* Harry surviving Mab's idea of physical therapy.
** It should be noted that Mab's idea of physical therapy is a new and creative method of attempted murder each and every day for three months. And as a Faerie Queen, she has a lot of creativity at her disposal.
* Harry's [[TheReasonYouSuckSpeech verbal smackdown]] of Maeve, littered with [[CallBack call backs]].
** Said verbal smackdown was so effective, Maeve got angry enough that everything in the area started frosting. Including the ice. [[LogicBomb The freaking]] [[UpToEleven ice iced over.]]
* Almost immediately after said verbal smackdown, Harry politically out-maneuvers Maeve, blows an ogre into bite-sized chunks of gore, repeats the stunt with an uppity Fae lord, and lays down the law in regards to the Faeries' interactions with mortals (while he's around).
** Even better - he [[ShoutOut starts his speech with]] [[Film/ArmyOfDarkness "Alright, you primitive screwheads, listen up!"]]
** "Mortal, do you actually think that you [[KilledMidSentence can..."]]
*** [[ShutUpHannibal Uppity fae is snap-frozen and shattered before mid threat]]? Harry responds: "I'm glad you asked me that. I hope my answer clarified any misunderstandings."
** Another moment for Sarissa, for cleverly concealing iron in her hair sticks, using it on the aforementioned ogre, ''in front of Mab.'' For an analogy, Sarissa basically flaunted kryptonite in front of Superman.
* The fight at the bar. Harry shakes off Sharkface's mind-whammy, then chucks fire ''hotter than anything he's ever done'' at him, before punching him in the face ''[[ElementalPunch with his fist encased in ice.]]'' Plus he ran through his own fire spell for the punch.
** This deserves emphasis. Harry Dresden, quite literally, ''punched an EldritchAbomination in the face.'' That in and of itself should equal the dinosaur.
* Karrin Murphy's one woman BigDamnHeroes moment for Harry in the Botanical Gardens, which is quickly followed by Cat Sith's own. "Hey, weren't there seven of you guys a minute ago?"
* During Harry's rescue of his friends whom The Redcap kidnapped, the building they were in was blown into Lake Michigan. It's in the middle of Winter and is dark, so he won't be able to swim his friends to the surface. What does he do? Create an iceberg big enough to lift the building out of the water. This is why he is considered the most powerful Wizard of his generation, people.
* This exchange:
-->'''Harry:''' Join, hide or die. Those are your options when TheWildHunt comes for you. Tonight the ''Hunt'' is joining ''me''.\\
'''The Erlking:''' Sir Knight, what game amuses you this fine stormy evening?\\
'''Harry:''' Tonight? Tonight we hunt [[EldritchAbomination Outsiders!]]
* Harry manages this by shooting and sidelining the Erlking aka ''Herne the Hunter'' and beating up [[BadAssSanta Santa Claus]]. That certainly ranks with some of his most badass feats to date.
** Although he later realizes they [[ILetYouWin let him win]].
*** Does that make it less awesome or more awesome? That means Erkling and Odin chose to bet on Harry, when they could have chosen to simply charge into battle themselves.
** Likewise, Harry and Murphy riding with TheWildHunt on Murphy's magically transformed Harley... across Lake Michigan. And they take on a small fleet full of Outsiders and their mortal minions, and still find time to fit in a BigDamnKiss or two.
---> '''Karrin:''' You want me to drive into the lake\\
'''Harry:''' You have to admit, it isn't the craziest thing I've asked you to do. It isn't even the craziest thing I've asked you to do ''tonight''.\\
'''Karrin:''' You're right. Let's go.
* While being [[MindRape mind raped]] by [[EldritchAbomination an Outsider]], by sheer force of will, Harry breaks the control then basically forces the thing to give him its name and provide him with the knowledge necessary to beat it.
--> '''Harry:''' I AM HARRY BLACKSTONE COPPERFIELD DRESDEN! Thrice, I command thee! Thrice, I bid thee! By my name I command thee! '''Tell me who you are!'''\\
* Harry is fighting Sharkface. He almost uses the power of the [[SealedEvilInACan Well]], which he has been warned not to use, because he is hopelessly outclassed. As he puts it "What else did I have?" And then- Crunch, crunch, ''crack''. Crunch, crunch, ''Crack''.
