!! Books

* Armande is a pretty awesome character, simply because she goes against the grain of Lasquesnet and could not possibly care less.
** She tells Vianne that Father Reynaud leaves her alone because she remembers what he did as a boy. No, she doesn't elaborate when Vianne asks if the man in her visions is Reynaud's father. (It's actually the priest from his time.)
** Caroline tells Vianne that her mother is diabetic, and thus the sugar is bad for her. When Vianne tries to give Armande a reduced-sugar version of the chocolate drink, Armande insists on having all the trimmings. She says there's no point to giving things up just to stay "healthy".
** Josephine makes the mistake of returning to her house on a day when Muscat is at home and drunk. Armande sees the commotion, calls out Reynaud for watching and doing nothing, and smashes a way in with her walking stick.
* When Josephine tries to run away from Lasquesnet, with five hundred francs and chocolate, Vianne convinces her to stay. It counts as a WhatYouAreInTheDark moment where Vianne frets that the price of her and Anouk staying is for Josephine to leave, and travel without whim.
* When Muscat comes, drunk and angry, he tries to kick down Vianne's door after hearing that his wife has left him. Vianne calmly tells him that she has a Parisian version of mace and she will spray him if he breaks into the chocolate shop.
!! Movie Only
* Josephine smacking her abusive husband with a frying pan, then saying, "Who says I can't use a skillet?"
* Vianne's speech to the Comte, in which she assures him she is not going '''anywhere'''.
* Pere Henri's final sermon, especially considering it is his first one that isn't [[PreApprovedSermon pre-approved]].
** He also has a weakness for Elvis--which is funny and awesome for a priest.