* In the ''Galaxy Angel S'' OVA, Col. Volcott O. Huey - a usually calm and laid back commander - is reassigned to watch over the bratty Twin Stars, who he expresses patience with until they cross the line and make fun of his mustache, causing the old commander to revert to his badass days on the battlefield where he was known as the white wolf; He proceeds to fly into a rage, doing everything from repelling gunfire with a kick to [[AttackOfThe50FootWhatever growing into a giant]] and ultimately beating everyone up that he comes across so thoroughly that they turn into statues referred to as "loser stones." [[AuthorityEqualsAsskicking Authority Equals Asskicking]], at least when you diss the [[BadassMustache mustache.]]
* Any time they use the [[WaveMotionGun Chrono Break Cannon]], ever. [[spoiler:Even if it was deflected in ''Moonlit Lovers''.]]
!Project Galaxy Angel, first videogame
* During Chapter 8, appropriately named [[DarkestHour Dark Despair]], Tact gives the Angel Tai a RousingSpeech which allows the girls to [[spoiler: bypass the Angel Frame's PowerLimiter, resulting in a pair of [[PowerGivesYouWings feathery white wings]].]]
* Tact's chosen girlfriend gets one when the Elsior gets damaged after the final player battle. Depending on who Tact's girlfriend is, the Angel will either single-handedly clear out all the enemies surrounding the Elsior (Ranpha, Mint, or Forte), recharge the Elsior's power systems by spending all her luck (Milfeulle), or heal the Elsior (Vanilla).
* The last battle itself is a CMOA. The battle starts with an eerie silence, no one talks in the radio and no music plays, until the first attack lands on an enemy and Eternal Love ~Hikari no Tenshi Yori~ starts playing.
!Galaxy Angel Eternal Lovers, third videogame
* Tact's chosen girlfriend gets a final moment of awesome at the end. [[spoiler: Gern had another Chrono Quake Bomb, and it's still going to activate even though Gern has been killed. So Tact's girlfriend, with Tact in the Emblem Frame by her side, uses the Emblem Frame's wings to ''suppress a potentially galaxy-wide Dark-Age-causing explosion'' and live to tell about it! Sure she gets blasted into Another Space for her trouble, but they end up returning to normal space, which is more than the Angel was expecting since there was a real risk she might be killed.]]
!Galaxy Angel II Zettai Ryōiki no Tobira, first Galaxy Angel II videogame
* Kazuya gets a crowning moment of awesome in Apricot's route when he [[spoiler: maneuvers himself so he is between Apricot and an explosion, and getting punctured and coughing up blood for his trouble, but saving Apricot's life]]. This is awesome enough to provide a catalyst for Apricot finally confessing her own romantic feelings for Kazuya.