!!2004 Film

* Officer Ryan rescuing Christine from the burning car. Extra points given how he ''kicked'' the officers who were trying to save him, so that he could go back and recue her.
* Shaniqua denying Ryan's plea to help his father, especially after the man kept on giving smart-ass racist remarks.
* The normal mild mannered, Cameron, [[TookALevelInBadass taking on two armed men]] (Anthony and Peter), and then walking up to '''armed police officers''', challenging them.
* Hansen managing to talk Cameron down while keeping the trigger happy, racist cops from killing him on sight.
* Cameron forcing Anthony to admit that he's [[YouAreWhatYouHate become the very thing he's ranting about]] with six words: "You embarrass me. You embarrass yourself."
* [[LittleMissBadass Daniel Ruiz's daughter]] [[TakingTheBullet saving her father from Farhad's bullet.]]