prank on Roy by give him the hot-flavored gum(which was originally Roy's). What was interesting was [[HeartwarmingMoments Roy was admiting that it wasn't fair that everyone got what they wanted]](Roy was holding his pie) but Wade but he was cut off, as he ran off screaming with fire and smoke coming out of his beak. Also of note, he dropped the pie, which Wade caught.
-->'''Wade(eating the pie):''' Yup, everybody got what they wanted....or what they deserve.
* "Keeping Cool" features Bo as ''the'' definition of TranquilFury. He gets mad at Mort, Wart, and Gort, and asks them to play a game of tug-of-war. [[spoiler:Then he switches places with a ''bus''.]]