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[[quoteright:250: [[MegatonPunch http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/monstergirlspunch_5020.png]]]]
[[caption-width-right:250:[[MegatonPunch This isn't the first time.]]]]


[[folder: Kimihito ]]

* Clocking that [[JerkAss racist bastard]] in the face when he wouldn't shut up about Miia.
* [[TakingTheBullet Taking the sword slash]] for Centorea.
* Saving Suu by somehow getting a crashed car down a hill and into the river in three seconds.
* Simultaneously punching out the criminal 'director', tricking him into breaking his camera, AND smashing an egg on his face! This is the moment of the picture on the right.
-->'''Kimihito:''' [[BondOneLiner If you want eggs, go down to the damn supermarket and buy some yourself!]]
* Saving Miia by ramming a boat in the middle of a large lake--with a swan pedal boat, to boot.
* Kimihito shows his {{Badass}} credentials again by calling out Ren on her motives, stating everything about her that made him refuse letting Rachnera go with her. She didn't get the message, but that was still pretty admirable out of him. Rachnera was quite moved too, although she didn't show it until she got [[InVinoVeritas drunk on coffee]].
** Also, there was an accidental TakeThat to her as Kimihito had just come home from shopping and had brought something to drink for all the girls, and his gesturing during offering them the drinks was basically saying that "This guy can deal with half a dozen other girls than Rachnee on his own, and you're still convinced that you would make a great host to her?". Of course, she didn't notice that part, but the internet did, and Kimihito's popularity rose.
* Chapter 27 had quite a lot. [[spoiler: Luring Mama Miia into a refrigerated storage unit, withstanding the [[LovePotion aphrodisiac]] she drugged him with by giving himself a cold shower and finally dragging ''two'' unconscious lamias to an onsen where they could recover]][[note]]For the record, an 8 meter anaconda (Miia's [[YourSizeMayVary official]] length) is estimated to weigh about 200 kilos (or 440 pounds), Miia and her mom must be even heavier due to having considerably thicker bodies compared to a real-life anaconda (in fact, hastily scribbled-out character notes from a volume cover imply that Miia is in the vicinity of '''400-something kilograms''', about twice as heavy as an anaconda!), and he dragged '''both''' of them.[[/note]]
* In chapter 30, we learn [[spoiler:''he keeps returning from the AfterlifeAntechamber under his own willpower'' in order to make the girls happy. That's taking {{Determinator}} to all-new heights.]] No wonder Lala fell for him.


[[folder: Other ]]

* Suu saves a little girl from a car by absorbing her and then taking the impact herself.
* The introduction [[BadassCrew of]] [[AmazonBrigade MON]] in chapter 11.
* Rachnera scaring the pants off of the racist guy in chapter 16. [[RapeAsDrama He had it coming]] [[MoralEventHorizon and then some.]]
* Meron showing what's she's REALLY capable of in the water in chapter 17. Miia gets one as well for being able to keep up with her during the race (at least until their respective weaknesses kicked in; the cold pool water threatened to shut down Miia's cold-blooded body, and Meron started to choke and vomit after breathing too much chlorinated pool water).
* Chapter 20 has the Kaiju Girl Fight. It must be seen to be believed.
* Centorea [[http://mangafox.me/manga/monster_musume_no_iru_nichijou/v05/c021/29.html saving Kimihito from a rampaging boar]] by using a tree branch as a lance in chapter 21.
* You may not agree with Ren's motives but she was a badass when facing Miia's cooking and Suu's... "cuddling".
* Chapter 29's got one from Centaurea's mother's [[NoNameGiven unnamed 'Teaser']]. Having fallen in love with her and faced with the prospect of a centaur stallion mating with Centaurea's mom, he grabs a stick and manages to knock the stallion clean out. And stallions are hulking bruisers among extraspecies already known for their strength. That's Kimihito levels of 'don't hurt the one I care about'.
* A Meta Awesome Moment [[http://sevenseasentertainment.tumblr.com/post/65446266081/monster-musume-fans-have-spoken-ranking-in-at-1 for Seven Seas Entertainment]], for a manga about {{Cute Monster Girl}}s [[http://www.nytimes.com/best-sellers-books/2013-11-03/manga/list.html topping the New York Times best seller manga list]], beating out heavy hitting regulars such as Manga/{{Bleach}} and Manga/AttackOnTitan.
** So far, volumes 1, 3, 4 & 5 have all opened at #1, the second volume was only beaten out by {{Naruto}}, and opened at #2.