!!Crowning Moment of Awesome: ''Drive'' Series

!!Crowning Moment of Awesome: ''Drive'' Webcomic
* The rogue maker, in order to become a member of the Colegium, was given the "Test of Tests". The test is different for every maker, and his was to birth a spirit (Invent/build a unique item) that could isolate and contain a single quark[[note]]which [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Color_confinement is impossible]][[/note]], within a week, with the meager materials provided, without food. He finished in one hour.
* The entire Tesskan fleet wiped out by the continuum, a high ranking Tesskan officer is "asked" for Earth's coordinates. Faced with certain death when he reveals he doesn't know the coordinates, he doesn't flinch. [[http://www.drivecomic.com/archive/110818.html Instead]], he ''decapitates'' the Maker who asked him, then leads his fellow prisoners in taking over the Continuum's biggest ship within ''minutes''.
-->'''Maker''': How many broke out?
-->'''Mook 1''': Roughly four thousand.
-->'''Mook 2''': Maker, they're taken over the armory.
-->'''Maker''': Spirits! They've made it all the way '''there'''?? Gas that entire deck.
-->'''Mook 2''': We did... but it... it doesn't seem to...
-->'''Maker''': Then open the airlocks: Clear them out like fikk rats!
-->'''Mook 3''': Maker, a second group! In the corridor!
-->'''Maker''': What? Here? They're '''here'''?? Mobilize my guard! And prep the cores... I'll blow the entire ship if necess-
-->'''Tesskan''': '''Oh, that won' be ness'sary'''. I wanna take yer purty ship fer a '''spin'''.