[[folder: Season 1 ]]

* In episode thirteen, ''Just In Time'', Sissi threatened to tell the principal about Kiwi, and a pissed off Yumi barely squeezed the glass she was holding and BROKE IT, giving her a cut she barely felt. This is only an in-universe example, as the viewers are the only ones besides the Lyoko warriors who find out X.A.N.A. had influenced it.
* Episode 24: Jérémie entering XANA's virtual trap in "Ghost Channel".
** There's also the fact that he faced one of his greatest fears (possibly two if the implication that he has some degree of claustrophobia is accurate) to save people he had been friends with a year at most, one of whom he disliked prior to finding the Supercomputer, and said friends had ''no'' doubt whatsoever that he'd do so for their sake.
** Even though Odds InnocentlyInsensitive vibes took a hold of him, he defeated the last of XANAs forces in the beginning with only 10 life points remaining. And in the dream world, he called out XANA for not realizing Jeremie is just as brave as the rest of them when the XANA-Jeremie claimed the real one would never go to Lyoko.
* In the season finale, "False Start" XANA first attempts to straight-up conquer the world by materializing a bunch of Kankrelats to the real world, forcing the team to literally fight their way through a small army to get to the factory, without their powers. [[CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass Jim]] soon joins in the fight and holds the remaining army off with a [[NailEm nail gun]] he modified previously, nearly performing a HeroicSacrifice before they were able to activate a return to the past.


[[folder: Season 2 ]]

* Episode 32, ''Saint Valentine's Day'': XANA manipulates Jeremie and Aelita's feelings to cause confusion between him and Odd while possessing Aelita with a necklace so she'll deliver herself to the Scyphozoa. Realizing that XANA needs Aelita for his plans, Jeremie tells Odd do the unthinkable, ''shoot down Aelita'', forcing X.A.N.A. into an ultimatium: leave Aelita alone to try another day or both sides lose Aelita permanently. With only 10 life points left, Aelita is freed from X.A.N.A.'s influence, much to everyone's relief.
* Episode 35, ''The Chips Are Down'': Ulrich traps a possessed Nicholas in the elevator after saving Jeremie, and messes with the circuit breaker to electrocute and stun him for a while. With Jeremie back in control, the Lyoko Warriors dodge a massive swarm of Krabs: Odd and Aelita narrowly avoid several ground lasers in a row while Ulrich and Yumi destroy as much as they can from above to clear an opening for Aelita.
* In episode 36, "Marabounta", Jeremie's newest attempt to destroy XANA goes haywire and threatens to destroy Lyoko itself. [[EnemyMine XANA sends monsters to help the good guys destroy the threat]]. When the combined team is victorious, the heroes expect the monsters to immediately turn on them. Instead, the monsters bow and then leave without incident.
* Episode 39: In a similar vein to the Jim example above, Yumi's dad decking out in samurai gear to take on the materialized Krabes in "A Bad Turn". Ulrich himself does just as fine against them with a metal pipe.
** Another scene from the same episode. Yumi's been shot by the Krabe, her family is watching as it charges its laser for a final blow, Yumi's mom is crying out, and as the Krabe fires the shot, Takeo's blade comes out of nowhere, deflects the shot, and shows Ulrich standing right there as he says, "Make my day, shrimp." Awesome indeed.
** Same episode. Odd and William's plan to take down the Krabe in the factory: tie a rope onto the backseat of a small car, tie the other end to the Krabe's leg, and then ''drive the car into the elevator shaft while dragging the Krabe along''. And the plan actually ''worked''.
** No mention of Aelita in "A Bad Turn"? She takes quite a liking to the Overboard and the first thing she does is materialize a halfpipe in the terrain to pull off some [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3qLLiTxRXU&t=12m9s seriously cool tricks]]. Aelita essentially fights solo the entire episode - first taking out a hoard of Hornets with nothing but a hoverboard and smart use of the terrain, and then psyching out a Tarantula and the Scyphozoa with a decoy to get inside the tower.
* Episode 45, "Cold War": X.A.N.A. successfully virtualizes mantas outside of Carthage for the first time, which then proceed to cover the Ice Sector with mines, making it near impossible for Aelita to enter the tower. Odd's solution? Shoot the manta's wings with his arrows, causing it to fall directly into a mine, setting a chain reaction of explosions that ultimately open a path for Aelita to reach the tower.
* Jeremie diving into the pool and saving Aelita in "Deja Vu".
* Episode 47: Tip-Top Shape: To even the playing field against XANA, Jeremie uses a specter to give Odd powers to fight a possessed Yolanda. Before XANA starts taking control of Jeremie's tower, [[EmpoweredBadassNormal kicks her butt and saves Aelita in the process]]. To return the favor on Lyoko, [[OneManArmy Ulrich and his Triplicate clones eliminate all of XANA's forces without breaking a sweat]].
* Jérémie pulling ThePlan on XANA in "Franz Hopper" and just standing there smiling about it.
** XANA upgrading all of the team's abilties, letting them easily defeat the monsters before he shows his true colors.
** Doubles as a FunnyMoment, [[BroughtDownToBadass but when Odd loses his abilities, he punches out one of the Creepers]], injuring it enough to fall into the Digital Sea.
* "Revelation": A polymorphic clone disguised as Odd is virtualized and causes trouble to the Lyoko warriors. When Ulrich tells it that Odd has never beaten him before, the clone shapeshifts into Ulrich, leading to a MirrorMatch until the clone steals his sword. Ulrich avoids all of his DualWielding and proceeds to steal back his sword and stab the clone in the chest in one move.


