[[folder: Series 1 ]]

* The whole prologue.
** Especially Sharn pushing Prandine out of the tower window. Even though she's pregnant and looks like a painted doll, she has quick wits and a keen mind, and uses her small stature to fool Prandine into thinking she's insignificant and weak.
* Jasmine's return in ''The Forests of Silence'', and Gorl's death. Her BadAss shout to Gorl sums it up pretty nicely.
--> '''Jasmine:''' GORL! GORL! You have made good into evil in this place, with your jealousy and spite, Gorl! You have bound and enslaved the trees and killed the birds and all to guard something that is not yours!
* The death of all the gems' guardians are suitably epic, though the triumph over Reeah stands out as particularly {{Badass}}, with Jasmine cutting the giant snake's throat with Lief's sword, killing it with grace and coolness while saving his life.
** Hell even Kree got got to be badass, being the one to defeat Thaegan.
** Gellick's defeat was also amazing, simply because it was just about to crush Lief, Barda and Jasmine where they lay when Lief hurled the Dreaming Water into its mouth.
* The scene in ''Return to Del'' where Lief figures out the proper order of the gems at the last minute.
** That scene is awesome in both the book and in the Anime. In the Anime, he invades the palace, rescues the resistance, and uses everyone's knowledge to outsmart the Grey Guards and in the Ols. In the book, he as no such help. he breaks in alone, by way of a secret tunnel, sneaks past everyone in the palace, climbs up, and figures out the gems right before he puts his plan into action.
* In ''The Maze of the Beast'', Jasmine chooses to separate from the group and act as a decoy so that Shadow Lord spies won't be able to track them easily. What does she do? She buys some rich clothes from Steven and paints her face to make herself look completely unrecognizable even to Lief and Barda who know her best. And then you find out that Jasmine was in even more danger than Lief and Barda by separating from them, as it is her presence and Kree's that make the group recognisable to Shadow Lord spies.
* There have only been four people who have managed to solve all the Guardian's riddles: Lief, Barda, Jasmine and Doom. Lief, Barda and Jasmine also managed to defeat the Guardian himself as well, in the end, something which ''no one'' had ever been able to do.


[[folder: Series 2 ]]

* What [[spoiler: Glock]] does right before he dies.


[[folder: Series 3 ]]

* Lindal's entrance in ''Dragon's Nest''.
* The enitre battle between the dragons and the [[spoiler:Ak-Baba]]. For obvious reasons.


[[folder: Anime ]]

* Jasmine and Doom's match during the Rithmere Games, in the anime. Loved Jasmine kicking Dooms smarmy ass.
* In the anime adaptation, Lief nearly falls from a tower, [[spoiler:the bird once known as the "Enigmatic Giant" returns out of [[DeusExMachina nowhere]] and saves him, paying back his life debt]].
* Episode 37, when Barda and Jasmine stand up to Thaegan's children and offer to sacrifice themselves in order to save Lief.


[[folder: General ]]

* Doom is pretty much a walking example of this trope.
** [[spoiler:Jarred and Anna both. They cheerfully got up and walked away from ''their entire lives'' to go and live in what was, to them, Nightmare Fuel Forest. Anna in particular is an unsung hero of the series, because she spends the entire time dead. Endon and Sharn are pretty incredible in what they pulled off too.]]
** Jarred succeeded in escaping from the ''Shadowlands'', a place that everyone steadfastly believes is impenetrable. He remains the only person ever to have done so. He also escapes from the Shadow Arena (before the Shadowlands), a place that is almost as hard to escape from as the aforementioned Shadowlands.
** He also managed to solve all the Guardian's riddles in the Valley of the Lost and walk away unscathed. No one before him had ever been able to do, and when the heroes managed it they had the Topaz and three sets of minds to work on the problem.
* Doom, Brianne and Gers respectively are the only Deltorans ever to have escaped from the Shadow Arena. It's pretty amazing, since no one else has been able to do it.
* When Kree managed what no one else could, [[spoiler:killing Thaegan. It's pretty poetic that she be defeated by a creature she'd only ever thought of as a tasty meal]].
* I know most people are [[TheScrappy Prin]] haters but, I loved watching her take down the Vraal.
--> '''Prin''': ''"Green is the good moss, it takes away the pain. Purple is the bad moss, it brings it back again."''
** [[RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap You go Prin, you go.]]
* Barda's normally the most level-headed of the group, except when he gets it into his head to try and take on The Shadow Lord's [[TheDragon Ak-Baba's]].