The ''DeepgateCodex'' is awesome.

*Carnival. That is all.
**She's ''introduced'' as a OneManArmy, but her beautiful [[HesBack She's Back]] in ''God of Clocks'' clinches the deal--she's been given up for dead by all the main cast, and yet she [[spoiler:breaks out of Cospinol's pot, has Maybe John shatter most of her bones so that she can fix them, [[OneHitKill takes out Cospinol in one strike]] (AND EATS HIM), beats the crap out of John Anchor, ''beats the crap out of a goddamn river'', and then continues to reject Menoa's illusions until she breaks out of them completely]]--[[BigDamnHeroes just in time to save John Anchor and Alice]] [[spoiler:''and end the war with Menoa bloodlessly'' because the Failed and Menoa's soldiers '''are too damn terrified of her to fight her''']]. ''Yes, please.''
**Her triumph over her [[AbusiveParents abusive father]], [[spoiler:Ulcis]], the whole reason she was so crazy for so long.
***Similarly, the way she [[HisDarkMaterials Iorek]][[ShoutOut -Byrnisons]] [[spoiler:Cospinol]]. ''Right after [[spoiler:she had to break most of the bones in her body]].'' [[HesBack She's Back]], all right.
***[[FeralPhoenix This troper]] got up and danced. On both occasions.
***''She [[spoiler:eats them]].'' And the second time, it [[spoiler:cures her monthly need for blood]]. How is that not awesome?
**The ''Manhunt'' chapter. She took down a whole goddamn airship! ''With a [[ImprobableWeaponUser gardening fork]]!''
***This is arguably also her [[RuleOfCute Crowning Moment of Moe]]. Or, well, [[YourMileageMayVary close to it]].
*Rachel's very first [[BulletTime Focus]]. It's the one skill that's evaded her for years, and yet she manages to master it ''just'' in time to bring Dill BackFromTheDead.
*Carnival, Rachel, and Dill's fight to get back to the surface as Deepgate falls.
*The way that John Anchor handles [[spoiler:Devon]] in ''God of Clocks''. The SmugSnake has managed to reduce Alice to a [[HeroicBSOD sobbing wreck]] and is trying to {{Blackmail}} them into assassinating [[spoiler:Carnival, Rachel, and Dill]]. Anchor does not take kindly to this--and takes the box [[spoiler:Devon]] is in and ''turns it upside down''. Simple as that.
**It had the bonus of being [[CrowningMomentOfFunny absolutely hilarious]], too.
* This Troper would like to submit Dill [[spoiler: managing to kill about as many people as Hasp and definitely more than Rachel ''as a ghost'' by hopping from person to person. As Mina put it: "Ye gods, look at Dill."]] Considering [[NonActionGuy how]] [[ActionSurvivor he]] [[InnocentBystander started]] [[TheWoobie out]], this is definitely a shining moment for him.
*'''[[NeverMessWithGranny Ayen]]'''.
**Rachel's Focus [[spoiler:has no effect on her ''at all,'' and Ayen just ''tells'' her to [[ScrewPolitenessImASenior stop running around because it's annoying]]]].
**[[InTheBlood Hasp and Carnival had to have gotten it somewhere]].
*[[PapaWolf Sal Greene]] at the end of ''Lye Street'', deciding to renege on his DealWithTheDevil: "Time to die, dog fucker."