-->No, wait. I ''knew'' [[Music/{{Queen}} this song]][[note]]"We Will Rock You"[[/note]]. It was more like stomp, stomp, ''clap''.\\
'''Harry''' (to the very unsettled Sharkface): You didn't see this coming, didja?\\
And then the ''Water Beetle'', the ''entire'' goddamned ship, [[BigDamnHeroes exploded out from under a veil that had rendered it and the water it displaced and every noise it had made undetectable not only to me, but to a small army of otherworldly monstrosities and their big, bad Walker general too]].
** "[[CallBack What else did I have? I had friends.]]"
*** As a note -- magic in the series is ''much'' harder to do over water and Molly is particularly noted as not having a lot of power to throw around. Earlier in the book, she had trouble hexing a jetski while Harry managed the same feat almost by accident. Hiding the boat ''and'' its noise ''and'' its wake while ''also'' blaring a stadium-volume rock concert is an ''enormous'' feat, far beyond what's been seen of her up to now. Harry describes her concentration as trying to conduct two separate orchestras in two completely different speed metal concerts. And then she has enough concentration to pull off a pretty darn good veil for the rest of the fight.
** Harry then joins in the chorus and shoves a gun into Sharkface's mouth, blowing it away by channeling a spell through the barrel as he pulls the trigger.
---> '''Harry:''' Hey, Sharkface! Get '''rocked.'''
* Harry finally throws down with Fix while naked and without a single weapon outside of a rusty nail and his knowledge of the island. He uses that along with some well placed [[IShallTauntYou taunts]] to dominate the fight.
--> "And for the first time in a [[Literature/SummerKnight decade]] the Winter Knight and Summer Knight went to war."
** Plus after resolving their differences, the subsequent team-up to take on Maeve's retainers.
* Every time Mab is ever referenced, Harry makes it a point to tell everyone how powerful and frightening she is. During the climax, after Maeve is shot dead and Molly becomes the new Winter Lady, Harry ensures everyone is safe within the cottage on Demonreach, pulls Mab aside, and very quickly and calmly puts a gun to her head and shakes her down for answers. Later, when the gun is pointed at Harry's head he says:
-->'''Harry:''' Demonreach, if our guest pulls that trigger, take her below and keep her there.
** Cue OhCrap from [[PhysicalGod Mab]].
** And then she ''smiles'' and says that just maybe she'll finally get a Knight who is WorthIt.
* Toot and the Za Lord's Guard putting up a fight against hostile Little Folk that Harry compares to ''[[Film/ThreeHundred 300]]''. Complete with equating Toot himself to King Leonidas.
* Harry defies the force of will attack of MOTHER WINTER.
** Hell, Harry surviving what Mother Winter probably views as a civil conversation.
* Molly manages to make an illusionary fog large enough to completely conceal an entire boat and its wake, despite being over water, which makes it ''much'' harder to work magic.
** A lesser, but still awesome, example of Molly's power: She manages to completely and flawlessly veil the hearse Harry has been given by Mab. While driving it. While having a rather detailed conversation with Harry. All at the same time. Harry is simultaneously proud and impressed.
* A small, subtle one for Mac. When an [[EldritchAbomination Outsider]] demands Harry leave [=McAnally's=] and give himself up to it, he tells the bartender that he'll take the fight outside if he wants him to. Mac, already holding a pistol grip shotgun, answers by pumping said shotgun and placing a heavy caliber automatic pistol on the counter within easy reach of Harry and Thomas.
-->Thomas showed his teeth in a predatory grin. "I'm leaving bigger tips from now on."
* Some mention has to be made of Demonreach. It is the guardian of a supernatural prison where six Naagloshii (horrifically sadistic, vicious and powerful Native American spirits, one of which nearly killed Harry in a previous book) are considered ''the least'' of what's imprisoned there. Maeve herself outright states that she can't beat him without Lily, and even a Lady, weakest of the Faerie Queens, is an order of magnitude more powerful than any mortal wizard. And ''Mab'', who is even more powerful than that, seemed legitimately afraid that it could easily imprison her at Harry's behest.
** And it was built by Merlin at five different points in time simultaneously, and to describe it, Demonreach has to dumb it down for ''Bob.''