[[folder: Dead Space]]
* The boss fights are definitely a CMOA for Isaac Clarke. Clarke, an ''engineer'' manages to defeat creatures that slaughter pretty much anything else in their way.
* When you finally kill the hunter it makes you feel ''pretty'' [[GoshDangItToHeck goshdarn good.]]
* New Game Plus modus can be one for Isaac right at the start of the game. Image Isaac, arriving to a routine job with a Level 5 Suit designed for work in very hostile environments and highly upgraded mining tools, giving him an aura of being CrazyPrepared.
** Likewise being able to just take out the first Necromorphs that attack you instead of running away.
* While it is a bit of a bummer that Isaac doesn't play a role in [[spoiler: killing Mercer or Kendra, who all lead you to your position of utter screwedness,]] watching [[spoiler: Kendra]] be completely liquified by the [[spoiler: Hive Mind]] in the last chapter can definitely be considered a CMOA.

[[folder: Dead Space: mobile]]
* Vandal taking down the final boss in the {{Interquel}} for the iPhone.
-->'''Vandal:''' (Mortally wounds the final boss) "Great... C'mon, you bastard. I can do this ALL DAY."