Considering that this is a show in which a man wrestles crocodiles into submission with his bare hands, just about any episode could count. However, here are a few of the more memorable examples:
* For people who love animals, Steve's career in general is this. The man got to found his ''own zoo'' and broadcast his messages about the environment and animals to a large, international audience.
** [[ A rare species of snail was named after him and his catchphrase.]]
* On an episode of his most dangerous encounters, Steve met an Egyptian Cobra that was completely insane. The snake [[CrazyAwesome went up the nearby tree twice to launch itself]] at Steve, who after the first time stopped even trying to grab the snake. Steve guessed that an elephant group going through recently had startled the snake badly, and dubbed it ''the'' most aggressive snake he'd ever met. Still, seeing it go up that tree ''again'' is just a thing of beauty.
* Steve helping another zoo move its crocs to his so their exhibit could be renovated. Why was it so awesome? Because he and the team had to catch the crocs in knee-deep mud.