[[folder: Season 3 ]]

* Aelita finally, finally getting an offensive power in her Energy Fields. After two seasons where she was stuck with nothing but her AwesomeButImpractical Creativity skill, seeing her get a power-up that makes her as effective [[TookALevelInBadass if not more]] than her fellow Lyoko warriors is a breath of fresh air.
* Episode 54, "Lyoko Minus One". William alone defeated his ENTIRE XANAFIED CLASS with only a wooden stick, until Mrs. Hertz knocked him out.
* Honestly, whenever a Lyoko warrior fights another counts as this. In "The Secret", Yumi duels a brainwashed Aelita to a draw, and in "Nobody in Particular" a possessed Ulrich is taken down by the combined efforts of all three remaining members.
* Episode 61: Despite it helping XANA, Aelita erasing the Ice Sector in "Sabotage".
* Episode 65: ''Final Round'' the season finale, ends things on a dark point.
** With all of the Lyoko Warriors stuck in positions beyond their control, Aelita and William go to Lyoko for his first mission. While having a shaky start, William defeats all of the Creepers with no effort.
** XANA takes the opportunity to possess William and turn him into his slave. Now, XANA-William leads XANA's monsters to seige the core of Lyoko. He easily defeats Aelita, Ulrich, Odd, and Yumi in seconds, and ''destroys Lyoko''. Definitely another case of TheBadGuyWins two seasons in a row.
** Ulrich [[CallingTheOldManOut calling out his dad]] for his unreasonable expectations ''and'' insulting Ulrich's friends and then flatly informing him that he's done listening as he leaves the room when [[TrueCompanions the rest of the team]] needs his help.


[[folder: Season 4 ]]

