[[folder: Book Version ]]

* Ella convincing the ogres to let her live till morning, [[HoistByHisOwnPetard using their own persuasive magic on them]]. And then Charmont and the knights get a BigDamnHeroes moment.
* Ella [[spoiler:breaking the curse]] through sheer force of will.
* Many of Ella's invocations of LoopholeAbuse.


[[folder: Film Version ]]

* In the flashback near the beginning, when a mean child is picking on Ella's soon-to-be best friend and little Ella saves the day.
--> '''Mean Girl''': Bite me! (of course little Ella does so) '''OUCH!'''
* When Ella is ordered to fetch some flowers for her nasty mother-in-law to be and her daughters, She picks the most poisonous plants she can find as retaliation so that they won't stop her from going on her quest.
--> So, while her step family scratched newly-found itches, Ella was off, glad to be away from the... [[LastSecondWordSwap witches.]]
* When Ella and her friends storm into the hall:
--> '''Ella''': Drop that crown!
* When Benny is [[spoiler:finally changed back to normal]] for the big fight.
* The Prince Char Fan Club Girl's actually get a moment near the end of the fight.
--> '''Lead Fan Club Member''': He tried to kill Prince Char!
--> '''Fan Club Girl''': Get him!
--> '''Heston''': Oh, no! (Char's fan club start beating him up) Ow!
* "You will no longer be obedient!"
* Char almost casually beating up [[spoiler: the team of ninjas trying to attack Ella]], all while they argue and she explains about her curse.
* The entire DancePartyEnding. It involves ''every member of the cast'' singing and dancing to "Don't Go Breaking My Heart", or at least making an appearance.