* Dave's epic train surf in the episode ''On a Rail''. When he jumps off the bridge to do it, you'd think that this being a comedy series, he'll just go through the roof of the train. [[spoiler: He doesn't.]]
-->'''[[CrazyAwesome Dave:]]''' Yeah!\\
'''[[StraightMan Mike:]]''' ''Jesus!''
* CrowningMusicOfAwesome: The "shifty" song with the bell in The Tunnel has a nice vibe to it. It's the one that plays as they explore the back tunnel. It even picks up pace when Mike does making it very appropriate.
** Said song is from the game Shadow Man: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMZqJihZikE&list=PL035D096DCFBE41E1
* Also from The Tunnel. Dave and Mike decide to go into a dark, creepy, and unexplored tunnel to rescue a guy screaming for help. This despite the fact they can't call for backup, they know there's some creepy 'something' prowling around, the tunnel itself is a maze, and [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking Dave won't use his flashlight]]. Dave and Mike ''[[NervesOfSteel don't even seem to be afraid]]''.
* Yet another from the Tunnel. Dave and Mike are going to walk into the tunnel the first time... and a car speeds out right at them. Mike dives out of the way, but Dave isn't so lucky and flies over the car. Mike springs up, and immediately begins to start emptying his pistol into the car, even as it disappears into fog. He then turns and makes sure Dave is okay, which he totally is. It really shows how, even with all the fighting they do, they really are {{vitriolic best buds}}. Mike may not always like Dave, but he'll get ''pissed'' when something threatens him.