* In the season four episode "Double Take", Ulrich tries to [[CarFu crash the Overbike]] into William and the three Tarantulas with him. William just {{Super Smoke}}s up to it and uses his {{BFS}} as a ramp to divert it. Ulrich then uses Triplicate, but William counters by correctly guessing the real one and simply devirtualizes him in one hit.
** The EpicFail involving the Triplicate power in this episode might explain why Ulrich chose not to use it again for the rest of the season.
* In episode 69, XANA takes control of William's clone (yeah, having just the real thing wasn't enough) and it gets to the point where he has Ulrich and [[LovableAlphaBitch Sissi]] cornered on the roof of the school. Sissi, in panic, throws a tile at clone William, which hits him in the head and causes him to plummet off the roof. Damn, no wonder Sissi's always the ActionSurvivor!
* In episode 70, "Skidbladnir", Aelita becomes the first Lyoko warrior to actually devirtualize William, by fusing and hurling a gigantic Energy Field at him just as he is about to destroy the team's CoolShip.
* In episode 71, "Maiden Voyage", Jérémie climbing across the dorm roof, despite his lack of athletic ability and the fact that he's about as scared of heights as Ulrich is.
* In episode 72, "Crash Course", not only does everyone but Jeremie get a chance to use the Supercomputer, but Aelita is chosen in her audition with the Subdigitals.
** William hurls his Zweihander at Aelita, but Ulrich Super Sprints into the air and deflects it, while simultaneously throwing his katanas into his opponent, successfully defeating him for the first time.
* Episode 74: Yumi dominating William in a fight in "I'd Rather Not Talk About It", first by using his Zweihander as a SteppingStoneSword to kick him in the face, then by hurling him with her feet into the path of one of her tessen fans as it comes back, sawing William in half. It's easily one of the most impressive and memorable action scenes in the series.
** Jeremie risking his life to save Jim from the boar chasing them and accepting more of Jim's training at the end of the episode.
* Episode 75: Aelita forcing XANA into a FriendOrIdolDecision for a change in "Hot Shower".
* Episode 76: he new shield program beating the Scyphozoa in "The Lake" is impressive. Mostly because it's the single most decisive defeat dealt to the thing throughout the series.
** What; no mention of Yumi managing to snap [[BrainwashedAndCrazy William]] out of XANA's control for a few minutes? It's worth noting that she was ''alone'' on Lyoko at the time.
* Episode 79: The entire episode is a CrowningMomentOfAwesome for Odd, who defeats William AND destroys the Supercomputer of the Forest Replika pretty much by himself.
* Episode 81: "A Lack of Goodwill". [[ReplacementGoldfish Clone!William]] versus [[DemonicPossession XANA!William]] ''in the factory.'' It helps that Clone!William [[TookALevelInBadass got an upgrade]] earlier in the episode, but it doesn't make it any less awesome.
* Episode 82: Jim, Sissi, and Hiroki, normally the PluckyComicRelief characters, score some real BadassNormal points in "Canine Conundrum", fighting against XANA's robotic dogs.
* Episode 83, ''Hard Luck'': Odd is facing bad luck, and it extends throughout the rest of the team, jeopardizing the mission in the Replika! While the Lyoko Warriors get devirtualized due to a bug, Ulrich saves the whole mission from ending in failure. He demonlishes all of XANA's minions in the laboratory and destroys the supercomputer just as the bug starts to affect him.
* Episode 84, ''Guided Missile'': With Jeremie's life in the balance, and with Odd and Yumi devirtualized, Ulrich is the last one left to beat William. This time, he anticipates William's strategy. When William dodges with Super Smoke, Ulrich predicts when he'll return to normal and throws his swords straight into William as he resurfaces, giving Aelita the space for her to activate the tower.
* In episode 89,''Music To Soothe The Savage Beast'' , Odd tames a flying manta and uses it to escort Aelita to the tower. For bonus points, the song that plays during said sequence is "S'envoler" ("Break Away" in the English dub), a sung version of the show's credits theme.
** In the same episode, Yumi and Odd display their excellent teamwork, first by knocking out one of X.A.N.A.'s specters in the real world, then by devirtualizing William in a grueling air battle.
** Ulrich defeating a possessed Tamiya by using a mirror to deflect her own Enerbeam.
* Episode 90: ''Wrong Exposure'': The "Aelita gets brainwashed by XANA into fighting the Lyoko Warriors" method from season 3 returns as XANA-Aelita forces Ulrich and Yumi on the defensive. She even steals Ulrich's sword midway, with the two engaging in a sword fight where she busts out martial art techniques better than most of Ulrich's feats and almost devirtualizes him in an instant.
* Episode 92: ''Cold Sweat'': As Aelita is about to deactivate the tower that materializes William on the station, [[AwesomeByAnalysis she notices a crucial flaw in XANA's plan. By using the tower for William's dematerialization, XANA unintentionally left access for her and Jeremy to use the data to develop a program to free William.]] After that, Ulrich and Aelita manage to defeat William with no problem.
** XANA sends out the big guns: the ''[[AttackOfThe50FootWhatever Kolossus]]''. One swing of it devirtualizes Ulrich and Aelita on the spot, forcing Jeremie to abort the mission]]. The thing is so powerful that when it touches a tower it ''instantly'' gives XANA control.
** Aelita one-shooting a Tarantula from miles away to stop it from devirtualizaling Ulrich.
* Episode 93: ''Down To Earth'': The Lyoko Warriors finally free William from XANA.
** Ulrich and William engage each other in their most brutal battle, first fighting on the ground, then escalating onto the Kolossus' arm! The two continue their battle decending from its body while AirJousting, before Ulrich finally knocks him and his sword down away. While the Kolossus crushes Ulrich, he is the one who ultimately won the battle, and Odd of all people was the one to finish his best friend's job and return William back to Earth.
** Aelita and Odd put off a last stand destroying as much of XANA's robot army as possible before their ultimate defeat.
* Episode 94, ''Fight To The Finish'': As the penultimate episode of the series, the Lyoko Warriors and XANA go all out.
** First, X.A.N.A. takes advantage of the team's distrust of William to possess him while the others are on Lyoko. Had William entered Lyoko like the rest, he would've surely changed the tide of battle.
** Yumi lets herself get devirtualized and spends the entire episode preventing William from hurting Jeremie.
** Franz sacrifices himself in order to stop XANA for good, with his energy providing the power needed to complete the multi-agent system. At the same time, Ulrich reaches all five of the Kolossus's weak points, finally eliminating XANA's FinalBoss.....before its corpse falls on him.
* In a different sense of awesome for Sissi, the GrandFinale, ''Echoes'' has her somehow acquiring a ''tracking microchip'' that she successfully implants on Ulrich and she manages to find the supercomputer and learn about the group's ''entire adventure'' via Jeremie's video logs. The looks of shock and horror on the group's face that she pulled this off once she tells her father about it kind of says it all. A crisis is averted since her father [[CassandraTruth thinking she's lost it and taking her to the infirmary for treatment]] gives the group enough time to return to the past, but the fact that Sissi even put them in such a compromising position to start with is undeniably impressive.


[[folder: Meta ]]

* In a meta example, when co-creator Thomas Romain isn't busy with work he often spends time with his children by turning their drawings into anime characters, and [[https://9gag.com/gag/a88GM33 they look]] amazing.
* Code Lyoko managed to reach the top 3 in Creator/CartoonNetwork's ratings in 2006 and 2007, and still remains a CultClassic to this day.